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* Looking for Friends? Try Here! 1,399 Reya SillyCat81 08/12/17 at 11:52pm
Chit-Chat Rules 1 Sierra Sierra 05/4/11 at 12:37am
Fat and feeling down 12 Emmit Sammie 08/16/17 at 7:49pm
Things that make you shudder uncontrollably 42 Zubuziggity Ninja 08/16/17 at 7:24pm
What was your last online purchase? 49 Tali Selaphi 08/15/17 at 12:21pm
Favorite recipes? 5 CaptainAmandica SillyCat81 08/14/17 at 8:04pm
Did You Learn Cursive Writing? 59 Delirium Kestrel 08/13/17 at 10:00pm
Is it just me? 9 bonita bonita 08/13/17 at 4:38pm
Wig Addicts Anon 3,207 Witchy Witchy 08/13/17 at 12:56pm
What pets do you have in real life? 115 Nocere Kellita 08/13/17 at 12:35am
do you foldyourclothes 60 Down2Frown Kellita 08/12/17 at 9:50pm
piercings! 73 Peache BaronOfBirchmen 08/12/17 at 5:54pm
Other Nonbinary Peeps? -Open to Questions- 72 MusicEmo Bundy 08/12/17 at 10:46am
First tattoo? 31 Happiness Dazen 08/11/17 at 11:55am
What wildlife have you seen lately? 152 Holden Zubuziggity 08/10/17 at 2:20am
So Someone Keeps Asking for me to Collab 4 RinKaari skye_raven 08/10/17 at 12:50am
Holidays! How early is too early? 13 Strength Skree 08/9/17 at 10:36pm
Colourpop coming to Sephora! 6 Adelia Skree 08/9/17 at 10:26pm
Eclipse 14 Bliss Strength 08/9/17 at 1:40am
INFP personality type? Post here! 21 SeaWasp facebook 08/8/17 at 11:23am
This is not a welcome, but a goodbye. 5 Skitter arixen 08/5/17 at 4:54pm
Conservative corner 11 ectoBiologist Angelina 08/4/17 at 10:24pm
Can you Describe to me a color you have never seen 5 Zakery Milo 08/3/17 at 10:32am
Tell me your silly and stupid stories! 13 Mabon Jethros_Dark_Angel 07/31/17 at 2:11pm
Favorite ice cream? 107 Saerri Jimmy 07/31/17 at 12:06pm
I really can't believe my mother... 9 Lisa Bliss 07/29/17 at 10:39pm
Looking for insight from Parents 2 8=8 Bliss 07/29/17 at 10:31pm
Disney World Honeymoon officially booked! 19 Tali Leilani 07/29/17 at 10:02am
Things you want to eat but shouldn't? 35 Dibbuk Alana 07/25/17 at 10:31pm
Let's talk coffee! 34 Happiness Skylar 07/25/17 at 8:34pm
Semi-Hiatus. 3 Hanzo pax 07/25/17 at 7:26pm
Favorite uncommon/less known magic race/creature? 12 Zekaiyu ZootyCutie 07/25/17 at 4:53pm
Birthday - Birthday - Birthday <3 5 Groove Groove 07/21/17 at 8:05pm
Basic Dreaming, Nightmares, and Lucid Dreams 27 Zubuziggity Zubuziggity 07/20/17 at 5:19pm
Twins 6 libra Owley 07/20/17 at 10:09am
Anyone else feel like murdering their neighbors? 11 Lisa Aztec 07/19/17 at 8:04pm
Physical Discipline? 36 Abaven Bug 07/19/17 at 4:59am
Homophobic people on Youtube 14 Caraway pythonesque 07/16/17 at 8:28pm
I used to love the rain, but now... 15 Keltiel ForensicFreak 07/16/17 at 5:12pm
An Interesting Surprise In The Mail 17 bixbite Nrogara 07/14/17 at 11:48pm
ways to make money when you can't find a job? 8 cryforjudas Arcadia 07/7/17 at 2:41pm
Let's talk weather, everyone seems to be anyway! 11 usagi racfi 07/5/17 at 8:09pm
Mozzarella Mac N Cheese 18 Starfleet Starfleet 07/1/17 at 3:33pm
i tried to make sushi 24 Thespian damiandamian 07/1/17 at 2:00pm
If I only had known...(spider surprise) 12 Juice Juice 06/28/17 at 9:24am
I feel so cheated... 11 Lisa Cherie 06/26/17 at 10:02pm
3 Accidents in 3 months 15 HoobFoob Imperial 06/26/17 at 5:54pm
Silly Little Things (Rant and Rave) 4 LilithianComplex StoneRobot 06/24/17 at 3:11pm
Can't you just STOP?! 11 Lisa Juice 06/21/17 at 11:17am
Wake up wake up wake up 3 Squid Hanzo 06/20/17 at 10:21am