Jim has a minion!

Sebastian Moran the Smolder

Legacy Name: Jim

The Graveyard Lain
Owner: Moran

Age: 9 years, 5 months, 3 weeks

Born: December 1st, 2012

Adopted: 9 years, 5 months, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: December 1st, 2012

Pet Spotlight Winner
May 11th, 2014


  • Level: 49
  • Strength: 122
  • Defense: 63
  • Speed: 45
  • Health: 52
  • HP: 46/52
  • Intelligence: 255
  • Books Read: 245
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Telescope Calibrator

Jim Moriarty, hiiiii~

Name: Jim Moriarty

Occupation: Consulting Criminal

Quote(s): Oh, did I really make such a fleeting impression?

And suddenly I'm Mr. Sex.

No one ever gets to me... and no one ever will.

I'll burn you. I will burn.. the heart out of you.

London was hardly the most under appreciated of cities, what with the grand buildings, the blood soaked history and the merging cultures. It was no surprise it attracted swarms of tourists and people seeking out a more ‘interesting’ life in a fast paced urban environment. The amusing thing was how so few short term residents and visitors realized the depths of depravity that existed just beneath that clean white Anglophile dreamscape. London was like any other hub of human interaction, dingy and manipulative, sucking the light from people. Criminals existed in dirty warehouses and in hand pressed suits alike and among the lowest of the low and the highest of the high there was one name that few uttered but many knew, a title spoken only in hushed whispers or death bed confessions; Moriarty .

No one ever saw him of course, no one who would live to say anything about it. He was nothing but a grey face and some text on a computer screen, maybe an electronic voice over the phone. You’d meet with men who worked with him, even the odd woman of two, at worst a red light from a neighboring building - and no one wanted that - but never did you see his face. This habit of doing business in such a way only added to his mythos, making him into something bordering omnipotent in the eyes of those who worked with him. The rumors would spread out from his clients, of a man that lived above the law, who saw all, was all, who could ‘fix’ your problems if you paid the proper price. He became a secret God among those desperate or needy enough to ask his favor. Sometimes he cost millions, other times he’d demand payment of a different variety and you never knew for certain what the entirety of his plan was, or how much was him. In the end though, you’d pay and suddenly you’d get anything you’d asked for, the masses would bow to you or the police would turn a blind eye.

And the man himself? The person behind that mask really wasn’t that far off from the rumors. Not seven feet tall, sure, not a God, not a monster, but very much all knowing and all seeing. Jim Moriarty saw the world turning, from behind the safety of a computer screen, from the eyes of person he’d created just for that time and place. He saw society like puppets in need of a direction. Everyone could be controlled, you just needed the right strings to pluck and pull and oooh did he know how to find them. Husbands, wives, children, secret perversions, long buried secrets, he could find them, and he would play with the human race like a tiny, doe eyed god. For most people it would seem obvious why, with that sort of talent he was a wealthy and powerful man, right? That didn’t actually matter though, not to Jim. There was a darker reason Moriarty did what he did, pulled strings, made people dance, something scandalously simple.

Jim Moriarty was…bored.

Please Jim will you fix it for me…?

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Kings Booty

Bat Spooper

Peelable Morostide Spider Decals

Professor New Heartbreaker Cryptic Square


Bow-E Panacea Power Bank

Vampire Squid Squishy

Ravenpuffs Plushie

Ravenpuffs Feathers

Web Developer Spooper

Terrifying Tales

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Black Tangerine Laptop

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Electronic Programming Guide

Hardcore Aviators

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Overly Complicated Latte

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Little Black Book

How to Stargaze

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Fly Constellation Cookie

Uncorked Strange Universe Filled Star Vial

Understanding the Universe

Model of the Solar System

Clockwork Orrery

Planet Surveyors Telescope

Two Panel Satellite

Bloody Crime Scene Tape

Cherry BomBon

Big Boom Bomb

Basket of Yarn Ball Bombs

Yarn Ball Bomb

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Wolf Pelt Lined Shawl

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Sparkling Champagne and Berries


Bag of Blood

Heart Warming Soup

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Anatomically Correct Heart Plushie

Harvested Heart

Heart Beanbag

Heart for You Sticker

Burnt Match

Lit Match

Truly Dazzling Cocktail

Sacred Lands Chardonnay

Velvet Whiskey with a Gray Bag

Skull Vodka Bottle

Shattered Skull of Power

Stone Skull Totem

Grave Reminder

White Candy Skull Beanbag

Blue Candy Skull Beanbag

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Red Skull Votive Candle

Innocent Shirt

Common Six-Shooter

IOU Slip

Guide to Fancy Dress

Crime Anthology

Tape and Glass and a Crime Unsolved

Mysterious Anthology

Murders 101

Devastation and Destruction

A Fairy Tale

Insane Programming Volume 1

A History of Mathematicians

Modern Astronomy

Fields of Logic

Fable Fables

Book of Violet Fairy Tales

How to Stargaze

The Stars of the Sky

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Tiny Gold Crown

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Burgeoning Evil Brain

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Pride Sash

Blue Tangerine Ear Buds

Navy Blue S-Pod

Electronic Programming Guide

USB Memory Stick

MaxHP AA Batteries

Computer Geek Sticker

Programmer Coffee Mug

Programmer Shirt

Key of Secrets

Box of Souls

Box of Untold Secrets

Cross Tombstone

Stone Casket

Kiss Me T-shirt

Four Leaf Clover

Lavender Devonti Milk Soap

Vanilla Swirl Devonti Milk Soap

Ocean Waves Devonti Milk Soap

Midnight Rose Devonti Milk Soap

Lemongrass Devonti Milk Soap

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