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The Pet Spotlight 51 Rah Rah 08/4/17 at 6:38pm
Useful Subeta Pets Threads 11 Meow Meteorfall 07/10/17 at 11:03pm
Favorite Pet Name of the Person Above You V2 3,841 Dunja HADES 09/23/17 at 1:39pm
Pet Spotlight + Support Group III 1,590 Masquerade Tsundere 09/23/17 at 10:38am
Done! Thank you so much Sarai <3 6 Selphina Sarai 09/23/17 at 9:34am
Favorite Pet of the Person Above 867 Meow Chrysariel 09/23/17 at 4:18am
Can't stop gushing over Chibi pets - share yours! 39 bluebirds Primeval 09/22/17 at 11:05pm
Recent Pet Progress: Give yourself a gold star 128 Mackenzi IMPULSE 09/22/17 at 3:44am
The Pet TC Help Masterlist! (Bring your best TCs!) 80 blood Ares 09/21/17 at 2:11pm
Post Your Newest Pets/Characters/Names! 368 JAY Clockwork 09/21/17 at 1:53pm
tc help - things that make you happy 34 jensen Levi 09/20/17 at 12:46am
Available Real Word Pet Names 3.0 152 Argante Roga 09/18/17 at 8:50pm
Seeking someone to create a Bhakoru for me? 4 Deity Deity 09/18/17 at 4:02pm
Need species/color help for two pets! 4 Balloon Balloon 09/18/17 at 9:31am
Species/Color Help for a Serial Killer Pet? 4 Lunaveil Alex 09/17/17 at 4:17pm
Meet my new pet, Mrs. Norris :) (help with color) 5 Kakashi Kakashi 09/17/17 at 3:25pm
Available Real Names 3.0! 203 Nini Dagny 09/17/17 at 1:39am
Pet suggestions for Cave Johnson? 5 Shark Venusaur 09/14/17 at 9:54pm
Items for a pet cat? 6 Greymane Iridescent 09/14/17 at 1:04am
What to do with Zernos and Mazo? :( 2 BlueRiver Selphina 09/13/17 at 4:37pm
Your Pets and their Jobs 15 Henry Acclivius 09/12/17 at 2:22pm
Seeking: Owners of Chibi Telenines! 6 Kajin Kajin 09/12/17 at 12:04pm
pet suggestions for Simple? 5 Stacie Carlita 09/10/17 at 6:53pm
Persona 5 Fan Pet TC Help 3 Ghirahim Ghirahim 09/8/17 at 6:35pm
Favorite Pet Treasure Chest of the Person Above Yo 1,229 Fuwafuwa jensen 09/8/17 at 2:43pm
Do me a favor? 3 Lisa Lisa 09/8/17 at 9:40am
TC help for an alchemist 3 finch Turokai 09/7/17 at 4:05am
Pet Story and Coding help! 18 PiplupMagby34 Thespian 09/6/17 at 4:16pm
What pet is cutest in your opinion? 30 GoBackToSleep Burumun 09/5/17 at 3:32pm
Which of your pets is most pampered and why? 33 Balloon Dunja 09/5/17 at 10:26am
TC/Minion help for mail delivery pet! 6 Bug Balloon 09/5/17 at 9:06am
TC help: Modern/realistic looking tech 7 Patience Patience 09/5/17 at 8:59am
Glass minion? Pretty glass items? 4 Lisa Copper 09/4/17 at 9:35pm
Glass minion? Pretty glass items? 1 Lisa Lisa 09/4/17 at 7:57pm
TC help for a sad demon 5 Clockwork Clockwork 09/4/17 at 5:56am
My pets are lonely... they need friends! 8 Acclivius Bliss 09/3/17 at 6:01pm
TC help please (multiple pets) 11 Paddy Raven 09/3/17 at 9:35am
please delete/lock 1 monsterboyfrien monsterboyfrien 09/2/17 at 11:14pm
Needing help or Inspiration for Perennial.. 2 Daffodil Balloon 09/2/17 at 4:50pm
Need treasure and colour ideas for Tracer! 19 Tasha Liberty 09/2/17 at 4:19pm
TC For A Tomb-Robbing Daemon-Banisher 1 MagnusTheRed MagnusTheRed 09/1/17 at 3:20pm
Need someone to adopt a Zentu from me! 1 andri4498 andri4498 09/1/17 at 2:02pm
Has anyone else been in the queue for 100 years? 25 Dotty Dotty 09/1/17 at 12:21pm
TC Help? Steampunk/inventor 5 Lunaveil Lunaveil 08/31/17 at 6:07pm
Needing help with a Pet Profile fix 6 NoelKreiss PiplupMagby34 08/31/17 at 2:58pm
color & treasure help! 12 nobody nobody 08/31/17 at 1:39am
Minion Suggestion Needed! 2 Serpentina Evening 08/30/17 at 6:55am
Species + Color Suggestions 11 Mythology Mythology 08/27/17 at 12:36am
Species/colour suggestions for LiveJournal? 6 Shark Shark 08/26/17 at 9:33pm
Help with a Leona TC? 3 Ligzonton Ligzonton 08/25/17 at 4:36am