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Nahaan the Celebrear

Legacy Name: Nyth

The Glade Anyu
Owner: Alysse

Age: 8 years, 1 day

Born: October 28th, 2012

Adopted: 7 years, 10 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: December 19th, 2012

Pet Spotlight Winner
December 7th, 2015


  • Level: 12
  • Strength: 24
  • Defense: 20
  • Speed: 20
  • Health: 20
  • HP: 20/20
  • Intelligence: 10
  • Books Read: 10
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Sprout Tender

Majestic cedars tower over thick green undergrowth that has almost completely obscured the rich black earth of the forest floor. The trunks of the ancient trees are all coated in a fuzzy layer of moss. Dogwood trees flourish here, thriving in the shade provided by much taller tree cousins.

Leafy fronds shudder with delight at Nyth's passing. Mortal creatures often make the mistake of thinking trees a lesser life form with no more perception than a rock. Even the most stunted acacia tree clinging to life in the desert recognizes the presence of a good spirit. Nyth allows them to share their joy in cool rain and snug roots for just a moment before sending out a wave of serenity that stills the waving branches. She has not been to this section of forest in some time. She expects such a welcome but will not allow her precious plants to waste energy that will be needed in the winter months to come.

It is high summer and the dogwoods are in full bloom. She selects branches for her crown with care, taking from those trees overburdened with blossoms and healing separation of branch from trunk with a touch of her hands. Those blooms she finds on the ground are revitalized with gentle fingers, finding a new growing place on her pale body where they will thrive until their natural season of growth comes to an end.

The faint smell of wood smoke catches her attention. The bear skin pieces she wears at hands and feet are her connection to her spirit form, allowing her to sink painlessly into the shape of a great kermode bear with silky white fur. She lumbers in the direction of the unwelcome scent with a small growl. Fire is not often a threat in a forest where every leaf and twig drips with moisture but it is an ancient fear of every forest dweller to be caught in an infernal blaze.

The small ring of rocks used to contain the campfire is still warm though the flames have been extinguished. The scent of man hangs heavy on the air though no human is in sight. Nyth remains hidden behind a line of spruce trees, listening unhappily to the chatter of the squirrels above. They are outraged that their little ones must breathe such foul odors. Nyth quests with her power, seeking out the babies who are healthy and impatient to get outside and play. Squirrels are well known to over exaggerate but in this, Nyth cannot help agreeing with their view. Humans are a source of danger.


They were unknown to this great forest until very recently. They came in small groups, settling on the shore of the distant river and taking only a few fish and fowl to satisfy their hunger. The creatures of the forest were content to live in peace with these odd furless wonders until they began to come in ever larger groups, taking more than the river could provide and leaving filth until their source of water was so choked that not even the bottom feeders could tolerate the flavor of the water. Where people settled, death always seemed to follow.

The humans made Nyth uneasy, but did not concern her greatly at first. They had no interest in her green world where the greatest treasure to be found was the occasional blackberry bush heavy with fruit. It was not until they started blowing holes in the mountains that Nyth really took notice.

Her beloved animals woke at dawn to the fearful sound of explosions in the far distance. They came to her trembling, telling of the ruin of a valley that had stood untouched for centuries. Over the next few weeks the ground became a sludgy pit of mud as great carts hauled piles of dirt out of newly opened mines. Men were willing to destroy one thousand forest families for the sake of a few gold flakes.

It pained Nyth greatly to feel the terror of the dying trees on the western flank of her forest. She sent out waves of reassurance to those plants and animals she could not save, giving an iron will to those trees fighting the dreaded axe. Many would fall regardless, but men came to remark on how resilient trees were in that area. They tired of water dripping into their tents at all hours and stumps that would not come out of the ground for a team of mules. Prospects were more exciting to the west and the forest was once again left to creatures of fur and feather. Nyth was overjoyed when she could no longer sense any human presence but deep down she worried that the peace of her forest could never fully be restored, now that these foul creatures had set eyes on it.


Nahaan comes to his feet with a small gasp as the great white bear pauses to study the remains of his cook fire. Her massive head turns at the sound, intelligent black eyes locking him in their gaze.

The beads in his hair click together gently as he takes a cautious step forward. The pale people would call him an ignorant savage, but this is his test and he must face it with courage if he ever hopes to contribute to the hunt and take a bride. For three days he has attempted to locate his own spirit animal. Squirrels taunted him from above and fish wriggled out of his grasp to make their escape. He had honestly begun to wonder if the elders were making it all up. Should he create a story of a great porcupine and present the quill he'd found by chance beside the waterfall where he'd gone to drink? Did it really matter?

He is rather glad the quill fell out of his bag at some point during the long night. Seeing a true spirit in the flesh, he realizes he would have made a fool of himself.

The spirit sees every move he makes. She is imposing yet shows no sign she means him harm. Nahaan works the feather free from his braid, one plucked from the tail of a grouse on the day of his birth. He lays it between the bear's massive paws with a respectful bow.

"Great Spirit, I ask you to accept this token of Nahaan who begs you to give some small token in return. I ask to take my name after you and form the Great Bear Clan."

Sweat trickles between his bare shoulders as she continues to stare at him fearlessly. Nyth does not know what to make of this young human. He has the stench of his kind, yet it is mingled with the sweet perfume of crushed spruce needles and his dark face is clean of hair.

"Great Spirit, I wish no harm to this forest. My people are protectors of the land and we will die to keep the pale invaders from doing any more harm to our Great Mother Spirit. I am unworthy of your blessing, but if you will let me serve you, I will honor your children for all of my days and leave offerings of fish at the full moon. I will dedicate my life to the bear and any man who wishes to do my animal cousins harm will soon taste the tip of my spear at his throat."

He stared in wonder as her form rippled and changed to that of a very beautiful woman with dogwood blossoms in her hair. She gave her head a mournful shake, pointing to his spear to emphasize her displeasure. He promptly threw it to the ground.

"Let it sink back to the earth from which it came, then. I will do nothing to displease a goddess. Only give me some token of your good will and I will find a way to make peace with the pale ones. Somewhere deep down, they are people too."

She plucked a bloom from her dress, breathing on it gently so that it would never wilt or lose its petals. Another breath lifted it to the wind to float gently into his outstretched palm. He stroked one delicate petal with the utmost care, looking up at her with awe and longing. A thong at his neck had a knot prepared to accept the token that would not lose contact with his body until the day he died.

He looked down only for a moment to secure the blossom in place. When he raised his eyes, he was once again alone and the stones around his dead fire had all gone cold.

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