Glow Worm has a minion!

Kia the Aura

Glow Worm
Legacy Name: Glow Worm

The Nostalgic Illumis
Owner: Kyocera

Age: 10 years, 9 months, 3 weeks

Born: November 29th, 2012

Adopted: 10 years, 9 months, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: November 29th, 2012


  • Level: 5
  • Strength: 15
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 5
  • Books Read: 3
  • Food Eaten: 29
  • Job: Register Clerk

Owned CWs


Jagged Morbid Branch
Lightened Dragon Bubble
Galactic Wreathed Stone Path
Petal Filled Bottle
Hopeful Marble
Magical Book of Wonder
Frosty Snow Frame
Cut-It-Out Homemade Border Stencil
Golden Handmade Wreath Of Friendship
Rainbow Prism Moon of the Leaping Odango Bunny
Rosequartz Handmade Wreath Of Friendship
Monochrome Moonlit Flying Fairy
Shiba Inu Monochrome Sakura Wreath
Rainbow Spotlight
Evil Crystal Mirror
Fairy Castle Day Memento
Fall Garden Gate
Floating Frenchman
Tattered Photo of Smog Invasion
Budding Dawn Flower
Shot of Dwindling Light
Enchanting Portrait of the New Moon
Squirrelys Offtime Saloon
Bucolic Water Pump
Memories of the Evergreen Garden
Spring Garden Gate
Modern Art Piece
Bottled Moonlight
Deserted Island Cove
Frozen Snowflake
Sunlit Fairy Mushrooms
The Old Basement Key
Relaxing Jacaranda
Will-o-Wisp of Nightmares
Autumn of Lost Love
The Wayward Squirrel
Swinging Lovebirds
Clump of Blood Covered Snow
Subway Token Memento
Invitation to the Midnight Ball
Dirty Cloth Covered Crate
Mysterious Ocarina
Remnants of the Fallen Sky
Traveling Black Cat Companion
FurFoot Inn
Lively Photograph
Sandy Fish Hook
Sunset Wood Guide
Vine Wrapped Tree Branch
Sliver of Mossy Bark
Flowers of Eden
Spring Tree Swing
Clod of Moorland Dirt
Blooming Church Rubble
Stolen Islander Pots
Stolen Castle Candle
Comfy Window Seat
Tattered Train Ticket
Rope and Rainbow Bridge


New Years Boxed Princess Gown
Saheric Ornamental Egg Draped Fabric
Essence of Death
Underground Belts
Peach Scented Body Blush
Slate Steampunk Corset Dress Lace Bustle
Steampunk Corset Dress Lace Bustle
Ginger Paint
Hidden Legacy Hooded Tunic
Assassins Leather Armor


Pentastic Pants
Minty Pink But Shy Favorite Boots
Rebellious Outlaw Stompers
Rebellious Gambler Stompers
Cute Memory Of A First Kiss Leggins
Rural Pocketed Bass
Eggshell Pocketed Bass
Cool Pocketed Bass
Red Suck-it-in Shorts
Brown Suck-it-in Shorts
Suck-it-in Shorts
Lacerated Skinny Jeans


Confident Squirrely Autumnal Tied Tee
Chunky Lamb Plush Purl
Deceitful Diamond Polishing Cloth
Simple Sleepy Sheep Sweater
Purrfect Cozy Bunny Threads
Flourishing Sunset Wrapped Ice Cream Pop
Charming Mailbox To My Heart Garment
Dandy Lamb Plush Purl
Flimsy Neapolitan Kitten Fabric
Wrapped Lovers Silk
Ivory Vintage Dress
Playhouse Dolly Dress
Return of Love Kimono
Elven Governess Picnic Dress
Raven Picnic Dress
Travertine Picnic Dress
Mysterious Black Scraps of Fabric
Magic Lantern Corset Dress
Fabulous Floral Dress Fabric
Modern Stained Glass Corset
Oceanic Stained Glass Corset
Vintage Rose Dress Box
Flowing Charcoal Lacy Dress
Spiraling Silver Corset
Style File Mauve Intricate Sheer Dress
Style File Intricate Sheer Dress
Black Skull Shirt Cutting Kit
White Skull Shirt Cutting Kit
Deluxe Lace Party Dress
Teal Sheer Ruffle Top
Delicate Beaded Dress


QTPie Sakura Blush
Cute as a Button Nose Light Pin Wool Figure
Eyebrows of Sassiness Billboard
Eyebrows of Fondness Billboard
Innocent Blushing Kitty Squint
Natural Cutesy Bunny Lipstick
Ancient Alien Queen Makeup
Liquid Liner and Mascara Combo
Undead Effects Makeup Kit
Pot of Drowned Souls
Pot of Malicious Souls
Delicate Lotus Makeup
Ancient War Paint
Longlasting Lobotomized Look
Cute Gothic Brush


Blanched Kitty Sneakers
Brown Hop-Along Boots
Posh Playful Lace-ups
My Stormy Heels
My Rosy Heels
Charcoaled Mid Heel Oxfords
Tan Ribbon Laced Heels
Cinnamon Ribbon Laced Heels
Midnight Plaid Kitty Mary Janes
Style File Studded and Spiked Boots
Coal Dungeon Boot


