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Gotta Love the Lizards! (Post your lizard events!) 4,701 Destiny Yaz 04/27/17 at 12:34am
Post your Wizard Potion Events HERE! :D 107 Destiny Rookie 04/2/17 at 6:09am
Useful Random Event Threads 1 Destiny Destiny 02/23/11 at 1:04pm
Post Your Tempest Random Events Here 1,020 PinkiePie Jimmy 04/26/17 at 8:43am
Gotta Love those Random Events (post your RE's her 1,720 Grumpy Yugyeom 04/26/17 at 5:59am
100 Raffle Tickets Found. How many have you found? 541 Reya Amanda 04/21/17 at 8:26am
You see a shiny coin on the ground... 41 kiruna MamaBear 04/19/17 at 1:27pm
The Oracle wants you to bring her ... 2 Siara Luck 03/4/17 at 10:09am
Time for a movie~ ^__^ 1 Siara Siara 02/24/17 at 2:28am
Do I look like a charity case or something? 1 Lisa Lisa 02/18/17 at 7:48pm
Post your Treasure Chest Gains Here! 8 Quo Sophie 01/23/17 at 4:13am
GHOST BUDDY 4 Anjerla Piplup 01/15/17 at 7:38am
What did you get in your Forum Giftbox? 106 LadyFangirl Zee 12/19/16 at 12:47pm
I'm being stalked by a pie thrower! :O 2 Kisrah Assea 12/19/16 at 8:57am
Random event sp on the ground... 10 seephira DebIsUneek 12/18/16 at 10:16pm
Anyone getting LOTS of random events lately? 4 Churrell DebIsUneek 12/13/16 at 2:01pm
Post your humorous random events here! 2 Altruism Angelina 09/24/16 at 3:57pm
Pet stat increase! Come brag :D 3 BeautifulChaos Aturnia 09/4/16 at 7:04pm
Forum tickets love me lately I guess?! 8 ammehsuor Yoshi 08/28/16 at 12:03pm
Twice Today! 7 Adorkable Adorkable 08/14/16 at 8:54am
Tempest wants to play with you 7 momo_the_peachy Gryffindor 08/13/16 at 1:38am
The Oracle Demands Sacrifices! 1 Lexx Lexx 07/4/16 at 3:34pm
The tempest wants to play with you. 8 Aden Amanda 07/2/16 at 7:35pm
Lil Bunny Minion, hoppin through the forest 6 Faythless alienxing 07/1/16 at 12:51am
Tempest loves me! *u* 1 norfie norfie 05/23/16 at 6:15pm
If only it were this easy!! 3 Lisa Hanzo 05/23/16 at 12:30pm
Hooray Lizard traps 1 Vindictive Vindictive 04/19/16 at 2:29pm
Maleria thanks for that! 1 BeautifulChaos BeautifulChaos 01/8/16 at 8:46pm
What a grateful starving minion... 8 Samm Squitty 01/8/16 at 4:08am
-New Year Tokens RE Thread- 2 Quo Zay 01/2/16 at 1:09pm
Holy SubQ Invites, Batman! 11 Quo Totodile3 11/19/15 at 2:16pm
I'm not fighting you, Ice King. 14 LoftyBalloon Rocketlauncher 11/17/15 at 9:34pm
Free go at Spooky Chance Surprise? 7 Poet Poet 10/21/15 at 2:12pm
Free Spooky Chance! 6 Frankenchokies Frankenchokies 10/19/15 at 9:18pm
FINALLY! 9 cahoots Lala 08/13/15 at 3:43am
*gasp!* for me? on my birthday?! thank you subeta! 4 SaltAndBurn Noriko 08/10/15 at 8:25pm
Those bumbii!!! 7 NymphadoraTonks NymphadoraTonks 08/7/15 at 9:06pm
"Random Event: You feel a prickling..." 30 Sopheroo NoelKreiss 08/7/15 at 1:20pm
Sebastian Phoenix argh 10 Marreshaann CrazyKathy 07/21/15 at 10:03pm
Sebastian's on a rampage!!!! 371 Its_Just_Me Kathy 07/21/15 at 6:51am
Finally! Something good from the coin machine! 3 Comfort Comfort 07/20/15 at 6:55am
wth Maleria 2 LoftyBalloon Austria 07/4/15 at 8:03pm
Never came across this RE before o.O 8 Mike Sopheroo 06/12/15 at 11:57pm
You have GOT to be kidding me! 7 Lime Amanda 05/23/15 at 1:40pm
Not again Sebastian!! Second time so far! :( Boooo 1 JennaBug627 JennaBug627 04/25/15 at 3:24pm
Bizarre Coincidence? Subeautique Invites. 13 Natsume Nanaki 03/9/15 at 1:53pm
Well, I guess not. (Whoops! Please move to Random 1 WitchQueen WitchQueen 02/21/15 at 11:24am
I finally found something in the Blackheart Hollow 4 osterizer flamboyantCuttlefish 02/21/15 at 12:43am
Sebastian Phoenix 2 Gitanha Melodically 02/13/15 at 9:41pm
lizard minions....I love you! 2 Linsley illusion 02/12/15 at 7:19pm