Legacy Name: Renagade

The Custom Bloodred Terracoon
Owner: Alphys

Age: 8 years, 1 month, 1 week

Born: March 6th, 2013

Adopted: 8 years, 1 month, 1 week ago

Adopted: March 6th, 2013

Pet Spotlight Winner
March 31st, 2018


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed


- Warning! This story includes violence and graphic descriptions of such. Read at your own risk! -

How much further was it?
It was cold and dank, he might as well been walking through the intestines of a lazy beast. Water clung desperately to his fur as he trudged on. It had been another horrific day in school. Kids larger and bigger than him dumped him into the nearby river. A dank, filthy stream of fluids collected from the city.
His fur gave off a rank odor of something long past dead, he'd even seen the bloated, thick corpse of a cat. His mind recoiled as he thought back to how the skin had bulged sickeningly when he had glanced at it. The cat's belly had ripped spilling out thick, green pus pouring with maggots squirming as they pushed through the skin.
They way it heaved like a pregnant belly and how the maggots skittered, nearly shoving, flapping wildly in their tangles as they spilled out. Renegade could still taste the horror rushing up his throat, nearly sending him over. The bitter acid lingering in the back of his mouth and he felt disgusting. He didn't have to look down at himself to feel the thick, pungent goop that lingered in that river stuck thick in his fur. Flattening and molding against his skin.
He wanted to scream.
To smash something hard and break it beyond repair.
Renegade felt the corners of his mind stretch and the cold, icy claws of it stabbing into his mind. Offering him a numb solace. It was different than before, usually it was painful and ripped him to shreds.
The calm, icy wave of not caring about anything else, about releasing into something that wouldn't judge or recoil in horror at what he'd done. It wasn't his fault, the voices, the dark shapes in the corners of his eyes were doing it. Controlling his fears, controlling his mind. He grumbled, murmuring under his breath as he found himself walking back home. Standing in front of the long door, his mind started to waver and something deep in his psyche began to tremble.
It began to shake and cracks rooted deep in it's base with every shaky breath as everything became too much. It was hell, the laughter, the screams as things pulled away further. His mind yelled, filling his head with the dark creatures lingering in every glance. Their grins were widening as they watched and waited. Waited for him to give in, to give up and let them rip him into nothing.
They wanted to eat the pieces of him that would become nothing, make him just like them and it was hell. Never-ending and he didn't realize when he began to scream. Screaming louder, louder as he tore at his ears and ripped at his cheeks. Something reached out to him. THE DEMONS! THE DEMONS WANTED HIM! His mind was screaming, screaming, screaming as he punched hard into that demon's laughing, gloating face.

It wouldn't have him! IT WOULDN'T HAVE HIM! He punched harder, and ripped at it's demon yellow eyes. It's body black as night as kicked hard, stomping on it's stomach, grinding claws into it until bones began to shift.

HARDER HARDER! THE DEMON! THE DEMON! Renegade screamed, screamed until his lungs wouldn't let him scream anymore as he ripped off it's demon skin expose it's evil and deception to the world.

It had red blood, it was so red and vibrant. How could something so evil and hateful have such red blood? It didn't matter. It was a demon and he would kill it before it destroyed him.

He ripped at it, gripping hard to the tongue flapping between it's lipless hole. It sounded like paper, wet paper and it tore just as easily. The thick, flapping tongue wiggled in his grip tossing it away and he went in harder.

Demons didn't need teeth. He gripped tight ripping out it's fangs one by one...They didn't feel like fangs, but he didn't care. It's black flesh began to shift but he couldn't stop.

Renegade screamed, screamed again tearing in harder using his claws to rip at it's face and tear at the soft skin of it's belly. It was red. Red. Red. Red. Red. Red.

"RED!" He screamed it, screamed it and it wouldn't stop being so red. Painful. Too painful to be red.

"THE DEM-" It wasn't a demon.

What was left of it, wasn't a demon. His blood ran cold and he began to shake, it wasn't a demon.

