Woody has a minion!

Liebes the Strunny

Legacy Name: Mr. Woody

The Angel Kanis
Owner: Henry

Age: 14 years, 3 months, 2 weeks

Born: July 12th, 2006

Adopted: 14 years, 3 months, 2 weeks ago (Legacy)

Adopted: July 12th, 2006 (Legacy)


  • Level: 1,393
  • Strength: 3,479
  • Defense: 3,470
  • Speed: 3,462
  • Health: 3,466
  • HP: 2,141/3,466
  • Intelligence: 1,593
  • Books Read: 1531
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Green Energy Lobbyist

:heart: April 18, 2004 - December 11, 2012 :heart:

But now my beloved is gone
To the bed of spices
To feed in the gardens
and to be where the light is

And it will never rain roses


My darling, you were just awesome and my best friend.


Quad by Kululu
Quad by Nayona
Quad by starborn

Wonderful artwork by Kululu

Pet Treasure

Purple Witch Bunny Plushie


Leafy Tea Party

Holiday Bear Hugs Plushie

Old Box of Ornaments

Festive Luminaire Rock

Green Apple Chips

Cheery Lumineve Tree Sticker

Milk and Cookies Sticker

Super Festive Gingerbread Man Sticker

Magical Special Bear

White Snow Fairy Plushie

Pink Snow Fairy Plushie

Snow Fairy Plushie

Violet Snow Fairy Plushie

Sun Kanis Beanbag

Green Apple Chips

Sugarcookie Pine Tree Candle


Pig Shaped Snowball

Cranky Festive Rubber Duck

Big Headed Snowman

Tree Luminaire Rock

Reborn Kanis Plushie

Fierce Bunnywumpus

New Year Token

Shy Little Penguin Figurine

Flirty Little Penguin Figurine

Crinkly Leaf Litter

White Space Bunny Plushie

Black Space Bunny Plushie


Lazy Hillside Bottled Summer Day

Majesty Pony Gift Plushie

Unfriendly Plushie

Pink Koala Love Gift

White Koala Love Gift

Red Koala Love Gift

Tiny Morostide Ghost Stickers

Candy Thief

Gold Party Robot Beanbag

Silver Party Robot Beanbag

Black Party Robot Beanbag

Copper Party Robot Beanbag

White Party Robot Beanbag

Polka Dot Noisemaker

Red Apple

Seashell Extract

Corn Piece







Fortune Cookie

Chibi Kanis Plushie


Box of Childhood Memories

Restless Sad Spirit

Sweet Spirit Offering

Restless Angry Spirit


Dust Matter

Lunar Rabbit

Twilight Bunny Ornament

Winter Sunset Bunny Beanbag

Winter Sunset Bunny Puppet

Fairy Tale Beanstalk Plushie

Little Ghost Buddy

Melodys Special Brew

Red Ytiva Stacking Doll

Chibi Pet Rock

I-Love-You Rainbow

Festive Cactus

Fairy Tale Bear Plushie

Fairy Tale Mother Goose Plushie

Fairy Tale Wolf Plushie

Waverider Blob Kitty

Holiday Angel Kanis Plushie

Bunsy The Wintery Bunny

Blob Kitty Cousin

Wired Wabbit

You Make the World Brighter Sticker


Party Pup

Partying Hat


Deli Cheese

Deli Swiss Cheese

Gourmet Fruit and Cheese Platter

To Serve Aliens

Distressed Ice Cream

Friendly Visitor

Disguise Glasses

Screamer Rag Doll

Bundle of Carrots

Green Mystery Apple


Morostide Kanis Plushie

Grumpy Buns Plushie


Black Space Bunny Plushie

Twilight Kanis Plushie


Noble Buns

Lil Buns

Fabulous Cowboy Sticker

Red Survival Note Rose

Field of Daisies

Daisy Memento

Bottled Dreams

Elven Sunrise Dew


Hay There Sticker

Plastic Cutlery


Cola Zoom Soda

Sore Toe Sticker

Green Soap

Ice Bag

Nail Clippers

Bigglyduff Doll

Microphone of The Voice

Grasshopper Plushie

Ice Cream Crab

100k Users Plump Star Plushie

Overflowing Toy Chest

Silver Piggy Bank

Silver Special Coin

Pewter Special Coin

Gold Special Coin

Copper Special Coin

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