You must be 13 years of age or older to register and play on Subeta. Accounts that were made previously with parental permission will not be frozen.

All contests, art and service auctions, etc. must have a clearly-defined set of rules and a solid end date not exceeding three months from the date of the initial post or announcement. Once completed, all prizes or rewards must be distributed within one month; failure to do so will be considered and treated as scamming.

Do not discriminate or display discriminatory actions or behavior on the basis of gender, race, color, ethnicity, disability, religion, or sexual orientation.

Do not attempt to bold, strike through, or italicize your shoutbox or thread title text, or alter it in any other such way as to make it more conspicuous. (The exception to this would be a staff member performing a verbal reprimand.)

Do NOT attempt to sell or trade Subeta currency, items or pets for off-site currency or items, or real-life currency or items. The only thing this does not include is artwork purchased on Subeta itself.

NOTE ON CUSTOM ITEMS: While the art for custom wearables may be commissioned onsite for USD, the items themselves still fall under the jurisdiction of this rule.

Do NOT attempt to sell or trade pets for sP, items, other pets, off-site currency or items, or real-life currency or items.

Do NOT attempt to sell or trade usernames or petnames for sP, items, other usernames or petnames, off-site currency or items, or real-life currency or items.

Do not transmit or facilitate distribution of content that is harmful, abusive, racially or ethnically offensive, vulgar, sexually explicit, defamatory, infringing, discriminatory, invasive of personal privacy or publicity rights, or in a reasonable person's view, objectionable. Hate speech is not tolerated.

Do not bump or otherwise revive threads that have gone three months or more since the last time they were posted in.

The only forums this does not apply to are Problems & Bugs, Site Feedback, and Suggestions & Ideas.

Do not promote or encourage any illegal activity, including but not limited to, illegal drug use, hacking, cracking or distribution of counterfeit/pirated software or music.

You are allowed to discuss other pet sites, but promoting another pet site is not permitted. Promoting includes asking for or offering referral links, invites, or otherwise encouraging other users to sign up.

Do not send any unsolicited advertisements to another user via the mail system, comments, forum pings, etc. These include -- but may not necessarily be limited to -- advertisements for shops, forumgroups, items available for sale/trade, and wishlisted items.

Do not steal coding, art, or other copyrighted/trademarked content from any source, or attempt to redistribute such content. This can include, but is not limited to, manipulations or derivations of art, images, coding, literary works, etc. not wholly created by you.

Subeta's forums, shoutbox, news comments, and profile comments are restricted to English only. This is not to inconvenience our international players, but to ensure that the site remains safe and appropriate at all times.

Forum images and signatures cannot exceed 450px in width and 325px in height, COMBINED. This includes all images, links, any text added in the signature, and regardless of images being left or right aligned.

Any text added in the signature counts as 10px height per line. So be sure to include that in when calculating the height of your forum image and signature.

Please note that the forum signature size preview on the Forum Options page is intended as a general guideline only, and is not 100% accurate at all times.

Animated images must be no larger than 5MB.

NOTE: This is not a freezable offense, however, if you receive three Official Warnings for oversized Forum Image/Signature, you will be banned from using this feature.

Do not post images or URLs that exceed the current limit of 325 pixels in height or 450 pixels in width. Animations must be no larger than 5MB. If you wish to post a large image or URL which exceeds these limits, you must link to it using sCode. Any content found to be in violation of this rule will be cleared or edited by a member of staff.

If you feel harassed by another user, you can block them here.

When you block a user, it will prevent them from:

  • sMailing you
  • Commenting on your profile
  • Sending you items
  • Sending gifts or presents
  • Offering on Trades
  • Viewing your profile/userlookup
  • Viewing your forum posts
  • Viewing your news comments
  • Appearing in your Shoutbox feed

If the user continues to attempt to contact you directly via any other means on the site, you may report it at the Ticket Center to have the situation looked into.

If you have been blocked by a user, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CONTACT THEM via any other means on the site, including asking someone else to contact them on your behalf. Similarly, if you have blocked a user, you need to also cease contact with that user. Contacting someone on behalf of a blocked user is also considered harassment and is a warnable offense.

If you are receiving anonymous gift-boxes with threatening or rule-violating messages, please report it to a User Administrator via the Ticket Center. A User Admin will be able to help you.

Do not post, transmit, discuss, distribute, or otherwise promote content that is illegal, including but not limited to, hacking, cracking or distribution of counterfeit/pirated software or music.

You may not impersonate another person (including celebrities), indicate that you are a Subeta staff member or a representative of Subeta, or attempt to mislead users by indicating that you represent Subeta or any of Subeta's partners or affiliates.

While Subeta takes a lenient stance on the use of mature language, intentional evasion of user-end filters (via creative spelling, using it in an image where it cannot be filtered, or other such measures) or the direction of foul language at other members will not be tolerated. We ask that its use, if any, be reasonable. Pets, minions, forum/ping groups, shop names, and gallery names may not use such language. If you attempt to use a name which might be considered explicit or objectionable, it is at your own risk, and may result in repercussions to be left at staff discretion.

Please do not disclose any details about the Mysterious Melody program that could ruin the surprise. This includes what your MM gave you, what you gave your MM, when gifting is occurring, or any other information along the same vein.

Do not ask other users to give you items, pets, sP, or services unless they have offered it as a gift or part of a giveaway. This includes requesting tips.

Do not request or offer help/answers for Subeta games or puzzles, including but not necessarily limited to Item Identifier, Item Scramble, and Bones.

Homework help also has limitations: you may request or offer assistance with homework, but cheating is strictly prohibited.

Do not discuss or mention frozen users.

Do not attempt to cheat, scam, or otherwise mislead other users in any way by posting fake "floating item" events like goodie bags, balloons, masks, etc. anywhere on the site. This includes forumsets, signatures, profiles, billboards, and all other areas.

Do not SPAM. This includes excessive smilies/emoticons, repeated one-word messages, stretching the shoutbox, repeated identical messages, pinging forum groups for threads irrelevant to the group, making multiple forum posts about the same topic, pinging individual users to advertising threads based on wishlist contents, and "bumping."

Do not ask for pet spotlight nominations. Any threads created asking for nominations will be locked. Asking for nominations in the shoutbox could result in a temporary ban from the shoutbox.

Do not attempt to use any code (including HTML and CSS) besides sCode.

Wherever possible, do NOT forget to mark boards or site areas containing sexual or graphic content with a warning; in the forums, this warning needs to be in the thread title. (IE: "Mature content".) And remember, there ARE limits as to how much we will allow. Subeta is PG-13!

For the consideration of other members, please do not post spoilers -- including but not limited to Melody's Cottage during Luminaire celebrations -- without appropriate spoiler alerts. In the forums, the notice should be in the thread title if at all possible. Because there is no way to properly notify others of spoilers in the shoutbox, we ask that you refrain from posting them there.

Do not make blacklists or targeting/flaming topics that name any specific user. It is fine to discuss the behavior of another user, but you cannot mention a specific user by username or identify them in an obvious way, blocked or not. This applies to groups as well.

Do NOT make "test boards" in the forums.

Do not attempt to get a password, other account information, or other private information from a Member or any other user on Subeta. Remember: Subeta staff will NEVER ask for your password. Don't give your password information out to anyone. This doesn't apply to sale and purchase of real items from other Subeta users. If you buy something that needs to be sent via real mail, you must provide the correct shipping address. Please be careful, and if you are uncomfortable providing your address, do not attempt to purchase real items. All real item transactions are at your own risk. Please use common sense and be careful when posting any personal information on the subeta site. Please send your information privately through sMail, rather than posting it publicly.