Silvertongue has a minion!

Silverbird the Glade Bird

Legacy Name: Silvertongue

The Glade Lain
Owner: Sirenia

Age: 17 years, 10 months, 3 weeks

Born: July 3rd, 2006

Adopted: 17 years, 10 months, 3 weeks ago (Legacy)

Adopted: July 3rd, 2006 (Legacy)

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  • Level: 414
  • Strength: 1,037
  • Defense: 1,035
  • Speed: 1,032
  • Health: 1,033
  • HP: 1,032/1,033
  • Intelligence: 590
  • Books Read: 575
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Tribune Journalist

Treasured Friends.
It's so hard to find the perfect breeze,
One blowing none too hard nor soft,
Carrying a scent of wild flowers,
And moving clouds about aloft.
It's so hard to find the perfect sky,
One blue and deep and bright,
Carrying a sense of openness
With geese and wrens in flight.
It's so hard to find the perfect night,
One warm, quiet and unflawed,
Carrying a mood of solitude,
And a closeness to our God.
Yet no perfection's so hard to find
As that which you extend
And none I'll ever treasure more,
Than to simply be your friend.

Silvertongue.The trait of being clever at speaking, often in a deceitful way.
Eyes cast out upon the world beyond the bars of his cage, a stunning bird sat observing what he never could partake in. A beautiful plumage of green and the finest kept feathers, this creature only had time to tend on his immediate needs. Never would he escape from the confines of the cage. His wings were even trimmed, preventing him from flying if he happened to escape the constant prison. Day after day he watched the children of the class room that was his domain. The young humans sat at their desks and listened to the lessons taught, only reminding Silvertongue of what he could never be a part of. In truth, he was no different from the motionless pictures in their books, of other animals that apparently roamed the land and true birds that possessed the freedom he so desperately yearned for. Only the little bursts of interaction from the kinder students ever increased his mood. Although it was nice to have some attention focused on him, the process was torturous at the same time. Some of the children would open the cage but never release the bird, afraid that he would fly loose in the classroom. If they only knew, though, that poor Silvertongue doubted he even still held the knowledge of how to use his wings. After all, it had been such a very long time ago that he had experienced the wind cascading through his down or with his wings stretched to their fullest span. Ruffling himself for a brief moment, the verdant Lain turned his sights again upon the books, daydreams being his only escape from such a sad existence.He thought of flying endlessly until his wings would carry him not longer and finally fluttering upon a real perch, perhaps a tree branch or a fence line, to take a rest only to plummet into the breeze once more when his strength returned. Another wish always stirred along with this one, the desire to be among his own kind. With people as his only company, he was not just restless but quite lonely. When the pictures of other birds were turned to in the books, the Lain would always stare at them with a powerful longing in his eyes. How lucky they were to have complete control over their actions. Silvertongue looked around his surroundings, at his food and water dishes and then to the uninteresting toys positioned around his cage. It wasn’t nearly enough to be happy with, no, he wanted much more. Those birds could fly whenever they wanted and converse, socialize, and interact with others like them. Some birds, he had learned, even lived together in flocks and would travel together like a family. A soft cooing sounded from his beak. What he wouldn’t give to trade places for just a day and to get a taste of what he had lost.Story done for me by User not found: write

Name: Silvertongue
Age: 4
Gender: Male
Birthdate: Born: July 3rd, 2006
Height: 4'6
Orientation: Not Sure
Status: Single
Origin: America
Language: English & French
Residence: New York
Career Field: Relationships
Occupation: Silvertongue Currently works at The Weapon ShopMaking: 105Level: 3

This Drawing Is Done By AllaconnaShe Is Good.

Pet Treasure

Eighties DVD Player


Electric Piano

Pink Electric Guitar

Flamin Hot Guitar

Skulled Electric Guitar

Spotted Guitar Pick

Striped Guitar Pick

Steel Drum

Pan Pipes

Black Electric Guitar

Conductors Baton

Magenta Electric Bass

Starry Drum

Magical CD

Prima Violin

White Electric Bass

Lime Green S-Pod


Nicole Richie

Raw Diamond

Shinwas Weather Orb


Bistro Table

Gray Mini Phone

Pink Sparkle Lumineve Tree

Glade Puppy

Glade Bird

Glade Bunny

Spurned Zombie Love

Yellow Balloon


Ohno! Road Sign

Expensive Fishing Pole

Kumos Bank

Fifth Anniversary Glade Legeica Trophy

Blue Toothbrush

Magical Keepsake Box

Graveyard Snow Globe

Empty Arm Basket

Chamomile Tea

Angelic Rod

Flower Print Bookmark

Sketch Book

Oofa Fruit

Angelic Fruit

Snow Fairy

Pet Friends


my buddy.





my newest friend.