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Legacy Name: DeHavilland

The Steamwork Kumos
Owner: boogleloo

Age: 18 years, 6 months, 4 weeks

Born: December 24th, 2005

Adopted: 18 years, 6 months, 4 weeks ago (Legacy)

Adopted: December 24th, 2005 (Legacy)

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March 13th, 2015


  • Level: 639
  • Strength: 1,597
  • Defense: 1,545
  • Speed: 1,456
  • Health: 1,460
  • HP: 1,460/1,460
  • Intelligence: 1,461
  • Books Read: 1472
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Tribune Investigative Journalist

Every time Mother dragged me into town for yet another fitting at the modiste, we would always pass The Steamworks Menagerie. Never heard of it? Well, it's THE shop for those interested in invention, flying and all things Steamworks, which have long been a not-so-secret passion of mine.

But of course, Mother never lets me go in, stating that as peculiar as I already am, being seen inside would most certainly drive away any eligible gentlemen; men do NOT marry bluestockings, dear. And while I could care less about marrying, it's important to Mother, so I settled for simply peering into the front window.

That is, until I was reading the Tribune and saw the notice that Victoria Ventura was going to be discussing building her propeller-driven aircraft at The Steamworks Menagerie tomorrow. I had been dreaming of attending one of her lectures for months but with the way Mother felt, I didn't even try broaching the subject with her.

I knew that this was something I couldn't miss but with only a day to plan, I'd need some serious luck to pull it off. I didn't dare risk asking Mother, for she would surely say no and then she'd be tipped off. My plan had to work, as I just couldn't miss out on seeing my idol.

First off, I needed a disguise, and I figured dressing as a boy was my only option if I really wanted to pull off this caper without Mother or anyone else finding out. I knew just who could get me kitted out: Mrs. Fitzpatrick, our housekeeper. Her nephew, Billy, worked in the stables and we're about the same size, so a pair of his trousers, a shirt, coat and cap would definitely do the job.

My plan was to take advantage of Mother's propensity to fly into the boughs, which could then only be calmed by her special restorative - a restorative comprised basically of her favorite Souchong tea liberally dosed with laudanum, guaranteed to send Mother to the land of Nod for several hours afterwards. So if I could manage to set Mother off into hysterics, I could safely gain a couple of hours of freedom.

Next up was creating a worthy enough bumblebroth, and that was going to be a bit tricky. While finishing up my morning fast I saw our maid, Tilly, coming out of Father's study. It was her job to clean the fireplaces and as I watched her haul a sooty bucket of coal away, inspiration struck and I thought of the perfect scheme. I would introduce Mother's Persian cat, Princess, to said bucket of coal and let the hijinks ensue.

So the next morning, with my borrowed disguise tucked safely away, I impatiently sat with Mother in her morning room for a coze. I had pretty much tuned her out, as she was going on and on in exhausting detail on why Mrs. Fortner's hat was the most awful thing she'd ever seen. It seemed she felt that not only were the peacock feathers inappropriate for a woman of Mrs. Fortner's age but they were too ostentatious for the wife of Viscount's eldest son.

I was about to expire from boredom, when Princess finally found the sardines I'd tucked into the coal bucket I'd had Tilly leave beside the fireplace. Princess, playing her part perfectly, tipped the bucket over on not only herself but all over Mother's prize oriental. She then exceeded my every expectation and leapt onto the divan, then tried to curl up on Mother's lap, which, as I had hoped, sent Mother into sixes and sevens.

As Princess and the coal bucket were removed to the kitchen and Mother retired to her room, I had Cook prepare Mother's restorative, then I personally took the tea tray to her room. When she finished her toilette, I sat with her until she drank a cup of tea. Afterwards, using a megrim as an excuse, I made my escape to my room and changed into my borrowed boys clothes.

Thankfully they fit nicely enough, although I had to cinch in the waist of the trousers with length of ribbon and roll the legs and sleeves qite a bit. Only thing is, I had completely forgotten about shoes, but I decided a pair of my riding boots would have to sufice. Then it was just a matter of getting all of my hair tucked up under the cap.

