Loose Sprocket has a minion!

Lulu the Hummer

Loose Sprocket
Legacy Name: Loose Sprocket

The Steamwork Charlie
Owner: Dragonfish

Age: 11 years, 11 months, 1 week

Built: June 16th, 2012

Adopted: 11 years, 11 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: June 16th, 2012


  • Level: 97
  • Strength: 276
  • Defense: 209
  • Speed: 205
  • Health: 208
  • HP: 208/208
  • Intelligence: 227
  • Books Read: 204
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Copper Wire Braider

Pet Treasure

Single Golden Sprocket

Steam Dance Machine

Archans Roar

Steamwork Wrist Pistol

Steamwork Hunting Gun

Gear Clip

Steamwork Radio

Steamwork Telephone

Steamwork Laptop

Steamwork Calculator

Steamwork Printer

Steamwork S-Pod

Steamwork Guitar

Steamwork Keytar

Ol Blue

Steamwork Illumis Bulb

Repurposed Calipers

Repurposed Voltmeter

Repurposed Steam Whistle

Repurposed Flyball Governor

Repurposed Boiler Clock

Brass Gyroscope

Gaslight Wrench

Crude Components

Simple Components

Brass Rose

Box of Golden Scrap Metal

A Few Loose Screws

Ziara Zeppelin Tours Poster

Ziaran Battles

Ziaran Floating Crystal Lamp

Brass Dirigible Pin

Copper Dirigible Pin

Gold Dirigible Pin

Iron Dirigible Pin

Nickel Dirigible Pin

White and Brown HumbleBumble Plushie

Yellow HumbleBumble Plushie

Lilac HumbleBumble Plushie

Brass Leather Gear Choker

Silver Leather Gear Choker

Gold Leather Gear Choker

Brass Fabric Gear Choker

Silver Fabric Gear Choker

Gold Fabric Gear Choker

Ventura Trinket Box

Lockwell Trinket Box

Autumnal Moth Clasp

Intricate Eyepiece



Dapper Owl Plushie

Mechanicat Plushie

Vulty Plushie

Vulty Claw

Beginning Aviation

Airships to Zeppelins

Dancing with Two Left Feet

Book of Fancy Gears

How to Spend Your Trinkets

Mountains of Monocles

Ringed Owl Companion

Diminutive Owl Companions

Great White Owl Companion

Scout Owl Companion

Antique Revolution Necklace

Portrait of Old Gray

Portrait of Gold

Portrait of Brass

Portrait of Copper

Portrait of Lace

Dapper Calico Kitty Outfit

Dapper Ginger Tabby Kitty Outfit

Dapper Tabby Kitty Outfit

Dapper Tortie Kitty Outfit

Dapper Tuxedo Kitty Outfit

Dapper Apricot Pug Outfit

Dapper Black Pug Outfit

Dapper Fawn Pug Outfit

Dapper Silver Pug Outfit

Dapper White Pug Outfit

Ornate Caged Budgerigars

Ornate Caged Canary

Ornate Caged Cockatiel

Ornate Caged Cockatoo

Ornate Caged Lovebirds

Ornate Caged Owl

Ornate Caged Raven

Ornate Caged Zebra Finches

Esteemed Lords Mask

Crystallized Specialty Mask

Midnight Masquerade Legeica Plushie

Panzer Hydra Bent Brass Piece

Wind-Up Hydra

Steaming Panzer Hydra Sticker

Brass Panzer Hydra Medal


Darkmatter Charlie Plushie

Pet Friends

Coffee Cakes
Best friend!

False Dark
Purple is nice!

Oops! I think this is your bolt! :)