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* Looking for Friends? Try Here! 1,323 Reya marionettex 02/21/17 at 1:08pm
Chit-Chat Rules 1 Sierra Sierra 05/4/11 at 12:37am
Ladies get 2 Kwai_Rix Angelina 02/21/17 at 10:28pm
Other Nonbinary Peeps? -Open to Questions- 48 MusicEmo Ickle 02/21/17 at 2:15pm
Wig Addicts Anon 2,341 Witchy Raggy 02/21/17 at 8:27am
Man flu 11 Juice TheGeek 02/20/17 at 11:40pm
who else likes dogs a lot 5 cryxl Talespin 02/20/17 at 8:30pm
Need help for a college class! 18 Happiness Tali 02/20/17 at 12:22pm
Loose Leaf Tea? 9 Kaernk SCIENCE 02/20/17 at 6:53am
Childless by Choice 45 Jillian SCIENCE 02/20/17 at 6:43am
Coworkers... 3 Lisa Imperial 02/19/17 at 11:31pm
BEST MEAL EVER HOLY WHAT 8 Lisa enchantressnine 02/19/17 at 1:39am
I'm very angry 7 Engrave Engrave 02/18/17 at 6:29pm
Let's share our house-hunting stories. 8 Tali Gatta 02/18/17 at 12:01pm
So we're getting a kitten next month... 11 DeannaEstMirifica Strength 02/17/17 at 1:32am
Poor Basil 8 Engrave Bug 02/16/17 at 8:39pm
Happy 21st birthday to me~ 9 gosangoku Strength 02/15/17 at 8:59pm
lmao starbucks names 21 Esther malnie 02/15/17 at 5:42pm
Thoughts at work... 6 Lisa Engrave 02/14/17 at 12:21pm
I Got Good News!! Yay! Who Else Has Some?! Share? 9 Keddwar Keddwar 02/13/17 at 4:31pm
What's the next holiday you're excited for? 19 BRITISH Zoroaark 02/13/17 at 3:55pm anyone in a 'social action group'? 6 Lisa Talespin 02/13/17 at 10:53am
Minute heart attack... 17 Justice Justice 02/12/17 at 7:24pm
30th Birthday 11 Engrave barratrous 02/9/17 at 6:02pm
What really pisses you off? 44 Lisa Juice 02/9/17 at 2:26pm
Toys you slept with as a kid? 89 Reya Turtley 02/8/17 at 10:56pm
Favorite Silly Things To Do With Your Pets? 39 Nerdy Yew4ia 02/8/17 at 9:19pm
My mother in law crossed the line! 11 Ruby Mackenzi 02/8/17 at 9:51am
What wildlife have you seen lately? 126 Holden Dulcey 02/7/17 at 7:05am
Favorite tea? 35 Saerri Dulcey 02/7/17 at 7:02am
Favorite ice cream? 43 Saerri Dulcey 02/7/17 at 6:57am
What pets do you have in real life? 73 Nocere Hibiscus 02/6/17 at 8:53pm
how does your cat react to cat nip? 25 birdo Hibiscus 02/6/17 at 8:46pm
Readings? 1 Ambellina1994 Ambellina1994 02/5/17 at 8:33pm
Helix Piercing 22 Engrave Norther 02/4/17 at 3:27pm
Good transition news! 17 Johniarty Apath 02/3/17 at 9:37pm
Dyeing hair 14 facade Apath 02/3/17 at 9:16pm
My Lovebird 6 Engrave Engrave 02/3/17 at 5:18pm
When it rains, it pours.... 11 Engrave Engrave 02/3/17 at 5:16pm
Shaved Eyebrows 44 Digitalis poppet 02/3/17 at 2:47pm
June bugs? 7 Rosleiin Norther 02/1/17 at 3:42am
You know work has driven you crazy when... 5 Lisa rainbowbarnacle 01/31/17 at 8:05pm
Recipes using baked beans? 24 Dill Dill 01/30/17 at 9:07pm
creepiest thing that has ever happened to you? 14 Ambellina1994 Lisa 01/30/17 at 6:43pm
What is your favorite quote? 88 Kenda rainbowbarnacle 01/30/17 at 3:39pm
how to find xxx in cash shop?? 3 capper09 capper09 01/28/17 at 4:31am
I can no longer call Aslan my best friend... 19 Hanzo Hanzo 01/26/17 at 10:59pm
What are these? 8 Canidae Canidae 01/22/17 at 6:12pm
What did everyone get? 24 ImpalaFreak8877 Reluctant_Psychic 01/21/17 at 3:24am
Not Quite What I Wanted for the Holidays 14 Jillian NATALiE 01/20/17 at 2:17am