Blep Bomb Companion
Darkness Flashlight Filter
Lunar Lights of Friendship
Galactic Frosted Ornamental Frame
Painting of Fading Colors
Insta-Garden Kit
Sunset Instant Photos
Auspicious Koi Companion
Spilled Ball of Paper
Morning Glory Border
Broken Bulb of Galactic Matter
Corner Punch
Flowers of Time
Onyx Butterfly Frame
Bronze Butterfly Frame
Engraved Sunstone
Black Edition Dramatic Light Catalog
Broken Window Glass
Well-Loved Photograph
Rose-Tinted Glasses
Sample From A Misty Forest
Garnet Camera Filter
Wing Beats of the Remembered
Cracked Stardust Vial
Bottled Sunlight Rays
Cracked Udometer
Flutterby Friends
Occupied Branch
Precious Puppy Doll
Keeper of the Forest Companion


Magic Hazelnut Yo-Yo
Playful Lil Tortie Companion
Plain Shrubbery
Peekaboo Shrubbery
Autumn Peekaboo Shrubbery
Flowering Peekaboo Shrubbery
Vase of Seductive Red Roses


Coffee Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Pastel Sanguine Strands
Dusty Pink Sanguine Strands
Steel Blue Sanguine Strands
Gemini Bunnamon Locks
Afterglow Bunnamon Locks
Peachy Bunnamon Locks
Cutesy Crab Chapeau Curls
Lambent Lolly Locks
Cocky Coco Spaniel Curls
Oracular Mousy Wisps
Cuddling Cardinals Graceful Strands
Dauntless Graduation Strands
Toast and Spiced Peach Preserves
Mint Caged Sidebraid
Cinnamon Candy Cut
Braided Bun of Dark Desires
Trendy Fastened Toffee Waves
Carrot Painters Brush
Decadent Vanilla Cupcake Braids
Sophisticated Feathery Updo
Battle Ready Athenian Wisps
Lovely Cherry Cola Lollipop
Lovely Strawberry Cheesecake Lollipop
Vanilla Ice Cream Sundae Strands
Henbane Viking Braid
Blush Tangled Guitar Strings
Peach Tangled Guitar Strings
Espresso Tangled Guitar Strings
Platinum Tangled Guitar Strings
Cutesy Peach Doll Hair
Sunflower Bettie Barrette
Tawny Locks of Elegance
Mysterious Jeweled Locks
Pearl Bettie Barrette
Jasmine Swept Strands
Sesame Sweetheart Curls
Charcoal Soft Fluffy Mousse
Sunset Windswept Braids
Peach Windswept Braids
Chocolate Windswept Braids
Angelic Rebel Locks
Peachy Curls
Copy Cat Haircut
Style File Vermilion Quixotic Quiff
Tight Braids of Virulent Wrath
Loosely Bound Flaxen Fishbone Braid
Motherly Chest Hair
Almost Undone Ponytail
Elegant Space Cadet Brown Curls
Infectious Lock of Dead Hair
Auburn Braid of Discipline
WAA Box of All the Nice Red Curls
Broken Arrogance Strands
Black Braid of Discipline
Murky Floppy Wet Ponytail
Blonde Braid of Discipline
Chocolate Cupcake Scented Curls
Coffee Cupcake Scented Curls
Waxen Wheat Weave
Bottled Strands of Merlot
Tuft of Chestnut Fur
Floating Platinum Lock of Hair
Strawberry Razor Braid
Modern Bowl Cut
Razor Cut Rebel Coiffure


Reinforced Gear Gloves


Witchy Hat of Festivity and Cheer
Fluttering Fruity Petals
Glimmering Rubellite Flora
Adventurous Meowmigo Hood
Elegant Flowers and Pearls
Pile of Pearls
Steambunny Headpiece
Sleepy Panda Companion


Mint Cute Little Bow
Fluttering Light Petals
Adorable Cat Ears Headband
Cosmic Innocent Petals
Tragic Sakura Geisha Fan
Dryads Charm of Affection
Elaborate Elvish Headpiece
Candy Box Surprise
Fancy Beaded Fascinator


Travel Candle
Sonic Device


Generic But Shy Favorite Boots
Whimsical Toxic Sheer Tights
Whimsical Autumn Sheer Tights
Savannah Magnolia Hosiery
Style File Knockout Knees Lace Hosiery
Dangerously Torn Charcoal Tights


Paws Up Vaporwave Sweater
Perfectly Gifted Mint Cardigan
Perfectly Gifted Golden Constellation Cardigan
Love Letter Sweater
Warm Earthy Flask Cozy
Warm Grassy Flask Cozy
Warm Smoothie Flask Cozy
Warm Salmon Flask Cozy
Black Striped Pullover
Pure Feather Bolero
Tarred Feather Bolero
Dark Ornate Chestplate


Tortie Friendly Thumbed Feline Companion
Silver Shoulder Armor

Pet Treasure

Nostalgic Illumis Toy

Pet Friends