After tucking in a final curl, I tiptoed down the hall and poked my head into Mother's room to make sure she was indeed sleeping. I was exceeding relieved to see her reclined on her velvet chaise, hearing her not-so-genteel snoring. With a soft sigh, I knew it was safe to leave.

Making my way down the front stairs, I assured Harris, our butler, that I would return before Mother awoke and then slipped out the front door. I couldn't quite believe it and kept looking over my shoulder but I'd done it. Now that I had escaped my mother's ever-watchful eye I had to make the most of it as I wouldn't have the chance again soon.
Having made my way across town with little trouble, I was almost giddy with excitement as I approached The Steamworks Menagerie. Just as I reached the door, I heard a man's voice call out to hold the door. Turning, I couldn't believe who it was: Garret Fox and trailing behind him, Jules Yun.

Standing there agape as the two of them approached, all I could think of was Mother saying what a rake Fox was and that Yun was truly a Corinthian of the first order and a great catch for some lucky girl. Bounder or nabob and regardless of the fact they were both quite handsome, to me they were two of the most exciting and intellectual men on Atebus.

Cork-brained, I numbly held the door open as the two entered the shop. It wasn't until Garret Fox turned back, thanked me and flipped a Steamworks Trinket my way in payment that I managed to gather my wits. Catching the trinket, I self-consciously tugged my cap down and crossed the threshold into the shop.

I was amazed by the wonder that was The Steamworks Menagerie. Not only did the shop have a wide array of very fashionable clothes but they also carried the latest books and a wide variety of steamwork curiosities. Pulling myself away from a very interesting book, A Few Loose Screws, which I was really going to have to come back and purchase, I headed toward the back of the shop where the crowd was gathering.

Wanting to keep out of sight, I searched for a good place to stand in the back of the crowd and finally wedged slightly behind a large potted plant. That's when I saw her, Victoria Ventura, standing next to the small stage at the front, giving Jules Yun a hug and then companionably punching Garret Fox in the arm. It was nice to see the trio so friendly and it made me hope that I too might someday find such friends.

Then, stepping onto the stage, Victoria placed the book she'd been holding down onto the lectern and, clearing her throat, introduced herself, as if everyone in the room didn't already know who she was. She began speaking about how she built her latest aircraft. It wasn't long before I realized the book she was referencing must be the infamous Mechanics Of Wondrous Contraption.

It had been passed to her by her uncle Marcel Martinez, who - in case you forgot - went crazy several years back, and caused all that trouble during the Masquerade. The book contained generations of mechanical know-how and insight and had recently, if rumors were correct, been insured for quite a sum.

While Miss Ventura was sketching on the blackboard the solar energy system she'd devised, something caught my attention towards the left side of the gloomy stage. Peering around a rather rotund gentleman, I spied a man in all black and what appeared to be a black Domino mask. How odd, while doning a mask to the Masquerade Ball was required, it was rather particular to see someone wearing one here.

Before I could cry an alarm, the stranger shot out of the shadows, pulled the pistol he'd been hiding from inside his coat and jumped onto the stage. Brandishing the revolver he strode to the podium, swept up the Mechanics Of Wondrous Contraption and boomed in a deep, gravelly voice, "Martenez's Wyrmgear shall rise again!"

The filcher then shot twice into the ceiling hitting the massive glittering chandelier. In the resulting chaos of everyone tried to escape the descending mass of metal and crystal shards, the villain leapt from the platform and ran through the scattering crowd. As the dust began to settle, I saw both Garret Fox and Jules Yun were bobbing and weaving their way across the debris field racing after the thief.

As the scoundrel fled his pursuers, I noticed a piece of paper lying on the ground in front on the stage. Seeing that Mr.’s Fox and Yun were mightily occupied giving chase to the pick purse and fearing that a possible clue might be lost, I gingerly made my way across the floor. Using my handkerchief, I gently picked up a torn scrap of paper by the edge and saw what appeared to be letterhead of some kind on one side and an address scribbled on the other. Folding the linen over to protect it, I knew this was an important clue.

