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🌟🔥 Fireside Related Bugs 1 Reya Reya 11/22/14 at 12:22pm
Clusterflux Skin Error 3 Casey Casey 03/19/17 at 7:54pm
Biting links? 3 Kalanluita Jess 02/26/17 at 11:37pm
Survival - Healer Not Showing Virus 6 Kathy Samm 02/23/17 at 1:43am
Your bites won't infect anyone! 5 Crawler slippy 02/19/17 at 9:25am
Survival Threads Won't Load? 21 springjoy krae 02/18/17 at 10:00am
Don't Bite me! Quick help please 11 lull legalcat 02/17/17 at 3:17pm
Kisses not showing on HA? 4 Choop Tuesday 02/17/17 at 11:53am
Wearing Snowball Shield, snowballs still show up. 3 Mayonaka Mayonaka 02/15/17 at 5:07pm
Friend threw snowball; HA threw exception 1 Bug Bug 02/14/17 at 11:46am
Snowball Not Disappearing 9 Garnet Nine7tales 12/26/16 at 12:26pm
i've not seen one snowball show up on my HA 14 jackie Keith 12/20/16 at 3:09pm
MM has been partnered with you! 220 times! 2 Ratsy Destiny 12/15/16 at 2:12pm
Tree visible on Profile but not in Ornaments 13 Solsticesprite Picture 12/12/16 at 7:30pm
404 leaving present under tree 8 ShepherdOfFire ShepherdOfFire 12/10/16 at 9:59pm
Melody's Cottage 1 legalcat legalcat 12/10/16 at 7:09pm
Old shop directory link for Avalanche Emporium 1 OCEANE OCEANE 12/4/16 at 5:24pm
Carve a Pumpkin 500 Achievement 5 Laurey Laurey 10/26/16 at 6:17pm
S'more Forum Title deleted older titles? 34 Solsticesprite Gypsy 08/31/16 at 9:36pm
* Rapid Click Kissing 20 Elegant Wesker 03/1/16 at 4:09pm
I've been infected...but I never wanted to be! 9 Wolf_Spirit Jrock_Luver 02/26/16 at 11:33pm
Disappearing candy hearts? 3 Baroness Baroness 02/25/16 at 5:19pm
Double infection? 15 Amicorn bapkate 02/20/16 at 4:19pm
"Gift Giver" Achievement 26 Mardou Cobaltbluetoo 12/24/15 at 2:06am
Can't Save Tree 1 Cobaltbluetoo Cobaltbluetoo 12/21/15 at 12:27am
Send a Gift Achievement 1 Cerex Cerex 12/6/15 at 7:05am
Holiday Helper Achievement 1 Cerex Cerex 12/6/15 at 7:03am
Item[s] can not be added to Ornament Inventory 1 Scyther Scyther 12/3/15 at 4:10pm
Mysterious Melody issue 2 efil Serpentina 12/3/15 at 11:18am
Gift Center "You must wait!" 1 girlikecupcake girlikecupcake 12/2/15 at 6:33pm
Fairy Catcher 4 Kailey Destiny 12/2/15 at 5:32pm
Ouch! Achievement? 4 lynxette lynxette 12/1/15 at 4:50pm
MM MySQL errors 1 Dela Dela 12/1/15 at 12:05pm
* Fireside cumulative achievements not updating 28 Pad Karen 11/27/15 at 10:25pm
Charity took locked items from my inventory! 1 CaveAdsum CaveAdsum 11/24/15 at 1:00pm
Zapper down? 9 Kashmir bcsam 10/30/15 at 8:41pm
minion collector achievement? 3 probabilistic bcsam 10/30/15 at 8:18pm
Hustler ad pop up thing problem. 3 Cuppy Cuppy 10/26/15 at 3:37pm
No ToT notices? 3 LadyMeridius LadyMeridius 10/25/15 at 4:50pm
Pumpkin Finder! achievement not tracking properly. 2 lynxette Magic 10/24/15 at 10:56pm
* Morostide forum not working properly 11 AJERAE grelca 10/24/15 at 7:46pm
My HA went back to the first stage 10 Marlboro bcsam 10/24/15 at 2:52am
The pumpkin patch is glitching pretty badly for me 21 Courage Courage 10/18/15 at 6:11pm
ToT Issue 2 Aerows Destiny 10/16/15 at 8:32pm
Event Spoiler - Graveyard game STILL broken! 9 Wolf_Spirit Tinkerbell 09/7/15 at 1:48pm
Pirate Panic send score page 13 Solsticesprite Reya 09/5/15 at 9:58am
Can't send score 14 Georgie kbbob 08/12/15 at 4:27pm
Dont Stop til you get Enough Achievement 4 Moulstock Darkrai 08/11/15 at 12:54pm
Esther's Tea Party 3 kellie_cd_sub kellie_cd_sub 05/4/15 at 5:30pm
Phantom Coins 1 MarissaUnderground MarissaUnderground 05/3/15 at 7:19pm