"M-mother?" She wasn't breathing, her chest was ripped open and her ribcage a grinded, smashed mess of bone jutting through skin. Her body was red, darker than the color of her fur. His fur.

Her eyes jutted wildly, a jaw twisted and bent, gurgling sickeningly on blood trickling from her mouth. Her body angled, nearly bent in the agony. Her breasts were torn, ripped by his own claws as tears dried on his cheeks. The weak shaking from her limbs slowly dying away.

"Mother? Mother, don't die you can't die!" He grabbed her shaking her wildly as blood splattered onto his face from her flapping, broken jaw, blood oozing from the round shape of her nose. Her body spasmed wildly, nearly jerking free of his grip and he threw her back down.

She screamed gurgling in her throat as her eyes jutted hard, one focusing on him. He winced, heart aching at the despair and heart-break in that gaze. Why? Why did he attack her? Didn't he love her?

Renegade tore at his ears shaking his head hard as he screamed, pain stabbed his throat at the wet tear ripping in it. He ran. He didn't do it! He couldn't have attacked her! The demons! WHY DID THE DEMONS TORMENT HIM!?

He slammed into the wall and scrambled to escape. He couldn't think. Couldn't breath seeing her like that. Why mother? Why did you have to look like a demon?

He twitched at the mumbled voices on the other side, how had he gotten this messed up? He winced glancing around his heart nearly beating through his head and he suddenly couldn't hear.
Couldn't think. It was too much. Too much!
He was shaking, nearly screaming, how could this happen? How could he have done it? Renegade didn't have to look at his hands to know they were covered in blood.
Her blood.
Oh god, why her?
The was too quiet. Where did the voices go?! They were there just a moment ago! He panicked, suddenly everything was too close, the darkness too constricting and he ran.
They were there he knew it. Knew they were chasing him. Knew they were mocking him in the dark, somewhere he couldn't see and plotting his torture. They were sharpening their claws and licking their fangs at his suffering."STOP IT LEAVE ME ALONE!" He could see them, see their eyes hovering around him and following his every step. They were nipping at his heels and screaming in his ears.
"LEAVE ME ALONE!" Screams tore out of his throat, he couldn't run fast enough. Lights, sounds were non-existent if he couldn't escape them. Couldn't get away from them.
Everything was everywhere, he turned too hard, too quick and he slammed into a wall. Agony. Pain. Make it stop, make it go away. It took too long, much too long as he groaned his body aching and something wet trickling through his hair, down his face. "..leave...leave me alone." He whimpered trying to get up, trying to get away.They were too close and he screamed when they lingered, overcoming him.

Retrieved for a bounty

Oh, Mama, I'm in fear for my life from the long arm of the law
Law man has put an end to my running and I'm so far from my home
Oh, Mama I can hear you a-cryin', you're so scared and all alone
Hangman is comin' down from the gallows and I don't have very long

The jig is up, the news is out
They've finally found me
The renegade who had it made
Retrieved for a bounty

Never more to go astray
This will be the end today
Of the wanted man

Oh, Mama, I've been years on the lam and had a high price on my head
Lawman said, 'Get him dead or alive.' Now it's for sure he'll see me dead
Dear Mama, I can hear you cryin', you're so scared and all alone
Hangman is comin' down from the gallows and I don't have very long

The jig is up, the news is out
They've finally found me
The renegade who had it made
Retrieved for a bounty

Never more to go astray
The judge will have revenge today
On the wanted man

Oh, Mama, I'm in fear for my life from the long arm of the law
Hangman is comin' down from the gallows and I don't have very long

The jig is up, the news is out
They've finally found me
The renegade who had it made
Retrieved for a bounty

Never more to go astrayThis will be the end todayOf the wanted man

The wanted man
And I don't wanna go, oh, no
Oh, Mama, don't let them take me
No, no, no, I can't go
Hey, hey

- The Styx


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Both art pieces by Machineboy
Story by myself and wrote out by Ladyfoxx
Lyrics/text on profile from "Renegade" by the Styx
Fonts by 1001 fonts

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