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* Looking for Friends? Try Here! 1,451 Reya Akisa 12/14/17 at 4:07pm
Chit-Chat Rules 1 Sierra Sierra 05/4/11 at 12:37am
Depressing Post. 2 Ambellina1994 Bliss 12/14/17 at 9:16pm
IT'S NOT REAL SNOW 3 Lisa Bliss 12/14/17 at 9:16pm
Wig Addicts Anon 3,982 Witchy Crisgems 12/14/17 at 9:15pm
So how was your drive? 2 Lisa Vioran_Soldier 12/14/17 at 6:22pm
am i the only budgeting and planning nerd here? 15 icedcoffee Drow 12/14/17 at 3:18pm
DID THE THING 24 CalliopeB remus 12/14/17 at 2:28pm
Ambition Jaw Replacement Updates 54 Ambition Isa 12/13/17 at 4:31pm
Is cereal soup? Please advise. 23 Treggify Treggify 12/12/17 at 11:33am
Tell me your silly and stupid stories! 20 Mabon jiveandmindcontrol 12/11/17 at 10:38pm
What are you giving your RL people this Xmas/Lumi? 38 VinVenture Pistol-Plisetsky 12/11/17 at 6:46pm
2017 ASP, LRVT, WAA Lists for Lumi 162 FancyNancy lovecraft 12/10/17 at 7:41pm
Anyone doing RL Secret Santa this year? 9 Cheshire poppet 12/10/17 at 6:40pm
What wildlife have you seen lately? 177 Holden Kaila442 12/9/17 at 8:57pm
What pets do you have in real life? 172 Nocere Moon_of_the_Strawberries 12/7/17 at 11:08pm
Food You Love, But Everyone Else Abhors 66 Destruction AnnVolans 12/7/17 at 4:13am
What was your last online purchase? 167 Tali Noct 12/6/17 at 12:32pm
What would you really love to tell someone? 1 Lisa Lisa 12/5/17 at 2:40pm
Learning German... Seeking a partner! 3 Samurai Normandy 12/4/17 at 2:02am
Reasons To Love Winter! 29 BaronOfBirchmen Dulcey 12/1/17 at 6:49pm
help me find a korean skincare set? 6 alien alien 11/30/17 at 2:04pm
Today I Learned... (TIL) 12 Luck Arkham 11/28/17 at 10:51am
Its My Birthday! 7 Suriana karenfuzzi 11/25/17 at 11:44am
Favorite ice cream? 138 Saerri karenfuzzi 11/25/17 at 11:43am
piercings! 84 Peache Mausoleum 11/25/17 at 11:17am
How did you manage to reach? 23 Yuriobri megg33k 11/25/17 at 4:45am
Did You Learn Cursive Writing? 105 Delirium megg33k 11/25/17 at 4:27am
I'd like to share this phone call... 14 Lisa Schizophrenia 11/24/17 at 1:20pm
Betta fish Advice 5 Nora Nora 11/22/17 at 9:58pm
Heading to Germany! Any suggestions? 20 FaerieIshee Luck 11/21/17 at 11:35am
Subeta Anonymous 10 cannabis murkrow 11/20/17 at 10:54pm
Anyone do Tarot or Pendulum? 17 Ambellina1994 Jayri 11/20/17 at 1:12pm
Other Nonbinary Peeps? -Open to Questions- 74 MusicEmo FashPuma 11/16/17 at 12:16pm
Hi 4 SpecialK Alisialy 11/15/17 at 2:04pm
Colourpop coming to Sephora! 17 Adelia poppet 11/13/17 at 6:01pm
co-workers.... 6 ney Starfleet 11/11/17 at 6:14pm
I have returned ^^. 68 Giratina Giratina 11/11/17 at 3:17pm
What are you doing/dressing up as for Halloween? 24 Barbie Tali 10/31/17 at 10:46am
Iconic singers with iconic looks? 16 Rah poppet 10/30/17 at 9:50pm
Been out of work all week due to a cold/flu 7 Rebane Starfleet 10/28/17 at 8:22am
First tattoo? 43 Happiness icedcoffee 10/27/17 at 10:41pm
I did a thing again. 28 Dill Dill 10/19/17 at 1:43pm
Emojis on Windows 10 are now ugly... 8 Jessica JawniHawni 10/18/17 at 12:07pm
reciepe help? mostly canned items on a tight budge 3 moon12216 Strength 10/17/17 at 10:46am
Ahh! I'm a wife! 15 Tali innamoramento 10/13/17 at 11:00am
Guys, it's OCTOBER. You know what October is..? 24 Lisa Vioran_Soldier 10/11/17 at 10:17pm
Millionaire theory 3 MarchOnOff Jayri 10/7/17 at 2:29pm
Any astrology geeks? 9 LobA Sincere 10/3/17 at 5:20am
FMWL...that's **** my work life btw 7 Lisa VALHALLA 10/2/17 at 10:42pm