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Enter a fun community where you can adopt a virtual pet, dress up a human avatar with thousands of different clothes, and make friends on our forums! Join today to pick a pet, get a starter kit of cool items and start having fun right away! Hundreds of users are enjoying Subeta right now. Why aren't you?

Latest News and Updates

Pet Spotlight - Kittycats

Kittycats the Angel Feli has won the Pet Spotlight!

December Collections and Black Friday Reminder

December 2012 Collection
December 2018 Collection
December 2014 Collection
We will be releasing the December 2020 Collection on December 2 this year!

At 11:59pm tomorrow, the Black Friday sale will be ending. We will keep all the December Collections in the Cash Shop while retiring everything else.

Below is the list of items that will retire at the end of the sale, along with anything that was specifically brought back for Black Friday:

The Red Rreign, The Playful Tempest, Melody and the Snow Fairies, Kiyo and the Ogre, Born from Stars.

Morostide Makeup Case.

Trapped Fog, Raven Statue, Old Music Box, Old Corn Husk, Broken Compass, Antique Iron Frame, Bottled Flowers, Fragrant Blossoms, Pressed Flower Frame, Memory Pendant, Seasoned Firewood, Old Cabin Key, Cozy Comforter, Strange Snowglobe, Frozen Branch, Carefully Packed Picnic Basket, Old Map and Keys, Captured Lightning Bugs, Freshly Bottled Flowers, Packed Beach Bag, Smoking Smudge Sticks, Smoking Smoked Salts, Cozy Sweaters, Cateye Glasses, Painted Geode Discs, Occultist Set, Witch Hunter Set, and Oversized Plush Set.

Galaxy Keychains, Lost Contacts.

Themed Sets
Crested Harpy Set, Frozen Bone Garden Fairy Set. Remember, these items get moved to the Themed Set Vending Machine once they retire.

Vanity Hazy Set, Vanity Muggy Set, Vanity Sizzle Set, Vanity Parch Set, Vanity Mist Set, Vanity Mist Set, Vanity Float Set, Vanity Kind Set, Vanity Trail Set, Vanity Idle Set, Vanity Balmy Set, Vanity Traverse Set, Vanity Ruse Set, Vanity Novel Set, Vanity Nostalgic Set, Vanity Canny Set, Vanity Vivify Set, Vanity Simper Set, Vanity Popple Set, Vanity Nisus Set, Vanity Frisson Set, Vanity Vibes Set, Vanity Slack Set.

Loft, Bowman, Fair, Dollop, Clamor, Subdue, Wistful, Raffle, Root, Pique, Risk, Sing, Push, Key, Near, Hour, Case, Base, Bit, After, Sail, Stem, Count, Den, Remain, Tap Wry, Knot, Mere, and Tumble Hair Coupons.

Pet Spotlight - Hondashi

Hondashi the Custom Cherry Montre has won the Pet Spotlight!

Crystal Shop Restock

Thrilling Pants
Thrilling Jacket
What a thrilling outfit, available only at the Crystal Shop.

Bottled Spirit
Kumos Day Kumos Plushie
Flashy new clothes not your style? Take a look at these older items that have returned to the Crystal Shop.

Pet Spotlight - Rhymer

Rhymer the Graveyard Rreign has won the Pet Spotlight!
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