Legacy Name: Idril

The Silver Montre
Owner: Idaho

Age: 8 years, 4 months, 3 weeks

Born: September 4th, 2012

Adopted: 5 years, 5 months, 5 days ago

Adopted: August 22nd, 2015


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed


Not many are fortunate enough to experience love, let alone those who live as long as I. My father often spoke of my mother with the air of love, but there was little recognition of the emotion on his face between the hardened lines of sadness and loss. Since my mother died on our journey through the Helcaraxë, I had yet to find the love my father so flippantly spoke of regarding her. I was beginning to think love was but a mortal emotion, one not given to those of immortal disposition due to its fleeting nature. I had experienced pain, the loss of one I had once considered loved, but that pain had faded over the years into a dull memory of sadness. Those long years between my mother's death and the meeting of Tuor had hardened my heart into the belief that love could not exist for me, an Elven princess with only her father left to care for. But all of that had changed within a single glace, a shared eye that stopped my heart before rushing it into a frenzied song. The son of Huor had caused my heart to love, something I had never believed I was able to experience.

Tuor had come from hardship, the moments of his mortal life cascading into legend as he stood in front of my father's court, proclaiming his mission and speaking in the voice of the Lord of Water and words of Ulmo. He spoke of Morgoth, and his increased threat to Gondolin. But Maeglin, my father's sister's son, spoke ill of Tuor and argued with him, his words coming with hisses and spits. My father ignored the will of Maeglin and invited Tuor to stay in Gondolin, despite ignoring Ulmo's advice to flee to the sea. I remember little of the argument, my heart rejoicing at finding the one who could awaken such joy within it. My eyes had followed the curves of Tuor's face, taking in his mortal lines and eye that, if I had not known his lineage, would have spoken the words of hundreds of years of knowledge.

After my father dismissed the court and we were free to amble about the gardens, Tuor came to me and confessed his adoration, proclaiming be the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes upon. I returned his profession, his unique ruggedness and obvious signs of mortality catching my eye. We walked together, my hand on his arm in delicate fashion as we spoke of his prophecy and the part Gondolin had to play.

We spent many months like this, touring the gardens or the halls regally. Maeglin, my once constant companion and friend, began to treat me ill due to my choice of companionship and refused to speak to me about Tuor. I felt abandoned by my oldest friend, one who I had shared my innermost thoughts with. Maeglin began to pester my father more and more, his words planting seeds of doubt in my father's mind. Fear of treason began to make him paranoid, and he closed to gates of Gondolin to visitors. It was after this act that Tuor came to me, making clear his wishes to make me his wife. I accepted, but only on the grounds that my father too accepted the union. Thankfully luck was on our side and we were wed, the feast merry and food splendorous. But I could see, at the edge of the crowd, Maeglin slip into the shadows with an expression of hatred upon his immortal face.

I became burdened with the spoils of our love soon after our marriage, and gave birth to a boy we called Eärendil. Little did I know that my once-friend Maeglin, incensed at my union with the mortal man Tuor, rebelled against my father and left the safety of the mountains. He was taken, and we later discovered that he was given word by Morgoth that he could have my hand if he revealed the location of Gondolin to the tyrant.

I would not have known of this encounter if Maeglin had not returned changed, his manners portraying a man that had little cares. It was as if he had been taken by some strange magic, and this caused great unease in my heart. His strange return and my father's spiraling superstitions caused me to contract the building of a tunnel out of Gondolin, worried that my husband's prophecy sat upon the horizon and would bring doom to us all if there was no chance for escape. My suspicions were verified when the hosts of Morgoth surrounded Gondolin, and Maeglin counseled my father against retreat into the mountains. Although my husband called Maeglin traitor and argued that we run, my father held a place in his heart for Maeglin and trusted his council. We left the court in tears, Tuor concerned for the people of the city now that my father had sentenced us to die at the hands of the intruders. As we left the chamber and continued to our own, Morgoth's forces slammed into the city, their power more than the weakened walls of Gondolin could take. My cousin ran from my father's court and came upon us; Maeglin tore from me my infant son and threatened to throw him from the city walls, his eyes wild as he held Tuor's seed in his hands. But my husband was a fighter, a warrior of man, and he defeated Maeglin in a short but vicious battle. His body fell from the city's wall, his screams of terror mixing with a macabre laugh that gurgled in his throat.

We ran across the city's wall, our hearts leaping in our chests as we rallied all we could to escape Gondolin through my secret way. My father, stubborn old fool that he was, remained in Gondolin to fall as it did, his pride and heart tattered from the betrayal of my cousin. We escaped as Gondolin fell, the lives of the few we could gather precious as the city burned behind us. But our road, although plagued with trouble as we traveled to the West, would prove better for the future than if we had stayed in Gondolin to burn.

My husband and I became the leaders of the Elven exiles, taking our rest at the Mouths of Sirion where we settled to raise our son. As Tuor grew old I departed with him into the West, arriving in Valinor to live in each other's company for eternity.


Idril and her story was adopted from Tennie Thank you so much!

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