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  • Level: 580
  • Strength: 1,448
  • Defense: 1,446
  • Speed: 1,446
  • Health: 1,446
  • HP: 1,440/1,446
  • Intelligence: 1,249
  • Books Read: 1134
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Special Operative

I lean down from the edge of the world as I watch them. I sure hope Spirit makes sure they mind their manners and study for their tests! I cannot believe that I am no longer with them; no longer able to kiss their little heads good night or share the story of my day with them. My heart is filled with longing so I watch them from my new home in the skies, hoping they will still be able to do good things without my presence in their lives. Spirit still talks to me at night when he is trying to go to sleep. He tells the sky how hard he is trying to look after our little flock and he asks me for advice. Trying to keep the trouble twins out of mischief is not easy, and they are all so devastated by the loss of me. I wish I could share what I know to guide them through this difficult time but I am trapped now, on the other side of the LifeWorld dimension.

I look around me. Nothing but happiness, rainbows, and sunshine. Pets that have crossed the rainbow bridge are basking in the sun's rays and friskily playing with each other. Guardians of this place, my keepers, soar idly through the clouds making sure all is well. They glow slightly and their beautiful wings leave trails of what appears to be star dust behind them as they move. I do not belong here. How can I be happy when my life is still in the white Antebellum house in the forests of Veta Lake, the light just reflecting off the water and making the trees sparkle with summer sunshine? We built it together when Spirit opened his hotel. I proudly traced the design of every window and board and Spirit bartered for the materials and nailed the boards together one by one. I close my eyes and I am back there again in my memories, Spirit smiling at me with love.
I am jolted from my reverie by a Guardian that has noticed my melancholy and has drifted down to check on me. "Little One," he says, "What is the matter? I have seen you over here at the edge of the skies ever since you arrived. Your Earthly suffering is over and you are now here among the clouds with others who would love to know you. Why do you not enjoy yourself? Your old friends will be here soon enough." I am angered by this speech. Friends? Do they not know about loyalty? That is my family down there, not just a friend of little consequence. They NEED me. How can I ever enjoy myself here without them?
The Guardian reads my face and lightly lands beside me. "May I?" He asks gently, as he gestures to my forehead. I nod almost imperceptibly. I know it is not his fault that I am here but I cannot be okay with this. Images flash behind my eyelids as the Guardian delves into my recollections. "I see." He murmurs. "You were their protector and mother figure. You feel guilty you are here and they are there. I do not believe I have ever witnessed someone as pure of heart or determined as you to date, and I have been here a long time. Let me see what I can do for you." His eyes twinkle into mine and a calming sense of peace envelops me. A tear slips down my face as he lets go and the peaceful feeling dissipates. "What could you possibly do, Guardian?" I whisper as more tears slide down. I paw them away angrily. Weakness is not acceptable.
"We shall see," he says mysteriously as he takes to the skies once more and glides out of sight. I lean over again and watch them. Etherielle is hiding from Spirit in the forest and Celestele is down at the lake, unsupervised and getting into mischief. Spirit, normally so strong and calm, is at the kitchen table trying to negotiate chores with Lunar and Rainbow. His usually gruff and charming demeanor is slipping as he tries to convince them to wash the dishes and get dinner started. Glitter, my good girl, is off hiding in her cave with her best friend and birth sister Cybel. My heart fills with yearning and longing again. I should be there helping him. I do not belong here! The Guardian is back, this time with others. "This is the one I shared with you," he states. They surround me in a circle and I get uneasy. "Shhhhh," he soothes. "This won't hurt and it may help you get what you long for, please relax." I take a deep breath and blow it out, steeling my mind and my stance like I would for a battle. The others react as if I have done something impressive and each of them put a hand on each other and then the other on my chest and back area. I feel them each delve into a different part of my consciousness, testing my resolve and desires, talents, and the pureness of my heart. After a minute I feel more than hear them come to a decision. It weighs inside me, their judgment, and I can tell I have passed some test. All at once they open their mouths and the most beautiful song starts to emerge, intricate and ethereal; it wraps me up into its melody and I am caught in the complexity of the refrains and measures of it. I feel my body start to change, to grow, and it is like some wall has been removed inside me as my soul is released from some small space and stretches itself out like a cat after a long nap.
When they release me I almost fall because the experience was so borderline overwhelming but the original Guardian steadies me. I look down and notice that I am slightly glowing. I go to move forward and wings that I have never owned before expand behind me, glittering softly in the sunshine. My eyes fly questioningly to him, surprise evident all over my face. He smiles gently. "Welcome, my sister, to the family of Guardians. Your desire to look after and protect those weaker than yourself combined with your pureness of heart have allowed you this honor. In return for your dedicated service, you will be able to visit your family on your days off, he says with careful tenderness. "Truly?!" I breathe, unable to believe my luck. "Truly," the Guardian smiles. "You will need to report for duty next week but until then your services are not needed here." He waves to the edge of the cloud. "I imagine there are others that would like to see you now though, yes?" They all smile as I bow gracefully to them and then throw myself off the edge of the world. My wings open at my thought and they beat strongly behind me as I soar down from the heavens and my heart beats wildly too as I get closer and closer to Veta Lake and my beloved rag tag family. I can'twait to see them!

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Angel and Spirit, as the eldest and leaders of the pack, look after the others and make sure they are completing their studies and staying out of trouble.