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Cash Shop: July 2022 Collection

July 2022 Collection

Summer Sunset Hair Elixir
Summer Evening Hair Tonic

The Glow Bugs Dance at Dusk
Wood Burned Bat House
Summer Night Smoothie
Dusky Summer Memory
This month's collection from the Cash Shop is best viewed when the sun starts to set, don't you agree?

July 2006 Donation Present
July 2007 Donation Present
July 2008 Donation Present

July 2009 Collection
July 2010 Collection
July 2011 Collection
July 2012 Collection

July 2013 Collection
July 2014 Collection
July 2015 Collection
July 2016 Collection
July 2017 Collection

July 2018 Collection
July 2019 Collection
July 2020 Collection
July 2021 Collection
July 2020 Collection
You can also purchase one of our olderĀ July Donation Presents or Collections!

Possessed Paintbrush
Delphi Dunes Legendary Track
Spicy Shrimp Curry in a Coconut
Ominous Stray

Bloody Shark Jaw
Too Hot Porridge
Sierrac Signet
Eventide Phoenix Summoning Stone
Oozing Research Notes
You have until the next monthly collection is released to get these challenger summoners from the Cash Shop. They are were all released in July of previous years. Note: The Eventide Phoenix Summoning Stone is a Summer based challenger and will stick around June, July, and August.

Pet Spotlight - Polyphox

Polyphox the Galactic Illumis has won the Pet Spotlight!

Pet Spotlight - Justine

Justine the Chibi Experiment #696 has won the Pet Spotlight!

Weekend Quests

Cursed Quests is the weekend quest! Do those quests for increased prizes and special rewards!

Quest Shop: Vintage Rainbows!

Rainbow Stars Notebook
Rainbow Starlight Bunny Plushie
Rainbow Star Overalls
Rainbow Starlight Bunny Beanbag
Rainbow Star Stickers

Vintage Tigrean Sheet Set
Vintage Xotl Lunch Bag
Vintage Jollin Vinyl Binder
Vintage Spectrum Pencil Case
Vintage Aurora Stationary Set
It's Cinthia's time to shine! What could be better than these rainbow and vintage items? Nothing. The answer is nothing.
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