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What did the Zapper give you today? 4,539 Malibu terabithian 12/11/17 at 1:15am
A H H H H H ?!?!?! AFTER SIX YEARS 1 RAGING RAGING 12/10/17 at 3:54am
Zapper and Abandon issues 13 Evy Wonderling 11/30/17 at 1:32pm
I AM AN IDIOT 7 Delirium megg33k 11/25/17 at 7:35am
unlucky 2 Spoooky megg33k 11/20/17 at 8:06am
Pet zapper and gender changes? 13 Siara Kbo 11/12/17 at 2:48pm
Cozymittens zapper log 1 Handcrafted Handcrafted 10/30/17 at 9:52am
F I N A L L L Y! UGH! 6 MZD Jayri 10/11/17 at 12:25pm
FAvorite experiment from the zappeR? 56 MsSuckerPunch Sincere 09/30/17 at 9:47pm
---| DREAM - PET ZAPPERs |--- [Project] 76 Kajin Kajin 09/21/17 at 9:43am
What Pet are you zapping for? 100 MidnaMoon Lyra 09/17/17 at 2:14am
The quest for #104 BEGINS! 18 Alana YaoiObsessedFangirl 09/10/17 at 4:06pm
A chance purchase of dew finally got me my squid! 2 Acrylics Selphina 09/10/17 at 7:28am
I think I'm lucky!! 3 andri4498 Nebulous 09/9/17 at 12:43am
yes! I got my experiment pet :D 20 Moksha Moksha 08/4/17 at 7:10pm
EXCITED FLAILING 4 STARK Alana 08/3/17 at 11:49pm
404 Zap Not Fo- 3 Kisrah Kisrah 06/14/17 at 8:52am
Today has made my day. 1 BornWithoutFear BornWithoutFear 06/5/17 at 1:29am
Zap Project Log [COMPLETE] 1 Jotaro Jotaro 04/6/17 at 9:05am
First Zap Today....Uh... 7 KHood Evy 03/31/17 at 1:58pm
Zap Project #1 Complete! Zap Project #2 On-going! 1 GREED GREED 03/19/17 at 2:23pm
Somehow I got the pet i wanted on my first try?!?! 3 Apondra frederick 03/19/17 at 1:43pm
The Adventure of Cryptids: GOT IT ON DAY 4! 3 Curio Rogue 03/4/17 at 1:41pm
Are Treasure Chest items Zappable? 5 Jonquil Jonquil 01/26/17 at 3:07pm
The quest for Experiment #333 6 Owlsarebirds KesRoden 12/14/16 at 8:31pm
after 6+ months of zapping...!! 7 Lindsey ResignedOwl 12/13/16 at 11:17pm
"Pet Zapper"? More like... 3 DeathToAll DeathToAll 11/29/16 at 4:01pm
It was horrific! (PSA) 18 Whimsi Selphina 11/4/16 at 11:49am
euclid is plotting against me 12 gere Chesid 10/17/16 at 11:42pm
Board closed 1 jmarie453 jmarie453 09/4/16 at 8:31pm
Nostalgic? (answered) 3 eggplant eggplant 08/26/16 at 5:48pm
another one bites the dust??? 3 bambi Piplup 08/20/16 at 11:27pm
So I tried the Zapper... 17 sadgirl sadgirl 07/1/16 at 1:39pm
Very Luck Zap! 3 Linsley Linsley 06/8/16 at 6:17pm
I would hug Euclid, but... 4 Kisrah feminist 06/8/16 at 2:16pm
I might just keep this one. 1 BellatrixStar BellatrixStar 05/7/16 at 4:20pm
Zapping until chibiness 3 Aengus Aengus 05/7/16 at 9:05am
Too Good of an SP Sink 22 Dance-to-Forget Kandi 05/6/16 at 12:28pm
Why pet zapper? 3 Sunlight Dracona 04/17/16 at 1:47am
WOAH..... 4 peacock peacock 04/17/16 at 1:02am
What pets do you think experiments are based on? 1 Genevra Genevra 03/15/16 at 10:31am
Your pet transformed into a... 7 Ianthia War 03/11/16 at 5:55pm
List of potential Experiments....? 3 dominik dominik 02/24/16 at 1:11am
Your pet transformed into a Experiment #886 4 Idris Idris 02/15/16 at 11:12pm
Zapping Chronicles V1: Maerd 1 topizots topizots 02/8/16 at 1:59pm
Adopt, Zap, Repound (New Zapping Project) 1 Sata141 Sata141 02/7/16 at 3:15am
Your pet transformed into a Experiment #625 2 Acrylics Zephoria 01/9/16 at 11:32pm
MY LUMINAIRE WISH HAS COME TRUE!!! 12 Mandala Imp 01/1/16 at 9:34am
ecstatic clapping!! 2 wicht Rogue 12/28/15 at 1:47pm
Your pet transformed into a Nightmare Bhakoru! 2 jamocha Rogue 12/28/15 at 1:45pm