Josie has a minion!

Mel the Steam Spirit

Legacy Name: Melaleuca

The Custom Nostalgic Kanis
Owner: usagi

Age: 10 years, 3 months, 1 week

Born: February 10th, 2012

Adopted: 10 years, 3 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: February 10th, 2012

Pet Spotlight Winner
June 9th, 2014


  • Level: 1,048
  • Strength: 2,645
  • Defense: 2,646
  • Speed: 2,361
  • Health: 4,047
  • HP: 4,045/4,047
  • Intelligence: 2,315
  • Books Read: 2022
  • Food Eaten: 7181
  • Job: Director of SAI

Profile: usagi
Legacy Name:
bunny domination plotting ; aka notes to self
last updated Nov 2021

Acidic - 16-20 (earth, water)
Destabilizing - 17-23 (mix of icons, 10 water)
Mercurial - medium freeze chance, 10-15 ice
Mutagenic - 15 magma, 50 hp heal
Necrotic - 15 dark, 5% heal (183 hp)

Reverberating - 12-17 dark, defends 10 light
Revivifying - heals 100 hp
Salvonic - 13-23 (fire, magma, light)
Forgerous - 8 (mix)
Sanctifying - defends 2 of mix icons

Dark Death Potion - 15 dark
Dark Life Potion - 11 light, 15 hp heal
Dark ___ Potion - 11

Gelaspell - low freeze, 20-27 (earth, ice, water, air), defends 3-5 earth, ice, air
Morosbane - 40 (light), 300 hp heal
Cobalt Eternal - defends 15 or 75 earth*, ice*, physical, fire*, dark
Gale Force - medium freeze, 37-40 (air, physical, water, earth), 299 hp heal
Shriek of Despair - 85% freeze, defend 75 air, -3% hp (-110)
Psycho Smasher - 75% freeze, 14-22 (dark, ice, light, air), defend 75 ice, -3% hp (-110)

Morosbane (300), Gale Force (299), Necrotic (183), Revivifying (100), Mutagenic (50), Dark Life (15)

