Palpi has a minion!

Bashful the Flour


The Common Experiment #585
Owner: Buttercream

Age: 6 years, 8 months, 2 weeks

Born: May 8th, 2013

Adopted: 6 years, 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: May 8th, 2013

Pet Spotlight Winner
October 4th, 2013


  • Level: 586
  • Strength: 1,467
  • Defense: 1,462
  • Speed: 1,460
  • Health: 1,463
  • HP: 1,080/1,463
  • Intelligence: 405
  • Books Read: 405
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Manure Processor

Accidents do happen...

He hated Spring. Everyone was flying around merry and oblivious to the wingless insects’ peril. Palpi was one of those poor sods denied the blessing of flight. He’d spend his warmth filled days sitting on broad waxy leaves watching with envy as the gifted flitted to and fro with purpose across puffy cloud studded skies. Only the bees were exempt from his glares while they danced among the blooming flowers, gathering sweet nectar and becoming speckled with pollen motes.

See Palpi and his brethren were normally carnivores, but Palpi abstained from nibbling on his fellow insects with the support of the local honeybee hive. Queen Inla took pity on him by having her daughters provide honey droplets that he would use to slather his leafy greens in. It made the bland diet of leaves and shoots palatable, or so he told himself. In return, Palpi kept his multiple eyes open for any potential danger to the ladies as they went about gathering the precious nectar their hive depended on.


Palpi swiveled his head away from his sky vigil towards the high pitched voice commanding his attention directly behind him. A lovely pollen dotted bee had landed gracefully on the same leaf he was occupying. Her wings stilled and arched elegantlyy behind her head, translucent and shimmering in the sunshine. Four of her six legs were posed perfectly to uphold her streamlined body covered in hundreds of fine bristles. Her other two legs held a leaf wrapped package out in offering.

“My Queen has sent me to bestow this gift upon thee,” she said, her voice punctuated with annoyance at performing such a mundane task.

“Oh, yes. Thank you, dear,” Palpi replied as he approached her to take the honey.

A light breeze swept past the honey envoy, bringing the sweet scent of hundreds of flowers to Palpi’s senses. Before his consciousness registered his actions, he grasped the bee between powerful front legs and chomped her head clean off. Her delicate body convulsed in his embrace, and a milky yellow fluid oozed from the gaping hole. He stared down at her carcass in frozen horror as he realized what he had done, her tangy essence coating the inside of his mouth. It had been so long since he had given into the compulsion of eating his fellow insects but her intoxicating perfume weakened his resistance.

Startling into action, Palpi scurried down his leaf in haste with his victim’s body cuddled lovingly in his legs. Once safely tucked under the above foilage’s canopy and away from prying eyes, the shock of his deeds dissipated and the feelings of guilt grew exponentially. He contemplated hiding her body well away from his home, but that left a sour taste in his mouth. Palpi wanted to honor her untimely death, and the only way he felt justified doing so was to consume her entire body.

By the time he was finished, he felt at peace and reaffirmed that abstaining from eating his fellow insects was the right path for him. All that was left of her sweetened body was four small crystalline wings which Palpi left under the leafy greens in remembrance of his immoral afternoon snack.

Pet Treasure

Fresh Vesnali Honeycomb

Fresh Vesnali Honeycomb

Fresh Vesnali Honeycomb




Honey Droplet

Honey Droplet

Honey Droplet

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