Searching the room for Miss Ventura, I spotted her standing amongst a group of gentlemen. Gathering my courage I made my way over. That's when I noticed that one of the group, she was speaking to was Inspector Thorpe. Not wishing to bring the Inspector's attention my way, for fear of my disguise being discovered, I impatiently waited until his attention was elsewhere. I then quietly approached Miss Ventura, handed over the evidence and explained how I had come by it.

As she was examining the paper, a disheveled Mr.’s Fox and Yun made their way over stating they'd lost the bounder in late afternoon traffic. Fearing discovery and knowing I could not spare any more time I stealthily stepped back, turned and slowly walked away. Just as I reached the front of the shop, I heard Miss Ventura call out to Thorpe that they had to hurry for she knew where to find the filcher as the address was for a little used dirigible landing zone on the edge of the city.
Glancing at my timepiece, I put on some speed knowing it was likely that I was already caught but I was not giving up hope quite yet. As I raced along the streets all I could think about was how much I would have loved to stay and see what happened next but it just was not meant to be. Regardless I was proud to have had some small part in catching the thief.

Out of breath and not a little sweaty, I finally made it to my street. Slowing to a more moderate pace, I took a moment to look around and make sure that there was no one about and after seeing that the coast was indeed clear, I approached my brownstone. Knowing I didn't dare enter through the front door, I made my way around back and through the rickity garden gate.

Cook must have been keeping eye out as the door was opened as I approached. Bustling me in, Cook clucked her tongue at my appearance and waved me up the back stair, stating Mother had just sent down word to have a tray of tea and her favorite peppermint swirl cookies sent to the front parlor in advance of her afternoon tea guests so I had best hurry and make myself presentable.

With little time to spare, I dashed up the stairs, down the corridor and through the door to my room. Quickly discarding my borrowed disguise, I hastily washed and changed into the blue sprigged gown, Mother's favorite, Tilly had laid out for me. With only moments to spare, I attacked my hair and managed to tame it into somewhat suitable coif, tying it back with a bit of ribbon and winged my way downstairs.

I somehow managed to get through the rest of the afternoon and evening without any major blunders and finally retired to my room for the evening. All I could think about was what had happened and wonder if they had caught the thief or not. After a fitful night’s sleep, I roused myself, hurriedly dressed for the day and made my way down to breakfast hoping that there would be some news of yesterday's events in the paper.

Entering the dining room, I saw that I had as usual not beaten Father to the paper. Giving him and Mother a kiss on the cheek each as I passed their chairs, I took my seat and after pouring a cup of tea asked in what I hoped was off handed way if there was any news. Father folded the paper over and while stroking his moustache exclaimed that there had been an incident at the Steamworks Menagerie yesterday.

He then went on to say that a former assistant of Marcel Martinez had stolen Martinez's book from Victoria Ventura with the crazy notation on rebuilding the Wyrmgear and then using it to wreak havoc all over Ziara City in some insane revenge scheme. But thankfully he was caught trying to flee the city in a dirigible, due to what the paper said was the invaluable assistance of an anonymous citizen. This set Mother onto a rant about all things Steamworks.

Fearing that it would wind around to me, I sent a pleading look towards Father. With a wink to me, he shooed me from the room. As I exited, to the low rumble of Father's voice and mother's titter and knew that, if only for a little while, my hobby was safe. Heading upstairs to my workroom, I determined that I would have to keep my part in the capture of the filcher secret forever. With a sigh, I turned my thoughts toward my latest project, a clockworks radio for Father.

But it seemed fate had a different plan altogether. For it was later that afternoon, as I was replacing a bent spring into the back of the radio, when there came a knock. Calling out an absent come in, I turned to see Tilly, who said I was needed downstairs. Distractedly I inquired the reason and with a slight stutter she said that I had a guest awaiting. Slightly confused as I wasn't expected anyone, I let her know that I would be right down.

