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July 30, 2019

Maniacal Gelatin Goop
Oozing Vial
Hydragellos Maniacal Core
Hydragellos Essence
Memoirs of a Maniacal Gelatin
Battlers! As promised, I've tallied your damage and personally retrieved a Hydragellos Maniacal Core for the 143 of you who came closest to reaching Kain-like levels of excellence (i.e., did 15 mil or more damage to the Hydragellos). I also collected a number of other amazing prizes for the 1919 brave pets who battled the Hydragellos at least once! You can collect your loot right over here!
The darkmatter ontra has been revamped!

Don’t have enough room to add this lovely revamp to your family? You can now purchase 5 new pet slots through the Cash Shop.

Darkmatter not your thing? Check out the other pet color and species we have available with the Subetapedia Colors and Species Reference.
Dentist Dreams
Sink your teeth into this book!

Premier the Spectrum Archan has won the Pet Spotlight!

July 29, 2019

Vanity Hazy Top
Vanity Hazy Shoes
Vanity Hazy Shorts
Vanity Hazy Tank Top
Vanity Muggy Tattoo Ink
Vanity Muggy Shoes
Vanity Muggy Tank Top
Vanity Muggy Pants

Vanity Sizzle Acid Wash Jeans
Vanity Sizzle Tank Top
Vanity Sizzle Top
Vanity Sizzle Boots
Vanity Parch Sandals
Vanity Parch Sunglasses
Vanity Parch Top
Vanity Parch Lounge Pants

Vanity Mist Jacket
Vanity Mist Jeans
Vanity Mist Shoes
Vanity Mist Graphic Top
Vanity Float Bandana
Vanity Float Jeans
Vanity Float Shoes
Vanity Float Tank Top

Vanity Kind Head Scarf
Vanity Kind Shirt
Vanity Kind Capris
Vanity Kind Flats
Vanity Trail Sandals
Vanity Trail Shorts
Vanity Trail Top
Vanity Trail Knot Shirt

Vanity Idle Pants
Vanity Idle Sandals
Vanity Idle Tank Top
Vanity Idle Shawl
Vanity Balmy Sandals
Vanity Balmy Skirt
Vanity Balmy Top
Vanity Balmy Purse
Add some summer pizazz to your wardrobe with one of these new Vanity sets!

Vanity Miss Headpiece
Vanity Delight Shorts
Vanity Kiss Sunglasses
Vanity Quick Jeans
Vanity Cherish Tied Top

Vanity Blossomed Tattoo Ink
Vanity Day Top
Vanity Plan Top
Vanity Art Pants
Vanity Far Jacket
Note: The following old Vanity sets will retire on Sunday August 11th at 11:59pm: miss, delight, kiss, quick, blossomed, cherish, plan, day, far, art. Make sure to grab any pieces you need while you can!
You did it! You drove the Hydragellos out of Subeta! I mean, it took you a week, you left absolutely everything covered in sticky gelatin, and the gelatins will probably just come back next year, but at least we can relax for a little while, huh? As promised, I'll finish tallying your battle damage and get rewards out to you ASAP.

Jeweler the Custom Sun Mahar has won the Pet Spotlight!

July 28, 2019

Oval Photo Mats
Rectangle Photo Mats
Scoop Corner Photo Mats
Square Photo Mats
Geometric Photo Mats

Blue Plastic Frame
Yellow Plastic Frame
Green Plastic Frame
Orange Plastic Frame
Purple Plastic Frame
Red Plastic Frame
Make your HA picture perfect with these new photo mats and frames!

Luminary the Galactic Blob has won the Pet Spotlight!

July 27, 2019

Beach Shack Sticker
Repurposing Seashells
Surfing Chimalma Plushie
Beach Sandwich and Fries
Layered Shell Necklace
Coralback Sand Flea
Get your forum tickets together for these new beach themed items!

Larks the Sweetheart Dragarth has won the Pet Spotlight!

July 26, 2019

Oh dear. Can't even pop over for a holiday on the Omen Islands without causing trouble. I'd been having a chat with Moana in the Antique Shop over in Centropolis and she was talking about this spicy coconut shrimp she loved from back home, and of course I had to go try it! Except it was a bit spicy for me, and I may have had some uh, leftovers. It did almost clear my cold right up, though! For a few days, anyway. I'm glad I didn't eat anything from Babette's…

Spicy Shrimp Curry in a Coconut
So how to go about defeating this one, hmm. I think we'll try luring him out with his own stench. Use this Spicy Shrimp Curry in a Coconut from the Cash Shop and he'll be on the rampage immediately! I really must find a way of making these little problems attack a bit more softly. Maybe next time.

Decadent Cake Slice retires on August 1.

Powerful Enchanted Charm
Taillis Enchanter
Swift Enchanted Charm
Sturdy Enchanted Charm
Looking for a quick boost during the Gelly War? Grab one of these stat boosters from the Cash Shop, though they will leave Sunday night along with the various Gelly Challengers.

Don’t want to spend CSC on boosters? There are boosters out there you can spend sP on, like tomes from The Mage in user shops. You can always try your luck turning in amulets from Quentin to The Mage for a tome or two. Shinwa is also known to give out boosters. <3
Rooftop Pool Photos
Pool Lounge Beanbag
Poolside Platter

Rickety Pier
Shadowglen Beaches
Swimming Ghost
Private pool or spooky beach, which do you choose when it comes to these new quest shop items?

Gadot the Custom Nostalgic Jollin has won the Pet Spotlight!

Cursed Quests is the weekend quest! Do those quests for increased prizes and special rewards!

July 25, 2019

You don't have to be a genius like me to figure out that the loud stomping noise we're all hearing means the gelatin stompers have arrived! However, you may have to be a genius to figure out the components of this new Genetech weapon!
Maniacal Slappy Hand

Zalen the Hydrus Celinox has won the Pet Spotlight!

July 24, 2019

Magic gelatins? I'm sure you guys can handle it. I mean, you're no me, but you all seem relatively competent. Keep up the adequate work!

Note: The Damage Tracker is now live! (It's also linked at the end of the battle menu.) It automatically updates every 15 minutes and displays your total damage plus total battles and damage for each pet.
Heatwaves, summertime, gelly wars: - I think this storm velosotor has the right idea cooling off in the rain! Velosotors love to play in thunderstorms and find the rainfall quite relaxing. Almost like a little pitter-patter massage.
Ugh, now these gelashells are getting their ooze everywhere and it's starting to attract flies. You know I'm not afraid of anything, especially not little flies with their blank red compound eyes and their prickly, filthy little legs and their retractable, flexible proboscises... but I've got some shop inventory that urgently needs counting, so I'll let you take care of all this, okay? Good.

Myrzath the Custom Twilight Tigrean has won the Pet Spotlight!
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