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The saga of Bug vs. the Wardrobe 223 Bug Bug 08/18/17 at 1:38am
✦ Forum Related Issues - READ FIRST POST 399 Reya skydreamer 07/10/17 at 12:38pm
Pets Page Issues 37 Reya Queenie 05/6/17 at 12:18am
Did something fail to reset? - Post here! 292 Reya Amber 03/26/17 at 12:52am
✦ [Site Functionality Errors List] 10 Reya Reya 02/20/16 at 9:41am
Sb broke again 1 Bathory Bathory 08/16/17 at 8:50am
Cannot move background behind avatar in wardrobe. 6 ellepepper Georgie 08/15/17 at 7:33pm
Cannot use wardrobe at all 60 nikiforov Latreia 08/15/17 at 3:57am
Gateway Error 504 7 TJPanda TJPanda 08/14/17 at 11:24pm
Site theme problem? 5 Ligress luxidoptera 08/13/17 at 4:41pm
Emoji on game page 5 Jessica Bug 08/13/17 at 2:40pm
Can't move items to None category 4 Jessica Ligress 08/9/17 at 12:32pm
What's the deal with pet hunger? 61 ShortAxel Ligress 08/9/17 at 12:24pm
Achievements: Gourmand & Foodie 3 Isilven Destiny 08/8/17 at 10:56am
Event Category Errors 1 MOKONA MOKONA 08/7/17 at 4:57am
Hunger not changing. 6 ZootyCutie ZootyCutie 08/6/17 at 10:43pm
Pet color changing issues 4 Espresso Bug 08/5/17 at 2:04am
MUSIC VIDEOS WON'T UPDATE 4 SeriousGreen ashleighsaur 07/31/17 at 9:06pm
Sidebar showing weird background 1 Silvy Silvy 07/31/17 at 2:34am
Recycle Beast not asking for 20 items 7 Frost Frost 07/30/17 at 1:47pm
Luminaire Layout Broken? 6 Archer Hannah66665 07/25/17 at 1:28pm
Welcome Tutorial Not Working 3 ikoiio ikoiio 07/25/17 at 1:18pm
Mobile wardrobe problem 1 JellyQuin JellyQuin 07/23/17 at 2:25am
referrals & points not processing 5 catbreath catbreath 07/22/17 at 1:45pm
Broken Link in Subetapedia 2 Arsenal Reya 07/20/17 at 5:46pm
stat leech does not remove 1 stat 8 jensen jensen 07/18/17 at 11:31pm
SQL error on Ruffie Raffle page when loading gift. 1 Masquerade Masquerade 07/18/17 at 7:30pm
thread has no author? 17 jensen Frost 07/18/17 at 3:02pm
Double purchases from SubQ and other shops 3 Dice Dice 07/18/17 at 4:33am
Battle tokens trading button not working correctly 8 Maskros Maskros 07/18/17 at 2:52am
Achievement alert in wrong category 2 feminist kbbob 07/17/17 at 1:50am
Multimedia widget broken again 1 noemi noemi 07/16/17 at 2:43pm
No images besides Subeta images loading on site? 24 Lavy Lavy 07/14/17 at 7:19am
Forum Post Preview Popup Has No WL Item Borders 1 Sorcerer Sorcerer 07/14/17 at 4:41am
Multimedia profile problem 1 Faizh Faizh 07/11/17 at 11:11pm
Accounts clearing too early 5 Ferrox Karasu 07/10/17 at 4:20am
Minor Issue with Shining Crane 5 Kisrah Kisrah 07/10/17 at 3:19am
wardrobe Name Search nonresponsive 19 Solsticesprite Sayonara_Baby 07/9/17 at 12:13pm
vault/inventory problem 2 seephira Jessica 07/6/17 at 2:03pm
Wish List Search not Working 3 ATrueHeart ATrueHeart 07/2/17 at 11:57am
Items Repeated in Autopricer Listing 1 LoftyBalloon LoftyBalloon 07/1/17 at 10:04pm
Forum Search 16 Delirium Ispahan 06/29/17 at 11:09am
CAPTCHA warning when editing pet profiles 28 Yoshi Yoshi 06/27/17 at 3:16pm
Sorting by stack size within search parameters 1 NUT NUT 06/26/17 at 8:35pm
504 errors when going to vaults 3 Jessica Romanyinu 06/25/17 at 7:07pm
'Add to Collection' not working on mobile 1 intermission intermission 06/19/17 at 9:15pm
WL: some items in user shop are not listed 1 ulalena ulalena 06/19/17 at 5:41am
Warning: Missing argument 2 for Wishlists... 7 Chesid math 06/17/17 at 11:37pm
Can't edit profile 1 Tribe Tribe 06/11/17 at 1:42am
CSC Gone Without Changing Pet Names During Clearin 4 Elliot Elliot 06/8/17 at 3:37pm