About halfway down the stairs, I was surprised to see Father looking up at me. Feeling a little alarmed, I hurried down the remaining stairs. But he simply gathered me in his arms for a hug and assured me quietly that everything was fine and that he was very proud of me. Completely betwixted by his behaviour, I started to ask him what he meant by that when he spun me around and pushed me through the sitting room doorway.
It was then that I realized just who had come to tea. It was none other than Victoria Ventura. After numbly shaking Miss Ventura's hand, I listened as she explained that she had enlisted the help of the Steamworks Menagerie shop clerks to uncover my identity. Using my handkerchief, which I had completely forgotten had my initials on it, they were able to track me down using my signed store reciepts.

Miss Ventura assured me that she would not be going public with the information, she simply had wanted to know why I had dissappeared. Winking Mother's way, who hrrumphed at her cheek, Miss Ventura stated she could well understand why I had been in disguise. She then leaned down and reached into her satchel and pulled out a lovely box and a tube of paper.

Handing them to me, she explained that as a reward for my invaluable service I was to take the schematics and the box contents to Isaac Yun at Full Steam Ahead, where he would build me my very own Steamworks pet. In a state of shock, I tried to tell her that this was too much.

Taking my hand and gently squeezing it, she said that since she could well afford it, I was to take it and enjoy it. Assuring her that I would treasure the gifted pet, Miss Ventura smiled triumphantly. Overwhelmed, I was only half listening to the conversation, that is until Miss Ventura asked about the displayed steamwork pieces.

Moving to the curio cabinet, I explained that many of the pieces had been made by Father, who protested saying that his were simple trinkets and that the real works of art were created by me. Intrigued Miss Ventura, asked to examine several different pieces, in particular she seemed taken with the Mecha-melifera.

Clearly interested, I took the chance and told her about the clockworks radio I was building for Father. Miss Ventura immediately wanted to see the piece, so with a brief look at Mother, who rolled her eyes and waved me out, I lead Miss Ventura up the stairs to my workroom. Once inside, I swept aside the oily rag I had left on the counter and showed her my current project.

After reviewing the notes in my journal and turning the clocksworks piece this way and that, Miss Ventura said that she was very impressed with my work. Preening over the compliment, I almost missed it when she asked if I would like to apprentice with her. Utterly floored, as she had never taken on an apprentice before, I stutteredly asked if she was sure. Laughing softly, Miss Ventura said yes of course she was sure.

With my heart about to burst I pratically shouted yes. Then I remembered Mother, after explaining the situation Miss Ventura assured me that she would set things straight. Back downstairs, she spoke to Mother and Father about her offer. Stating that I would be circulating amongst the most famous and wealthy of Atebus society and that that would be the key to not only future success but to only the best possible marriage prospects.

Seeing the calculating look in Mother's eye, I silently thanked Miss Ventura's brilliance. After gaining my parents approval, we arranged to meet for luncheon the next day at the Libertine Lounge to go over the specifics of my apprenticeship. Stating she would see me then, Miss Ventura gathered up her satchel, shook my hand, thanked my parents and walked out the front door.

It's been a twelvemonth since that day and I'm still in awe over how much my life has changed. Working with Vic, as she demanded I call her, taught me so me things and most of them had nothing to do with steamworks. After my apprenticeship, I received severel offers including one from Yun Enterprises, which was very hard to decline. But in the end I decided to put out my own shingle.

For Mother, who never thought it was proper for a woman to work much less run her own business, this all took some time. But with everyone's help, Mother has since become my biggest supporter. What started as a lark to see a hero, opened up the world. My idol became a friend, I've earned success with work I love, and gained the respect of my mother, which I never thought to have.

Life couldn't be better. Oh, and I am a little surprised to say that I just might be able to grant Mother's most frevent wish, my marriage to a more than suitable gentleman. Who knew the key to finding the "one" was not only doing all the things Mother always admonished me not to do like going to The Steamworks Meagerie but some that she never dreamed I would attempt like wearing boys clothing.

But I'm in no real hurry, I'm more than busy, speaking of which, I believe DeHavilland is ready for a walk. When you next come to tea, be sure to remind me to tell you about the discovery I helped uncover in the Galaxian Wastelands, it was quite history changing. Give your parents my love, oh and don't forget to take your new steamworks Mechanicat, I hope your brother enjoys it. Good afternoon.
A Steamworks Life

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