Seven has a minion!

Tick the Zeitpunk

Legacy Name: Seven

The Custom Common Experiment #1550
Owner: Kitten

Age: 15 years, 1 month, 2 weeks

Born: March 30th, 2006

Adopted: 8 years, 11 months, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: May 19th, 2012

Pet Spotlight Winner
October 30th, 2015


  • Level: 111
  • Strength: 278
  • Defense: 278
  • Speed: 275
  • Health: 275
  • HP: 270/275
  • Intelligence: 141
  • Books Read: 135
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Professional Lab Cleaner

What if you could change time? What if every mistake you made, was a mistake only you knew you'd made? You could change the passage and flow of time. Rewind and fix your mistakes. What if you made a mistake?

The shop was called Houdini's Emporium, it was a magic shop with a very classic idea. It even had a Zoltan machine in it and they sold all kinds of items. I wondered around the store everything looked pretty fake. They had pretend vomit and plastic dog poo. I wasn't finding anything of interest until the shop keep waved me up to the front of the store. Pointing at the glass, he started showing me watches. They were quite a bit more expensive than anything else in the shop. He spoke with a heavy accent I'd say was likely Transylvanian.

"You want real magic item? Buy watch! You make mistake, you turn the hands back. It like never happen!", He used over exaggerated hand movements as he explained the item to me. It was seventy dollars and looked much like a normal watch, even had the date displayed, but I think it must have been wrong because today wasn't the seventh. I bought the watch and put it on, walking out the door I attempted to change the date. The seven didn't move. When I turned around to return to the shop, it was gone.

Confused I decided it was best just to leave. I really had no idea what was going on. In my confusion I hadn't noticed I'd began walking across a busy street. I remember getting hit by a car, It hurt like hell but I wasn't in any terrible danger. In the rush of pain I remembered the shop keep explaining the watch to me. I shivered pulling out the crown and moving it backward. Once it stopped I was back at the edge of the street. My foot was just about to come off the curb when I heard a car honk. I snapped out of it and took a deep breath. I looked down at the watch, It was the sixth? no... I remember something is wrong with the watch the date can't be changed.

Days went by and I kept changing time. Eventually I noticed that the number went down every-time. Thinking of how I wasted time changing time, I was down to three. This time I'd used it to rewind a fight between my mother and I. As I changed time, I noticed that the time I spent changing it there was a deadzone. A realm, I didn't notice existed. I heard a "Caw" behind me. I turned to the source, It was a purple and pink owl looking creature with a body that looked like a nebula in the lit sky. It had no face, instead was a clock that not only looked backwards, but ticked backwards. The owl sat behind me, the hands on it's face changing backward.

I pushed the crown back in and was placed back into reality. The number on the watch changed to a two. Something was very wrong. I put the watch away, I hid in a drawer so that I couldn't use it. I know if I'd kept it, I'd use it, who wouldn't? So I hid it. I tried to sleep but all I could hear was the tick. It kept me awake. Exhausted and annoyed I took out the watch.

I pulled out the crown but instead of turning the hands back, I turned it forward. The time had always been wrong anyway. When I tried to push the crown back in it didn't. The hands on the watch slowly began to move on their own. They got faster and faster and I began to panic. I heard another "caw" and turned to the foot of my bed. The owl moved toward me making tick-tock noises, he walked closer to me as the hands on his face followed the motion on the watch. He moved closer still as I frantically fought to fix the haywire watch.

It stopped and the owl disappeared. It was light out now, I don't have any idea what day it was... what year. What could possibly have happened? I walked downstairs my father sat alone at the table eating breakfast. He was completely devoid of emotion.

"Where is Mom?"

He turned and looked me dead in the eye, "That isn't funny, you know your mom passed away."

My throat sank and I ran to the bathroom and started to puke. Mom was dead? What happened? What year is this? What have I done. I freaked out and took out the crown ignoring the fact that the number on the watch had turned to one. I rewound as far as it would let me. It stopped. Dad came in my room and told me to grab my coat. I still have no idea what year it is. We got in the car and he drove me to the hospital. Not a word was said in the car. When we arrived at the hospital they brought us to a room where my mom. Her hair was gone and she was incredibly pale. I began to cry and held her hand. She leaned over to say her goodbyes. I screamed in my head. Why didn't it let me go back, why didn't it take me back?! Covering my face I ran out of the hospital. I ran back to the magic shop, that wasn't there anymore.

I had to fix this, I had to do something.

The Zoltan machine was still there, it was the only thing left that proved there was a magic shop. I rummaged around in my pocket for a quarter. Maybe Zoltan could help. The light popped on and he began to move his head back and forth.

"Messing with the passage of time grants dire consequences"

The light shut off and I knew exactly what it meant. I began to cry again banging on the glass I screamed in agony lowering to the ground. Tick-tock. I began to hear the owl again. He was coming closer. With the watch at zero I wondered what was next. The bird got closer still the noises emitting from him becoming louder. When he reached me there was a flash of light and I was back inside the magic shop. Talking to the shop keep. He was explaining the watch to me but I wasn't listening. I thanked him for the show and walked away.

On my way out, I noticed the Zoltan machine again. I was already holding a quarter so I decided to use it. The lights turned on and he began to speak.

"Everyone deserves a second chance"

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Enchanted Owl

The Dangers of Time Rifts

Experiment 1550 Beanbag

Experiment 1550 Plushie

Rift Matter

Time Matter

Blutex Laser Wrist Watch

Time Travel I

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Malfunctioning Pocket Watch

Time Travel Device

Thru Time Pocket Watch

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Particle Matter

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