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Latest News and Updates

Important Updates!

Pirate Cinthia Plushie
Keel Hauliday will be starting September 21 this year and will last the rest of the month.

Remember, the Seasonal Quest Shop will be switching to Autumn items on September 22 as will the Millionaire Center.

Quest-a-thon prizes are being worked on and should go out this weekend. You’ll get an alert! :) Thank you everyone for being so understanding with the delays.

We will be awarding every user with 250CSC over the weekend for battling the lag, timeout errors, real-world problems, and more specifically for any items lost during the end of August-early September. You will also get an alert when you receive your cash shop credits.

Darkmatter Qrykee!

They gonna chompinate all your DMs, watch out! Or maybe the darkmatter qrykee is just the sort of chompinator you were looking for in a companion?

Weekend Quests

The Library is the weekend quest! Do those quests for increased prizes and special rewards!

Token Shop Celebration!

Horns and Roses Band Jacket
One-Horse Open Sleigh
Pop-Up Haunted House Storybook
Zeitpunk Plushie
Today, I will be restocking the Token Shop a little differently.

Instead of having 4-5 restocks over a 24 hour period where the same 6-7 items get restocked, I’m going to be restocking different items throughout the day.

I’m planning on bringing back at least 30 items! Each item may only restock once, so grab what you want and don’t try to plan ahead. Enjoy the mystery! I will be doing a mix of item types (books, wearables, minions, etc) as well as recently restocked and items that haven’t been dusted off in years.

I’m still going to restock it over a 24 period, so people in all time zones can grab an item (or two).

Note: The time restriction for the shop will NOT be changing. Like the original post above says, you'll want to grab what you want and don't try to plan ahead.
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