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Dead Poet the Twilight Chai has won the Pet Spotlight!
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Congrats on the Spotlight! Very nice memorial pet. I personally watched Dead Poets Society for the first time during a very difficult period of my life. It was a very profound movie that helped shape me, and to this day, I always remember the lessons it taught. It's definitely a must-watch for anybody who hasn't seen it. Truly, a timeless masterpiece movie.


A bittersweet, but absolutely touching tribute to such a memorable icon and wonderful, wonderful person!

Congratulations <3


Congratulations on the win. I miss seeing new movies with him in it. He definitely always put a smile on my face. As an actor he was the first I mourned and cried for. Definitely watch other movies they are fantastic. (flubber, night at the museum, bicentennial man were my favorites among others)


Thank you everyone. Reading all of your comments about what he meant to all of you is so touching. I'm still moved to tears whenever I think of him being gone but I'm also thankful to have experienced his brilliance in the many roles that he played and through clips of his stand-up comedy ♥️


So touching! I feel such great sadness when I remember that he's gone. Mostly I try to remember to be grateful that he shared himself and his light and laughter with us for a while at least. And to cherish the people around us. (And congrats on the win!)


This is such a lovely tribute. Congratulations on the win - it's well deserved!


Congratulations on the win. I love the tribute. Like Ipsi and Chrysariel and most likely many others, Robin Williams is one of the hardest celebrity deaths I have faced and I still don't watch many of his movies due to it. Dead Poet Society, Aladdin, Hook, Ms. Doubtfire, Good Morning Vietnam, What Dreams May Come... there are so many good roles out there that are so special to me. I'm so thankful to see such a well done tribute.


Congrats! Such a nice tribute profile. Thank you for creating it.

I still have a hard time with his death. It's very difficult to watch his films or other things he was in now because all I can think of is that he's dead. I had never heard of Lewy body dementia before, but what a horrible disease. He is still and will always be missed. I loved his humor, his mind, and his talent. He brought all those into play in his movies, and they impacted a great deal into my life. From Dead Poet Society to Happy Feet, to Mrs. Doubtfire, to Jacob the Liar, to many more. Each very different, but brought to life by him and other talented people. Each one whether comedy or drama, or mixture of genres, were so well made that they demanded and got the varied emotional responses they wanted. At the end of each, whether smiling or crying or a bit of both, all you could say was, "Damn, that was so good!"


When I saw the name I was like "Like from the Dead poet's society?" And it was!

Robin Williams was one of the few celeb deaths that hit me hard

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