The Curator has a minion!

Assistant Curator the Asio

The Curator
Legacy Name: The Curator

The Nostalgic Kumos
Owner: smilesnz

Age: 9 years, 3 months, 2 weeks

Born: January 2nd, 2012

Adopted: 6 years, 8 months, 4 weeks ago

Adopted: July 21st, 2014


  • Level: 26
  • Strength: 45
  • Defense: 38
  • Speed: 37
  • Health: 39
  • HP: 39/39
  • Intelligence: 38
  • Books Read: 30
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Store Manager


The Museum of Subeta is quite small - not yet "on the map" as it were.
The Museum is run by an elderly Nostalgic Kumos - The Curator a.k.a. The Guardian of Antiquities.
The Curator has a preserve all that is ancient, vintage, retro for posterity, so that younger generations of Subetans can know their history, the past...where they came from.
He is aided in this task by the Assistant Curator, who is responsible for recording and cataloguing all new items that come into the Museum.

In human form he dresses an 19th century gentleman, with white/grey hair, sideburns and a goatee. He wears pince-nez glasses on the end of his nose, and, when he is busy, is often found with his jacket off revealing one of his snazzy waistcoats, his pocket watch and chain and silver shirt-sleeve armbands over a striped shirt. Whilst he is obviously quite an elderly fellow, he has brilliant blue eyes that still sparkle with the life when he finds something new and interesting for his museum. Oh, and his assistant is often to be found perched on his shoulder trying to get a look in at what has got the curator so excited amongst all the dust and old tat!

Awesome Chibi by Ilya
......a work in progress - to be continued

DragonLady, January 2nd 2012
Updated February 24th 2012

To Do List:

Treasure Chest from My Precious Gallery
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Pet Treasure

Antique Blonde Dining Table

Vintage Sun Swampie Plushie

Antique Blonde Round Dining Table

Antique Light Round Dining Table

Lockwell Trinket Box

Steamwork Radio

Ventura Trinket Box

Steamwork Telephone

High Wheeler

Vintage Telephone

Vintage Typewriter

Antique Thirteen Hour Clock

Limited Edition Delish Year Glasses

Ancient Kora Figure

Antique Blonde Daybed

Antique Blonde Side Chair

Antique Blonde Parlor Settee

Antique Blonde Chaise Lounge

Antique Blonde Arm Chair

Antique Mild Side Chair

Antique Mild Arm Chair

Antique Mild Fainting Couch

Antique Mild Parlor Settee

Antique Mild Cameo Settee

Antique Mild Chaise Lounge

Antique Light Side Chair

Antique Light Cameo Settee

Antique Light Fainting Couch

Antique Light Parlor Settee

Antique Light Chaise Lounge

Antique Light Arm Chair

Antique Ashen Chaise Lounge

Antique Ashen Fainting Couch

Antique Ashen Side Chair

Antique Ashen Parlor Settee

Antique Ashen Cameo Settee

Antique Ashen Arm Chair

Antique Dark Cameo Settee

Antique Dark Fainting Couch

Antique Dark Chaise Lounge

Antique Dark Parlor Settee

Antique Dark Side Chair

Antique Mild Round Dining Table

Antique Ashen Round Dining Table

Ancient Terracotta Pot

Ancient Black Pot

Ancient White Pot

Ancient Gray Pot

Mostly Restored Antique Vase

Ancient Yellow Pot

White Striped Collar Shirt

Down to Earth Waistcoat

Brass Embellished Waistcoat

Plush Waistcoat

Vintage Donadak Plushie Fair Prize

Autumn Vintage Lain Plushie

Chilly Vintage Lain Plushie

Darling Vintage Lain Plushie

Gray Vintage Lain Plushie

Vintage Twilight Swampie Plushie

Vintage Common Swampie Plushie

Vintage Dusk Swampie Plushie

Vintage Lilac Swampie Plushie

Gingham Vintage Kanis Plushie

Gentleman Vintage Kanis Plushie

Gathering Vintage Popoko Plushie

Rainy Day Vintage Popoko Plushie

Soft Focus Vintage Jollin Plushie

Garden Vintage Jollin Plushie

Minty Vintage Antlephore Plushie

Festive Vintage Antlephore Plushie

Antique Spinning Top

Antique Potters Wheel

Ancient Sheeta Markings

Years Gone By Sepia Yarn

Pet Friends