Phasma has a minion!

Ghosty the Phantama

Legacy Name: Phasma

The Glacier Neela
Owner: Elestrial

Age: 9 years, 6 months, 4 weeks

Born: January 10th, 2013

Adopted: 8 years, 10 months, 6 days ago

Adopted: October 1st, 2013


  • Level: 6
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 11
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 14
  • HP: 14/14
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

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Secretive Black Wig
Crimson High Strands of the Samurai
Ebony High Strands of the Samurai
Eggplant High Strands of the Samurai
Golden High Strands of the Samurai
Ivory High Strands of the Samurai
Peachy Curls
Sweetly Serenading Curls
Delicate Silk Wig
Striking Locks
Dark Copper Waves
Dark Chocolate Waves
Ash Blonde Waves
Deep Crimson Waves
Midnight Blue Waves
Natural Brown Waves
Light Blonde Waves
Sunday Morning Braid
Item not found: stray locks and sea shells
Broody Hair Twists
Unruly Prince Sunny Locks
Unruly Prince Earthy Locks
Unruly Prince Tawny Locks
Spool of Spun Golden Hair
Spool of Spun Couverture Hair
Cream Windswept Braids
Chocolate Windswept Braids
Honey Windswept Braids
Cranberry Windswept Braids
Plum Windswept Braids
Onyx Windswept Braids
Lilac Windswept Braids
Peach Windswept Braids
Sunset Windswept Braids
Voluptuous Evening Curls
Voluptuous Midnight Curls
Modern Beehive
Couverture Modern Beehive
Glacial Fairy Strands
Luminaire Fairy Strands
Ignited Fairy Strands
Brunette Petrova Waves
Onyx Petrova Waves
Valentines Petrova Waves
Fiery Petrova Waves
Couverture Petrova Waves
Dusty Rose Petrova Waves
Byzantium Petrova Waves
Marshmallow Petrova Waves
Platinum Petrova Waves
Buttercream Petrova Waves
Cutesy Peach Doll Hair
Cutesy Chocolate Doll Hair
Arctic Druid Wig
Antique Far Surpassed Beauty Waves
Sapphire Far Surpassed Beauty Waves
Obsidian Far Surpassed Beauty Waves
Crimson Far Surpassed Beauty Waves
Diamond Far Surpassed Beauty Waves
Champagne Belle of the Ball Wig
Elegant Eggplant Belle of the Ball Wig
Cabernet Belle of the Ball Wig
Snowdrift Belle of the Ball Wig
Hazelnut Belle of the Ball Wig
Weathered Eagle Locks
Item not found: type 8 blond hair sample
Type 8 Monochrome Hair Sample
Feathered Locks of Villainy
Item not found: liquorice coiffure cookie
Vanilla Coiffure Cookie
Tempting Bunless Coiffure Cookie
Alluring Bunless Coiffure Cookie
Vanilla Bunless Coiffure Cookie
Strawberry Bunless Coiffure Cookie
Chocolate Bunless Coiffure Cookie
Chocolate Swirl Bunless Coiffure Cookie
Diablos Curls
Howling Locks of the Full Moon
Wig of Nobility

Wig Collab

Plum Streaked Alluring Locks
Silver Streaked Alluring Locks


Onyx Pierced Demon Feather
Opal Pierced Angel Feather
Opal Angel Feather
Onyx Demon Feather
Feather of a Sanguinary Pierced Demon
Wine Demon Feather
Feather of a Sanguinary Demon
Sapphire Pierced Angel Feather
Glittering Fairy Wing
Luminaire Fairy Wing
Ignited Fairy Wing
Skeletal X-Ray of the Fallen
Reverie Of the Butterfly
Dreams of the Nocturnal Butterflies
Daydream of the Sherbet Butterflies
Trance of the Serene Butterflies
Painted Fae Wings
Statue of the Opal Tengu
Statue of the Nuummite Tengu
Statue of the Hematite Tengu
Statue of the Onyx Tengu
Statue of the Turquoise Tengu
Statue of the Axinite Tengu
Statue of the Rose Quartz Tengu
Statue of the Amethyst Tengu
Royal Crested Pearl Feathers
Royal Crested Onyx Feathers
Royal Crested Aquamarine Feathers


