Kazuro has a minion!

Renoir the Kanvas

Legacy Name: Kazuro

The Chibi Experiment #4423
Owner: Foolkillersfancy

Age: 18 years, 2 weeks, 1 day

Born: July 3rd, 2006

Adopted: 18 years, 2 weeks, 1 day ago (Legacy)

Adopted: July 3rd, 2006 (Legacy)


  • Level: 48
  • Strength: 37
  • Defense: 31
  • Speed: 31
  • Health: 38
  • HP: 38/38
  • Intelligence: 75
  • Books Read: 75
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Store Manager

Pet Treasure

Dapper Experiment 4423 Beanbag

Grounded Rainbow

Blacklight Warador Plushie

Pierside Artist Supplies

Artistic Blob Kitty

Living Paint Splotch

Warm Experiment 4423 Beanbag

Delphi Souvenir Paint Set

Artistic Blob Kitty

Tortured Artist Paint Palette

How to Draw

Artists Sketch Book

Double Dragon


Artist Bright Brush

Rainbow Glowing Pen

Spectrum Warador Plushie

Artist Flat Brush

Artist Filbert Brush

Artist Round Brush

Artist Fan Brush

Artist Angle Brush

Artist Rigging Brush

Artist Mop Brush

Artist Pencil

Artists Sketch Book

Artist Picket Sign

Artist Brushes

Trove of Golden Mahar Gems

Subeta Art Shop

Lonely Dino Pair Plushie

Rainbow Attack Chair

Artist Plushie

Rainbow Pencil

Rainbow Serpenth Fountain

Handmade Fabric Scraps Experiment 4423 Plushie

Experiment 4423 Plushie

Spectrabeam Laser

Primary Oil Crayons

Lucky Sable

Golden Palette Set

Emo Fish

Oversized Soft Vinyl Experiment 4423 Toy

Sacred Ground

Rainbowlicious Yarn

Comatose Lizard Minion

Experiment 4423 Stocking

Squid Monster

Rainbow Hot Dog

Tadpole with Legs

Watercolor Set




Pet Friends