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Update on Pet Spotlights

The Mistakes We Make
Pop-Up Book of Pets
Pet Spotlight should resume once a week starting July 25 and will continue through the summer on Thursdays!

Originally, it would be every Wednesday, but I goofed it by forgetting to turn the spotlights back on after a few bugs were worked out. So, to get it out asap, it'll start tonight!

Token Shop Restock

Watermelon Blub

Large Size Comic Paper
An Amateur Guide to Subetan Eggs
Overflowing Basket of Flowers
Red Panda Skunk Plushie
What will you grab from this Token Shop restock?

Bundle Collections Are Back in the Cash Shop!

Urban Boutique Bags
Summer in Centropolis Doll Gift Set
Movie Director Reel Case
Masquerade In A Box: Magnificarum
Masquerade In A Box: Mysterium

Mustard Check Box
Black Shopping Bag
Cozy Fashion Bundle
Keen Gift Box
Nautical Boutique Bag

Low-Quality Beer Box
Discarded Produce Box
Riot Mistress Striped Luggage Trunk
Overly Nailed Crate
Lolita Boutique Bag

EPICon 2013 Bag
Lacy Polka Dot Box
Zippered Cat Bag
Spacetime Blue Box
Wild Boutique Bags

Rudeboy Gift Bag
Honey Bow-Wrapped Box
Fallow Gift Box
Mechanics Toolbox
Classy Boutique Bags
Oh, help! For the rest of the month, you can purchase our bundle collections from the Cash Shop. These collections work like the Spacetime Blue Box, where when you open it you get every item inside unlike chance bags where it's random or choose bags where as you can imagine... you choose the item you want.


Bonus Weekend Update: Pete

Do Pete quests this weekend for increased prizes and rewards!
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