Pet Treasure

Vintage White Flowered Lamp

Radish Blossom

Dapper Doctor Vizier Bicorne

Bunched Lily Petal Dress


Lovingly Wrapped Butter Cookies

Flowering Jasmine Tea

Decorative Fish Teapot

White Chocolate Vesnali Cookie

Banana Cream Pieshake

Get Mugged Hazelnut Syrup

White and Gold Skull Corset

Cinnamon Whiteface Teeul Doll


Decorative Rose Cake

Vanilla Bunny Sugar Cookie

Floating Candle Lights

Daisy Flower Pressing

Mille Feuille

Incomplete Calla Lily Carving


Lemon Frozen Flower Pop

Honeysuckle Whipped Spread

Palmier Zentu Ear Pastry

Buttercream Rose Vanilla Cake

Marquesa Rose Signet

Floppy Bunny Plushie

Honey Scented Spring Mist


Box of Dried Jasmine Buds

Vanilla Macarons

Get Mugged Irish Cream Syrup

Sweet Mini Custard

Simple Milk and Coffee

Salmon Wind-Up Key Tea Sandwich

Sweet Lemon Vesnali Cupcake

Kitty Mooshiboi

Rosewater Champagne

Dipped White Chocolate Neela

Luna Treats

Carefully Crafted Rabbit

Cinnamon Coffee Beans

Antique Light Round Dining Table

Pump Bottle of Apricot Syrup

Snuggen Plushie

Carefully Crafted Deer

Box of Dried Lavender Buds

Get Mugged Almond Syrup

Coffee Tinted Egg Beanbag

Rules of Date Night

Oversized Stuffed Puppy

Strawberry Frozen Flower Pop

Rose Macarons

Oversized Stuffed Kitty

Pink Bunner Plushie

Deviled Strawberry

Long-Tailed Kitty Plushie

Rose Scented Spring Mist

Great Bunny Plushie


Tea Party Treat Tray

Bag of Mini Strawberry Biscotti

Dinkle Berry Juice Globe

Beet Tinted Egg Beanbag

Cooling Sorbet

Sweet Strawberry Vesnali Cupcake

Rose Whipped Spread

Pink Passion

Free Hug Coupon Sticker

Lovely Pastel Teapot

Lovely Pastel Creamer

Bottled Rose

Lovely Pastel Saucer

Lovely Pastel Teacup

Dinkle Fizz

Lovely Pastel Sugar Bowl

Lovely Pastel Tea Tray

Sweetheart Cappuccino

Elegant Nouveau Babycino

Pink Lace Kerubi Applique

Pump Bottle of Hazelnut Syrup

Strawberries and Cream Cuddlefish Plushie

Sickly Sweet Bubble Gum

Marshmallow Vesnali Pop

Strawberries and Cream Cake Balls

Blueberry Vanilla Cake Slice

Pink Rose Cake

Strawberry Mini Cake Pop


Strawberry Religieuse

Sweet Cocoa Gift

Fine Aged Coconut Brandy

Porcelain Lace Cream Pot

Porcelain Lace Sugar Bowl

Porcelain Lace Teapot

Extra Fuzzy Candy Panda Plushie

Porcelain Lace Teacup

Porcelain Lace Coffee Pot

The Perfect Tea Party Guide

Soothing Petal Water

Rose Rice Ball

Shengui Guo Cursed Sake

Mint Berry Cocktail

Lilac Scented Spring Mist

Bottled Dreams

Bashful Tonic Fizz

Sweet Grape Vesnali Cupcake

Violet Whipped Spread

Lavender Fizz

Sweet Lavender Water

Buttercream Rose Lavender Cake

Grape Frozen Flower Pop


Special Grape Jam

Antique Blonde Side Chair

Enchanted Aurora Jelly

Snooburb Puff

Snooburb Plushie

Wisteria Witch

Blue Faux Vulpine Stole

Purple Lace Kora Applique


Porcelain Phonograph

Blue Teapot

Silver Lace Cream Pot

Silver Lace Sugar Bowl

Silver Lace Teapot

Silver Lace Teacup

Silver Lace Coffee Pot

Silver Incense Burner

Oversized Stuffed Elephant

Pardice Plushie


Otherworldly Silver Compact

English Breakfast Tea Bag

Too Fluffy White Cat Plushie

Snowy Puff Hair Goop

Gray Purdeflowr Plushie

Triple Frozen Berry Punch

Swirling Galaxy Cocktail

Galaxy Swirl

Violet Flower Pressing

Vintage Blue Flowered Lamp

Elegant Flower Cage

Comtesse Ribbon Signet

Minterific Cake Pops

Blue Bunner Plushie

Antique Light Side Chair

Sweet Blueberry Vesnali Cupcake

Teetering Tiara Cake

Sea Scented Spring Mist

Berry Minty Po

Decorative Peacock Teapot

Young Love Letter

Teal Lace Lain Applique

Incomplete Bluebell Carving

Sapphire Chain Belt

Garden Party Bunny Plushie

SoFierce Fanciful Sky Accent Feathers


Bunched Cornflower Petal Dress

Giant Primrose Beanbag

Frost Bitten Glacier Illumis Cocktail

Oracle Cameo Brooch

Mint Macarons

Enchanted Frozen Bubbly

Silken Ruffled Petticoat

Pastel Box of Macarons

Shifted Sand Spirit Beanbag

Blueberry Mini Cake Pop

Ribboned Celeste Aristocrat Top

Blueberry Tinted Egg Beanbag

Saheric Spiced Tea

Pretty Blue Tea Set

Bag of Mini Blueberry Biscotti

Vanilla Chai Tea Bag

Ruffled Celeste Aristocrat Top

Lovely Classic Teapot

Lovely Classic Creamer

Lovely Classic Saucer

Lovely Classic Teacup

Lovely Classic Sugar Bowl

Lovely Classic Tea Tray

Flowering Ice Cream

Archduchess Stockings


Enchanted Flower Vase

Whiteface Teeul Doll

White Sheer Robe

Mint Sweet Hard Candy

Plum-N-Thyme Sparkling Cocktail

Sweet Vanilla Vesnali Cupcake

Snowrose Garland

Moonbeam Breeze Tea Tin

Silverwork Diamond Brooch


Elegant Nouveau Cappuccino

Lost Bunny Postcard

Spring Yeti

Bottled Pinot Grigio

Lemon and Rosemary Popoko Bread Bun

Moonstruck Mint Snack Mix

Pistachio Macarons

Kiwi Pressed Flower Shortbread Cookie

Sweet Vesnali Tea

Fresh Vesnali Lemonade

Garden Party Kitty Plushie

Green Round Fan

Green Teapot

Buttercream Rose Green Teacake

Pet Friends