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* Looking for Friends? Try Here! 1,424 Reya dragula 10/9/17 at 8:54pm
Chit-Chat Rules 1 Sierra Sierra 05/4/11 at 12:37am
What was your last online purchase? 120 Tali bessycow 10/19/17 at 2:06pm
What wildlife have you seen lately? 171 Holden bessycow 10/19/17 at 1:58pm
I did a thing again. 28 Dill Dill 10/19/17 at 1:43pm
What are you doing/dressing up as for Halloween? 2 Barbie Mouse 10/19/17 at 1:34pm
First tattoo? 41 Happiness bessycow 10/19/17 at 1:21pm
What pets do you have in real life? 155 Nocere bessycow 10/19/17 at 1:14pm
Tell me your silly and stupid stories! 15 Mabon Vioran_Soldier 10/18/17 at 10:33pm
Emojis on Windows 10 are now ugly... 8 Jessica JawniHawni 10/18/17 at 12:07pm
reciepe help? mostly canned items on a tight budge 3 moon12216 Strength 10/17/17 at 10:46am
Anyone do Tarot or Pendulum? 12 Ambellina1994 WolfWitch 10/17/17 at 2:23am
Did You Learn Cursive Writing? 91 Delirium Remoraid 10/16/17 at 11:49pm
How did you manage to reach? 18 Yuriobri Starfleet 10/14/17 at 1:02pm
Food You Love, But Everyone Else Abhors 45 Destruction Hakurei 10/14/17 at 12:11pm
Ahh! I'm a wife! 15 Tali innamoramento 10/13/17 at 11:00am
Guys, it's OCTOBER. You know what October is..? 24 Lisa Vioran_Soldier 10/11/17 at 10:17pm
Wig Addicts Anon 3,424 Witchy Witchy 10/11/17 at 10:47am
Been out of work all week due to a cold/flu 5 Rebane Nightingale 10/8/17 at 11:10pm
Millionaire theory 3 MarchOnOff Jayri 10/7/17 at 2:29pm
Favorite ice cream? 127 Saerri RockyHorrorGerri 10/4/17 at 4:42pm
Any astrology geeks? 9 LobA Sincere 10/3/17 at 5:20am
FMWL...that's **** my work life btw 7 Lisa VALHALLA 10/2/17 at 10:42pm
Positive Teachers Influences? 11 malnie MooTheQuackingCow 10/1/17 at 5:05pm
Hot as Hell (literally) 7 Ambellina1994 Vioran_Soldier 09/28/17 at 10:04pm
Holidays! How early is too early? 19 Strength Lisa 09/28/17 at 12:16pm
please lock 1 JoJosuke JoJosuke 09/22/17 at 11:51am
Its My Birthday! 6 Suriana Reya 09/21/17 at 9:45pm
can we talk about my blanket for a moment 17 Thespian Deduce 09/21/17 at 8:57pm
Things you want to eat but shouldn't? 50 Dybbuk apple 09/18/17 at 6:48pm
I'm in the mood to scream. 7 Hanzo Lisa 09/18/17 at 10:52am
I'd like to share this phone call... 7 Lisa Tali 09/15/17 at 4:20pm
Favorite uncommon/less known magic race/creature? 15 Zekaiyu Virus 09/15/17 at 3:20am
Favorite recipes? 15 CaptainAmandica Sound 09/14/17 at 9:29am
I really can't believe my mother... 12 Lisa Rii 09/12/17 at 11:17am
Other Nonbinary Peeps? -Open to Questions- 73 MusicEmo Rii 09/11/17 at 10:55pm
I get so sad when... 30 Dybbuk Rii 09/11/17 at 7:28pm
Subeta Anonymous 7 cannabis Rii 09/11/17 at 7:26pm
do you foldyourclothes 73 Down2Frown Rii 09/11/17 at 7:18pm
So frustrated with the ups n downs..mostly downs.. 3 Lisa innamoramento 09/10/17 at 3:39pm
Colourpop coming to Sephora! 14 Adelia murkrow 09/10/17 at 3:00am
Is it just me? 11 bonita Darkness_Consumes_Within 09/2/17 at 10:56pm
Teacher's Aide Question 18 PiplupMagby34 TheGeek 09/1/17 at 4:46pm
I have returned ^^. 4 Darkness_Consumes_Within Vioran_Soldier 08/31/17 at 3:52pm
FOR DEAR FRIENDS PASSED... 11 Sirenia Strength 08/31/17 at 11:32am
Do you have a pet? 2 Yuriobri Strength 08/31/17 at 11:30am
co-workers.... 4 ney Disasters 08/27/17 at 11:34am
Can you Describe to me a color you have never seen 8 Zakery Vioran_Soldier 08/23/17 at 1:50pm
Aquarium buddies! ^_^ 10 Lisa Bliss 08/22/17 at 10:08pm
Fat and feeling down 20 Emmit Emmit 08/20/17 at 2:05am