Black Wind Blown Dress
Red Wind Blown Dress
Pink Wind Blown Dress
Summoning Cloth of Death
Stunning Midnight dress
Woodland Sage Renaissance Gown
Mountain Creek Renaissance Gown
Enchanting Rosewood Renaissance Gown
Divine Rapture Renaissance Gown
Highland Mist Renaissance Gown
Glistening Fairy Dress
Ribboned Holly Dress
Luminaire Fairy Dress
Ignited Fairy Dress
Poinsettia Crown
Poinsettia Headband
Ethereal Mothspun Gown
Psychopathic Bunny Mask
Intricate Shoebox of Darkness
Frock Of A Feather
Terran Hooker Codpiece
Terran Hooker Bolero
Midnight Laced Parasol
Antique Laced Parasol
Oceanic Laced Parasol
Sanguine Laced Parasol
Enchanted Lace Parasol
Antique Blue Laced Parasol
Sheer Fishnet Pantyhose
Coat of the Masked General
Bucket of Red Rose Petals
Bucket of White Rose Petals
Bucket of Black Rose Petals
Bucket of Gold Rose Petals
Bucket of Green Rose Petals
Devotion of the Samurai Kimono
Heart of the Samurai Kimono
Soul of the Samurai Kimono
Return of Love Kimono
Dragon Sea Kimono
Silver Waterfall Kimono
Ocean Dawn Kimono
Dark Water Kimono
Clear Lake Kimono
Mossy Brook Kimono
Queen of Waters Kimono
Enchanted Greek Gown


Fog Covered Root Sample
Palm Branch
Glowing Moon Memento
Shard of Amethyst Crystal
Wintery Snow Globe
Nostalgic Childhood Ornaments
Whimsical Childhood Ornaments
Plastic Tree Ornament
Bottle of Midnight Sky
Magical Sunset Clouds
Overly Abused Lights
Aurora Stag Totem
Gibbet of the Forsaken
Cottage of the Groovy Grandmother
Peculiar Wooden Perch
Mysterious Ocarina
Jungle Wonders in a Terrarium
Royal Bathing Blue Lily Pad
Captivating Fishbowl
Crumbling Bricks
Bloody Crime Scene Tape
Silver Butterfly Frame
Gold Butterfly Frame
Bronze Butterfly Frame
Onyx Butterfly Frame
Opal Butterfly Frame
Autumn Branch
Stygian Skull
Watchtower of Assassination and Tranquility
Essence of the Emerald Isle
Earthen Throne
Balustrade of Tranquility
Ominous Glowing Candle
24 Karat Gold Vintage Champagne
Sterling Silver Vintage Champagne
Stolen Castle Banner
Beacon to Dream Street
Beacon to Memory Street
Flowers of Time
Flowers of Lost Time
Timeless Castle
Forgotten Castle
Cotton Candy Ocean Canvas
Blue Raspberry Ocean Canvas
Grape Juice Ocean Canvas
Fruit Punch Ocean Canvas
Tropical Fruit Ocean Canvas
Lemonade Ocean Canvas
Penciled Ocean Canvas
The Secret Staircase
Serene Sakura Tree
Enchanted Sakura Tree
Cobblestones of the Adolescent Dragon
Frigid Throne
Autumn of Lost Love
Sunshine In a Bag
Sunset In a Bag
Spring Rivers of Love Renewed
Palette and Canvas of Painted Memories
Gorgon Relic
Picked Pink Rose
Tranquil Midnight Seascape
Tranquil Dawn Seascape
Voyage to the Magical World
Voyage to the Enchanted World
Battered Winged Relic
Enchanted Chateau Garden
Relaxing Jacaranda
Forgotten Islet
Cherry Blossom Branch
Branch of Sakura
Water Filled Halcyonic Vestige
Water Filled Bucolic Vestige
Koi of the Lotus Pond
Young Sapling
Item not found: sunlit faerie mushroomsItem not found: moonlit faerie mushrooms
Scenic Village Painting
Elegant Glass Slipper
Item not found: enchanted snowglobe
Sirenic Lantern


Professional Airbrushing Kit
Elaborate Exoskeleton Suit
Muscles of a Demigod
Frozen Body Brush
Jockstrap of the Galloping Muscles
Life Support Core
Shattered Life Support Core
Pelt of the Werewolf Alpha
Statue of the Alpha


Vial of Moth Pheromones
Offstage Spotlight
Wet Pointy Rock
Wing Beats of the Remembered
Magical Apparating Candles
Sapphire Camera Filter
Amethyst Camera Filter
Garnet Camera Filter
Topaz Camera Filter
Pearl Camera Filter
Frosted Frame Piece
Vase of Water Lilies
Snowflake Charm
Remnants of the Fallen Sky
Teleportation Crystal
Restoration Crystal
Amplification Crystal
Morning Glory Border
White Morning Glory Border
Blue Morning Glory Border
Purple Morning Glory Border
Pink Morning Glory Border
Shattered Fragment of the Lost Cathedral


Summoning Skull of Death
Apple of the Bound Shinigami of Nightmares
Irresistibly Cute Kitty
Deranged Hatter of the Macabre Noose
Enchanted Koi Companions
Spirit Summoning Crystal
Spirit Summoning Runes
UneIcorn Doodad


Intricate Shoebox of Darkness
Terran Hooker Boots

Pet Treasure

Pet Friends