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Useful Profiles and Graphics Threads 1 Deja Deja 07/2/17 at 2:07am
Pet profile coding issue and how to resolve it! 26 Rah LatinBsnDude 06/27/17 at 4:48pm
Profiles/Graphics Discussion Rules 1 Sierra Sierra 05/3/11 at 3:05pm
Possible to randomize TC? 6 Poetry TheSunlitGarden 08/16/17 at 9:18pm
Pet Profiles: A Beginner's Guide 376 Draco Belle 08/14/17 at 1:05pm
PLEASE HELP: blurry bg issues ): 5 Weasley Weasley 08/11/17 at 10:14pm
Coding! ;_; 6 Astrology Frenchi 08/11/17 at 6:35pm
How to hide birthdate on a pet profile? 3 PUNK PUNK 08/9/17 at 7:04pm
Good guide for anchor tabs? (Aka I don't get it) 4 Silvermoon jensen 08/8/17 at 10:00am
any way to create glitchy / flickering text? 3 Frenchi Frenchi 08/5/17 at 12:38pm
help with the profile thing 4 abhorsen Kushinada 08/2/17 at 11:28pm
Dear me, I've just gone and broken my pet profile 3 Belle Belle 08/2/17 at 11:33am
Can anyone help me add an overlay? 2 ShortAxel Frenchi 08/1/17 at 7:13pm
Comparisons to Photobucket 4 Bliss bonita 08/1/17 at 6:49pm
Pet profile question 3 Meteorfall Meteorfall 07/31/17 at 10:39pm
Multimedia Box Issue 5 Faizh Deja 07/31/17 at 9:58pm
adding an image to user profile 6 AceMage AceMage 07/31/17 at 5:16pm
PhotoBucket 19 Bliss Bliss 07/28/17 at 9:29pm
If you have broken images on a profile I've made.. 45 Ringo Sunfire103 07/28/17 at 6:07pm
no longer needed, lock please! 2 feminist Bug 07/21/17 at 11:43pm
Fixed! 4 Chesid Knockout 07/21/17 at 3:22pm
Free Image Hosting Site? 9 Ryxe Bug 07/21/17 at 12:57pm
Broken Profile - Please help me out! 3 Moksha Moksha 07/21/17 at 12:40pm
[close please] 7 Paula Paula 07/20/17 at 2:31pm
[solved!] reduce space between treasure items? 4 jensen jensen 07/18/17 at 2:45pm
Pet profiles and where to start? x_x 5 Sora jensen 07/16/17 at 12:38am
Useful Custom CSS—[Updated July 9th] 216 Sorcerer jensen 07/13/17 at 7:17pm
How do I remove my User Layout Profile? 3 Carlita Carlita 07/10/17 at 8:52pm
Help me with this pattern question 2 Aztec Frenchi 07/9/17 at 12:45pm
[close please] 7 Paula Paula 07/5/17 at 12:29pm
Fixed! 6 Chastity jensen 07/1/17 at 4:07pm
Issues with Multimedia 4 Chocolat Leigh 06/30/17 at 12:28am
Styling the user tooltip/pop-up 6 LatinBsnDude noemi 06/26/17 at 1:24am
Overlay help? (Solved, Lock) 3 HalfBlood HalfBlood 06/25/17 at 9:35am
way to simulate profile? 6 Andy LatinBsnDude 06/24/17 at 6:18pm
Padding at Bottom of Profile Section 3 LatinBsnDude LatinBsnDude 06/22/17 at 4:39am
Coding Help Please? 4 PiplupMagby34 jensen 06/21/17 at 3:16pm
Need Help with Coding my Pet's Page 9 Sorem PiplupMagby34 06/17/17 at 8:20pm
3 coding questions 4 Fleshwolf Frenchi 06/17/17 at 2:52pm
Image fades on hover - Help? 2 CoffeeDog Sorcerer 06/13/17 at 3:03am
Need help on my end with some code 6 Hylian Hylian 06/4/17 at 12:52pm
Need Help with my Profile 3 Sorem Sorem 06/2/17 at 10:34am
How to edit text after code, pet profile 6 Peppershake Bug 05/29/17 at 12:54am
resolved! 5 Luck Luck 05/24/17 at 3:39pm
Someone help me stop this profile from scrolling 6 Castiel Bug 05/22/17 at 8:03pm
Profile page question..Answered 3 Straywillow Straywillow 05/21/17 at 1:57am
Would someone help me create a profile? :3 2 LaughingSins Bug 05/18/17 at 10:23pm
Okay to lock 3 Peppershake Peppershake 05/17/17 at 8:01pm
Pet Profile Coding Help 4 kemiro Targaryen 05/11/17 at 10:04am
Is there a directory of fullsize pet images? 8 Faber Morse 05/8/17 at 4:11pm