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* Looking for Friends? Try Here! 1,360 Reya ZenMonster 04/24/17 at 12:15pm
Chit-Chat Rules 1 Sierra Sierra 05/4/11 at 12:37am
Chicken keeping! 32 Dill Dill 04/29/17 at 7:13pm
What are you excited about? 32 Tali Stitch 04/29/17 at 9:13am
piercings! 32 Peache kelchris3 04/28/17 at 11:47pm
Favorite ice cream? 70 Saerri kelchris3 04/28/17 at 5:33pm
What wildlife have you seen lately? 133 Holden kelchris3 04/28/17 at 5:31pm
Major Life Announcement 29 ROCK kelchris3 04/28/17 at 5:28pm
How's Your Day (Brag or Vent) 8 ZenMonster Thespian 04/28/17 at 12:13pm
Which symbols/flags am I missing? 7 Lisa Hanzo 04/27/17 at 8:41pm
LOL I feel so dumb! 8 Tali Tali 04/27/17 at 3:44pm
Favorite Chit Chat moments through the years 1 Tardis Tardis 04/27/17 at 1:13pm
What's your favorite smell? 19 Drathir Yew4ia 04/26/17 at 10:54pm
FOR DEAR FRIENDS PASSED... 9 Sirenia Alleycat 04/26/17 at 3:41pm
Anyone speak Spanish? 6 horizon Yew4ia 04/24/17 at 7:24pm
Do you live in Florida? 8 Lisa Nike 04/24/17 at 7:29am
Help Name My Dog? 9 Monokuma Alex 04/23/17 at 7:45am
What pets do you have in real life? 82 Nocere Alex 04/23/17 at 7:27am
School? :3 21 DisneyPupper DisneyPupper 04/22/17 at 10:27pm
Why are people such ****es?! 16 Lisa Lisa 04/22/17 at 9:26pm
Wig Addicts Anon 2,668 Witchy silverlunarfox 04/21/17 at 7:38pm
Grillcheezerie 5 Lisa Tali 04/21/17 at 4:55pm
Things you've forgotten 10 KesRoden Imperial 04/20/17 at 12:52am
do you foldyourclothes 23 Down2Frown Yew4ia 04/19/17 at 7:52pm
Vendor event tips and tricks? 9 Dill Dill 04/17/17 at 9:24pm
Other Nonbinary Peeps? -Open to Questions- 67 MusicEmo Mib 04/17/17 at 4:54pm
NAKED PICTURES 15 Lisa Shinda-Akuma 04/16/17 at 3:53pm
I love goats 7 RNA RNA 04/15/17 at 6:42pm
I can't be the only one who wants this.... 12 GioGio RNA 04/15/17 at 6:39pm
First tattoo? 24 Happiness ReiLa 04/13/17 at 3:01am
@Eva I sent you a comment ages ago 3 emmie1989 Strength 04/13/17 at 12:02am
who else likes dogs a lot 19 cryxl JunsuiSilly 04/12/17 at 10:24pm
Psych Nerd 7 riahsmiles Imperial 04/10/17 at 9:46pm
how does your cat react to cat nip? 26 birdo Dean 04/10/17 at 7:07am
Fav Hot Sauce?? 17 Eft Dean 04/10/17 at 6:52am
Hello, this is Windows Technical Support... 15 Lisa kessaria 04/9/17 at 8:02pm
Let's talk coffee! 13 Happiness Dean 04/9/17 at 6:40pm
I GOT THE JOB. 18 Hanzo Mouse 04/8/17 at 1:35pm
Childless by Choice 73 Jillian Pseudonym 04/8/17 at 9:18am
Want to join our Subeta discord server? c: 2 Stag Wizardpinky 04/6/17 at 6:35pm
i have a messed up sleep schedule 11 Down2Frown Wizardpinky 04/6/17 at 6:34pm
Good transition news! 28 Johniarty Zen 04/5/17 at 7:10am
Loose Leaf Tea? 16 Kaernk RNA 04/2/17 at 5:08am
Do any of you guys have re-occuring nightmares? 16 Brunette Starfleet 04/2/17 at 1:18am
Am I a horrible person? 4 Lisa Juice 04/1/17 at 3:30pm
I think we got just a little snow over night... 16 Jengie Juice 03/28/17 at 8:25am
Favorite Silly Things To Do With Your Pets? 43 Nerdy fairy 03/25/17 at 4:05pm
So I'm actually going to DC for this march... 6 Lisa Tardis 03/25/17 at 11:56am
Its been a long time my loves... 3 Namira Namira 03/25/17 at 12:41am
Minute heart attack... 18 Justice rosia 03/19/17 at 4:56pm