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Forum Titles: The Unofficial Guide 8 Bug Laurey 03/13/17 at 10:22am
Useful Achievement Threads 30 Tanya Tanya 12/8/16 at 12:16am
Borrowing & Lending for Achievements! 4,270 Tanya Jess 03/23/17 at 5:45pm
Slap a sticker on the person above you. 3,117 Chook Chook 03/23/17 at 5:29pm
[FWSG] Filled Wardrobe Support Group v2 694 Digitalis Serena922003 03/23/17 at 9:56am
Slap a Wishlist Sticker(under 100k) on User Above 669 Picture Mirea 03/23/17 at 9:51am
Gift the user above through the Gift Center 2,229 KaseyKrimson Picture 03/23/17 at 9:41am
achievement support + chat 2 330 pumpkins BelleReve 03/22/17 at 11:42pm
Blue Building 556 chainsteel Andynicole15 03/22/17 at 2:32pm
Buy Something from the shop above! 2,708 Faruzah Picture 03/22/17 at 12:39pm
Collaboration Sticker Sticking Board! (Part 2) 326 myladysilver Jessica 03/21/17 at 11:57pm
Badge Guide? 5 rileyCoyote rileyCoyote 03/21/17 at 11:03pm
Throw a snowball at the person above you! 160 Galaxia Ephemeral 03/21/17 at 10:17pm
HIGH END Slap a Sticker on the User Above You! 307 erynamrod Ataraxia 03/21/17 at 6:28pm
Give a Plushie/Get a plushie 395 Woman AmandaKim 03/21/17 at 2:32pm
Let's Empty The Pawn Shop! (Please Join) 1,233 Zelor Lanner 03/20/17 at 4:00pm
Mega Ticket the person above. 2,189 LittleStereo xKeroro 03/19/17 at 8:32pm
Anybody got the treasure from Fishing? 7 thatshamefulhabit grouse 03/19/17 at 1:23am
Retired achievement for unique shop items?!? 10 MimosaVendetta Picture 03/15/17 at 9:29am
How many achievements do you have? 195 witchcraft Jessica 03/13/17 at 4:51pm
Hustler Achievement Question 4 Picture Lypsyl 03/10/17 at 8:49pm
You\'ve got a friend in me! 967 TaraStreet whitemystical 03/10/17 at 7:24am
need help 3 jk1984 Tanya 03/7/17 at 4:30pm
Ziara raceway 1 jk1984 jk1984 03/7/17 at 2:30am
DONE Destiny's 10th Anniversary Race 13 Destiny Destiny 03/6/17 at 11:00pm
kiss link in sig? 11 oki Luskalilly 02/25/17 at 5:13am
Roses Are Red, Sight for Sore Eyes 4 Neville Tanya 02/23/17 at 1:41am
Sight For Sore Eyes Achievement 3 Siara Siara 02/20/17 at 2:41pm
2017 New Pandemic tiers 10 pumpkins Its_Just_Me 02/18/17 at 1:31am
Dirty Matty 2 Maibonsai05 Lypsyl 02/15/17 at 9:58pm
Its just a little bit of sP.... 97 Froggy259 Maibonsai05 02/9/17 at 5:28am
Comment and like the avatar above! 2 EndlessXendever Maibonsai05 02/9/17 at 5:25am
Melody's Little Helper snowball requirement? 5 Solsticesprite ScissorCrow 01/11/17 at 3:33am
Fairies 17 SpecialK Stiles 01/6/17 at 4:27pm
Richest User 8 Adorkable Piplup 01/1/17 at 1:36am
Oofa Fruit chances? 6 Bug Picture 12/30/16 at 10:05am
Snow Fairy 5 Lioncourt Lioncourt 12/23/16 at 4:24pm
Slap a Sticker on the User Above V.2! 1 Maargi Maargi 12/15/16 at 6:59pm
friends 3 SpecialK Tanya 12/14/16 at 3:38am
Gift centre achievement 3 SpecialK Alycya 12/12/16 at 4:37pm
Subeautique 4 SpecialK Tanya 12/12/16 at 3:57am
Burgundy-Handled Magic Broom 2 Suiicune Tanya 12/12/16 at 3:55am
someone stick me? 2 EndlessXendever Tanya 12/12/16 at 3:53am
Gourmand Support Food Swap and Hangout 713 Emotional Enthusiasm 12/9/16 at 11:44am
Slap a sticker on the person above you. 13,165 Chook Mardou 12/5/16 at 6:40pm
[FWSG] Filled Wardrobe Support Group (15,000 Wears 6,945 Rayrayfunray Pac 12/5/16 at 3:40am
achievement support + chat 14,515 pumpkins Keliora 12/4/16 at 5:53pm
Collaboration Sticker Sticking Board! :) 5,253 Gift efil 12/3/16 at 7:02pm
Item Hunt lv 100! 6 Tsukemono Slenderman 12/1/16 at 11:24pm
OUCH achievement Has anyone got it this year? 5 Picture Picture 11/30/16 at 9:51am