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The Forum Title Suggestions Thread - FIRESIDE/FALL 115 Greg capper09 12/16/17 at 5:54pm
I would like to see Job achievements. 11 Julie Solsticesprite 12/6/17 at 3:54pm
New Title 25 Mayonaka PyrusKrome 12/3/17 at 4:26am
Add tiers - suggestions 25 space jensen 11/11/17 at 2:33pm
Minion Zoo Achievements 30 Arsenal iciness 10/23/17 at 6:33pm
Un-retire the Pumpkin Patch minion achievements 32 Laurey Austria 10/21/17 at 6:01pm
Unwell / ill / sick titles 26 lull Stellar 10/21/17 at 11:45am
Achievements for Battling!!!!! 14 Anasazi Julie 10/7/17 at 10:30pm
Section for Alegarten & Keelhauliday achievements 6 ShortAxel Laurey 10/2/17 at 1:53pm
Tiered achievements for baking at Fantine's bakery 17 curbdirt Chocolate 09/29/17 at 3:26pm
Riches 7 foxette Atomic 09/7/17 at 12:42am
Achievement for freeing trapped minions 14 Karasu Cade 08/23/17 at 5:19pm
Achievement for eating hibiscus flowers 6 Galaxia Wintear 08/20/17 at 2:11am
Cursed Quest Title (New One) 13 Mythology Lypsyl 08/15/17 at 4:31pm
Publically-viewable achievement trophies 11 berlingot Frost 08/2/17 at 11:17am
More Tiers on beanbags 12 Nonchalant Ligress 08/1/17 at 6:15am
Alchemist Achievements 6 Ciannwn Lypsyl 04/17/17 at 4:02pm
Achievement for buying from Gunter 9 Greg Victoria 03/7/17 at 2:16pm
Ability to favorite achievement titles 4 Skylar Lypsyl 03/7/17 at 1:59pm
Richest User 7 Rainey Pegasus 01/23/17 at 5:02am
Gourds for Gourmand Achievement 2 Enthusiasm Solsticesprite 01/18/17 at 9:51am
Achievements for unlocking avatar skins 8 Griffin Solsticesprite 11/20/16 at 4:40pm
Voting on every Oatmeal entry 2 Solsticesprite Laurey 10/31/16 at 7:58pm
Have an Experiment Pet achievement 24 Lantern curbdirt 10/13/16 at 7:56pm
Make Achievement Events Clickable 1 Edges Edges 10/6/16 at 12:18am
Achievement for deleting items? 17 KingWonderful Wizardpinky 09/25/16 at 11:16pm
Ikumoradeekanox Fruit Achievement 32 helsabot Sebyashka 08/29/16 at 5:31pm
Achievement Organization 20 Enchant Tribunal 08/19/16 at 3:18am
Change "Not Going to Give Up" title? 5 Strength Solsticesprite 08/11/16 at 10:24am
Achievement Search Improved 2 Enthusiasm Lypsyl 08/3/16 at 2:44pm
Eating all the Butter 47 TwistedMiss sikkykins 07/28/16 at 3:23pm
Ten Year Member Achievement/Title! 19 Write bonita 07/11/16 at 10:21am
Achievement for eating all the sushi items! 8 SheJoker Whitemoon 06/19/16 at 5:36pm
shop till achievements 4 BoneCollector Lypsyl 06/2/16 at 1:42pm
More gelatin slaying achievement tiers. 5 Ekhal jim 05/20/16 at 4:40pm
Eating all the types of Hot Dogs on site. 16 Magma Lexx 05/6/16 at 10:18pm
Growing plants from seeds achievement 17 ScissorCrow jim 04/16/16 at 11:51am
More tiers for the dancing achievement? 9 Priestess_Of_Suzaku jim 04/4/16 at 12:21am
More CSC achievement prizes ! 10 PiplupMagby34 Niffler 03/27/16 at 4:30am
Elite title! 28 Anasazi Cherie 02/24/16 at 9:39pm
Pastry Delivery! Achievement 4 lilbumbles lilbumbles 02/18/16 at 12:41am
Melody Regular Achievement 10 Kathy DebiLee 12/27/15 at 11:02pm
More tiers for being kissed by the Red Rreign? 13 Greg tsukikage 12/1/15 at 2:29am
More Wardrobe tiers? 62 Kitten Dice 11/23/15 at 7:28am
Toggle Retired Achievements On/Off? 11 Jadie Squidward 11/18/15 at 6:55pm
Donatin' to the donation corner on xmas? 9 Homestuck Homestuck 11/18/15 at 6:35pm
New kinds of Job Center achievements 5 Solsticesprite Julie 11/17/15 at 2:11pm
Add Silver Lifelike Tigrean to Acheivement 3 erynamrod Sopheroo 11/15/15 at 1:10pm
More tiers on Burrero Basket Bonanza? 3 monie Niffler 11/15/15 at 6:18am
More Top 10 High Score Achievements (games) 4 xthepersonx monie 11/9/15 at 7:14pm