Artwork has a minion!

Leonardo the Artikat


The Angel Popoko
Owner: Stacie

Age: 7 years, 1 month, 2 weeks

Born: September 30th, 2012

Adopted: 2 years, 1 month, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: September 16th, 2017


  • Level: 7
  • Strength: 11
  • Defense: 11
  • Speed: 15
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 8
  • Books Read: 8
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Kennel Cleaner

Artist extrodinaire! And best tour guide to the boot from one of the most elegant city Art Museums in the nation! Artwork (or known as Angela) is a lover of all fine things artistic and creative. From the beautiful serene paintings to the well detailed and chisled statues. Growing up with it all her life shes found a real knack to set herself apart from the rest. And how so? Oh just with the blood of rude attendees and beautifully sculpted bones. Having suffered a psychosis break as a young woman, shes perfected her art of bone sculpturing for years. And is always on the look out for a beautiful new skull to adorn -- yours looks rather lovely actually. Care for a trip to the museum?

Pet Treasure

Bad Taxidermy Fox

The Foundering Vessel - Typhoon Coming On off the Delphi Beach Print

Dapper So Fantastic Painting

The Dillema Replica Sculpture

Painted Songbird

Bold Ornamented Fox Mask

Dark Ornamented Ram Mask

Fierce Ornamented Ram Mask

Esteemed Ladys Mask

Red Elegant Feathered Masquerade Mask

Dark Elegance

Deadly Eyeliner

Killer Lipstick

Surgically Clean Bandage

Bloodstain Removal

The Art of Lung Shui

Grave Reminder

Torn Blood Stained Fabric Patch

Torn Blood Stained Strip of Fabric


Suspicious Plastic Bag

Paint-Splattered Bodice

Bloodied Green Handkerchief

Bloodred Gloves

Bloodred Knee Socks

Bloodred Hunting Knife

Pet Friends