Lon has a minion!

Living the Dream

Legacy Name: Lon

The Nightmare Sheeta
Owner: Henry

Age: 14 years, 1 month, 4 weeks

Born: August 31st, 2006

Adopted: 14 years, 1 month, 4 weeks ago (Legacy)

Adopted: August 31st, 2006 (Legacy)


  • Level: 156
  • Strength: 371
  • Defense: 344
  • Speed: 350
  • Health: 341
  • HP: 341/341
  • Intelligence: 59
  • Books Read: 35
  • Food Eaten: 1
  • Job: Horticulturist

Pet Treasure

Garden Dirt

Gourd Witch Skull

Classic Floral Arrangement

Graceful Floral Arrangement

Stylish Floral Arrangement

Opulent Floral Arrangement

Delicate Floral Arrangement

Pitcher Plant Terrarium

Lily Bulb

Flowering Lily Seed

Calla Lily Bulbs

Magical Lilly Seed

Tangled Leaves and Vines

Yellow Moth Orchid Stem

White Moth Orchid Stem

Red Moth Orchid Stem

Pink Moth Orchid Stem

Orange Moth Orchid Stem

Accented Moth Orchid Stem

Yellow Calla Lily

White Calla Lily

Pink Calla Lily

Peach Calla Lily

Orange Calla Lily

Lavender Calla Lily

Burgundy Calla Lily

Black Calla Lily

Pet Friends

I felt so safe with you at my side, I'll never forget these days. I love you.