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January 3, 2019

Arrgh this toy is being very fiddly to make! I was hopings to have it done for Luminaire but when you is starting with a wood kit this takes a long times. But I am thinking now that the nostalgic zasaba is my most delicate works!

Nostalgic Zasaba Instructions
Essence of Melody
Nostalgic Zasaba Toy
The instructions are to be found in the Token Shop for now if you are being quick, but also in the shop of my daughter, Thimble & Co! The Essence of Melody is being found in the Millionaire Center.

Remember, if you are wanting help to build them, come to see me at my workshop, and bring instructions and an Essence of Melody, ya?

Liz the Nightmare Irion has won the Pet Spotlight!

January 2, 2019

January 2019 Collection

Playful Knitted Cat Doll
Cozy Knitted Cat Doll

Craft Room Storage Bin
Scrap Fabric Projects
Bowl of Glacier Colored Yarn
Knit Succulent Candy Jar
Learn a new hobby with this month’s collection from the Cash Shop. Just think about all the comfortable and cozy things you can make with yarn (or have a friend make for you)!

January 2007 Donation Present
January 2008 Donation Present
January 2009 Collection

January 2010 Collection
January 2011 Collection
January 2012 Collection
January 2013 Collection

January 2014 Collection
January 2015 Collection
January 2016 Collection
January 2017 Collection
January 2018 Collection
You can also purchase one of our older January Donation Presents or Collections!

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January 1, 2019

New Year Token

:tada: HAPPY NEW YEAR! :tada:
You will now receive New Year Tokens from completing quests and from Random Events.

We’ll be adding 2019 items to the New Years Shop in the early afternoon today, so keep an eye out for the news post full of new merchandise.

Blood-Filled Hourglass
Orange Chocolate Egg
Stubby Shark Tooth
Apple Filled Fireside Pastry
Golden Candybuttons Beanbag
In addition to New Year Tokens, you have a chance of getting some old holiday themed items from some quests! Complete Alexander’s Quests for old Vesnali restockables, Cinthia’s Quests for trick-or-treat items, Carl’s Quests for pirate goodies, Quentin’s Quests for general old Morostide restockables, and Pete’s Quests for retired Fireside items. <3

New Years Tokens and holiday items will go out via quests until 11:59 on January 16th.

January 2015 Collection
January 2018 Collection
January 2013 Collection
The January Collections will be added to the Cash Shop on January 2nd, so you have another day to grab anything you need from December collections. ;)

Luminaire forums will close at 11:59pm on January 2nd!

Bewitchment the Glacier Harvester has won the Pet Spotlight!

December 31, 2018

It's almost over. I've made it through another year avoiding them, avoiding the chaos, avoiding the awkward smiles, the look on people's faces when you don't act like they'd imagined. I've avoided it all for years. At first it was fine, it was easy. As years go by, traditions seem to grow, people want to see you, give you things. I don't want things. I don't want to sit around under twinkling lights, trying to conjure emotions for eager faces, eyes all on me. I'm a warrior, I can't get that close!

You think you've made it through the holidays unscathed? You've closed yourself off too much and now your small childhood fear has grown into a grotesque caricature of what Luminaire might have been. You've built it up so much that the very idea of sharing a day of love and emotion with other people has become not just too much of an expectation, but a crushing weight of inadequacy and insecurity. The one battle you cannot win.

You don't like exchanging gifts. You don't like the ever-flashing lights on the tree. You cannot stand the smell of gingerbread. Too many people, too much small talk, so much wasted money.
Plate of Gingerbread Charlie Cookies
But Reischen can't escape it. It will keep coming back. You're going to have to help him face it now. You have to try to help Reischen by picking up the Plate of Gingerbread Charlie Cookies from the Cash Shop and defeating Melody's Bag of Horror!

Suspiciously Chittering Helmet will retire on January 1st!

Stela the Glacier Popoko has won the Pet Spotlight!

December 30, 2018

One-Horse Open Sleigh

Ytivan Snow Globe
Festively Glowing Holiday Rogue Cow
Duck And Roll
Giant Luminaire Ribbon
Dawn Sleigh Ride Sticker
Nightmare Potion
What will you grab from this Token Shop restock?

Marshmallow the Chibi Kerubi has won the Pet Spotlight!

December 29, 2018

Forty the Marsh Antlephore has won the Pet Spotlight!

December 28, 2018

Lit Up Tree Time Figurine
Leftover Gift Ribbon
Lit Up Present Time Figurine
Thank you so much again for your help with making Dungarde's and my first Luminaire a truly wonderful one. We've been spending some time going through the packages, and we'll be delivering our thank-you gifts to each person that left a gift under Dungarde's tree as soon as we can. There were rather a lot of you.

Expired Get Mugged Gift Card
Dungarde Robe
You can visit Dungarde at his crypt here, or via the forest entrance at Shadowglen. I believe he'd like to thank you in person if you had the inclination.

Depression the Angel Kumos has won the Pet Spotlight!

The Library is the weekend quest! Do those quests for increased prizes and special rewards!
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