Legacy Name: Rig

The Custom Field Celinox
Owner: Kitten

Age: 14 years, 7 months, 3 weeks

Born: September 15th, 2006

Adopted: 7 years, 10 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: June 17th, 2013

Pet Spotlight Winner
September 30th, 2017


  • Level: 177
  • Strength: 442
  • Defense: 441
  • Speed: 437
  • Health: 441
  • HP: 441/441
  • Intelligence: 269
  • Books Read: 268
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Certified Mad Scientist


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Story by me

"You could become his dungeon master. Give him the life he deserves."

She opened the board and sat it beside his bed. The faint beep of machinery the only noise in the room. She reached into her backpack and took out a hand-crafted piece. Cleaning it off with a rag, she placed it on the board. She took out a pair of dice and a few cards and placed them on the board. She gazed at his bed putting her hand on his. She smiled and began to read her pre-written notes.

A flash of light transports you into a new world. As the light fades from your peripheral vision, you are placed into a dark forest. Weeping willows seem to cry your name as you venture through dragging vines and thick brush. Ducking below hanging branches and dodging poison ivy. The dim lit moon your only source of light as you move through the forest of hidden secrets. A calm breeze filters through your nose, among the freshest air you might have ever experienced.

He rolled the dice, it was just like any other day. He'd chosen Rig, His faithful high elf archer. Rig had been through a lot, Rig was his first hero. He purchased him when he was 12 back when he entered the tabletop rpg world. He even painted it himself, obviously updated over the years. Rig was a great hero, he won many battles. Today in his eyes was just like any other day... In his head.

Upon entering the battlefield, he was greeted by another hero, Her name was Tesla and she was a half elf Magi. Tesla explained to Rig that there had been a problem deep in the forest and creatures have begun being slaughtered by a viscous warrior. Adorned with sword and shield, the warrior exhibited strength that they surely could not take on alone. Rig and Tesla moved deep into the woods looking for Katrina, his faithful feline companion. He let out a call for her and she came rushing through the woods, standing at Rigs side ready.

She cried gently rubbing his hand. He didn't respond to her. Only slept with the machines assisting his breathing. Confronted with 2 possibilities. She paused looking to his unconscious body for a decision. She did the only thing that could truly give a fair outcome, she rolled another die.

Rig placed himself in a tree, he gripped his bow, pulling the arrow back. The bow yielding tension as he readied himself upon the Warrior. Tesla teleported under the tree and called out to the warrior gaining his attention. The Warrior green likely of an Orcish race. Unsure of his clan type Tesla hesitated on the execution of her spell, Because of the hesitation he caught her off guard knocking the staff from her hand. He brought up his knee and kicked her square in the stomach sending her flying into the tree behind her.

Katrina lounged at him biting at his arm ripping it open. The wound leaving a bloody trail over the forest area around them. She jumped back and hissed. Attempting to jump at him again, she was intercepted by his shield. Taking the brute force of her own momentum she flew backward landing beside Tesla. He spread his legs, throwing out his arms shield and sword in hands. He let out a massive battle cry.

Rig let the arrow go taking with it only air. The arrow penetrated his shoulder, the warrior ripped the arrow out letting out an angry roar. Rig readied another arrow as the orc unleashed his sword. The sword spiraled through the air and took Rig out of the tree knocking him to the ground with fatal damage. Tesla panicked grabbing her staff, she rushed over to his body as the orc came at them. She closed her eyes.

Looking at the decisions and poor outcomes of the random dies, she hesitated and sighed quietly to herself.

"I use all of my power to create an energy shield around myself and my allies."

She rolled the die, the roll was high enough to not only protect them but backfire if penetrated!

The Orc's sword hit the shield, his sword broke in half and the energy erupted in a burst consuming the orc. Once he was gone Tesla tended to Rig. Katrina gaining consciousness rushed to her masters side. Tesla and Katrina looked on as Rig began to bleed out from a mortal wound in his chest. The roll was another win. Tesla had requested that Katrina share her life force to give Tesla the power to heal Rig. Her hands began to glow as she went over his body, healing and closing the wound. Rig returned smiling at the two girls that made his life worth living.

"Visiting time is over. I'm sorry miss you'll need to leave", A nurse said as the girl whom played Tesla celebrated a victory. Her eyes looked over him. She cleaned up the books, dice and everything else related to the game. She leaned over to kiss him before leaving. She'd been at this for months, showing up almost every day to continue the story and try to bring him back.

She returned the next day and started again. Rig, Tesla and Katrina, in the story she'd created were after a treasure. Called the mystery of memory. They'd beat a dragon and done so many other unimaginable things to get to the chest. Finally close to the end, she rolled the die a final time to see if they'd get the chest without springing a trap. She won the roll, for Rig. He walked up to the chest, opening it. The dungeon illuminated with light. As it opened, the past of their lives flashed before them. She'd hope this would work, it had to work.

"I'm sorry, he's not coming back. All brain activity has gone, and we are going to have to let him go."

"No you can't.. It isn't over, we aren't done! He has to know.. He has to know!", She screamed and kicked as they pulled her away. His breather stopped and he began to flat-line. She cried and screamed the entire time. Just as they pulled her from the room. The flat-line bleeped. Again it bleeped and several times more until the line had steadied. They stopped, letting her go. She ran to his side wrapping her arms around him, she cried over his chest.

His finger twitched and eventually his whole hand began to move. His chest was now soaked from her crying. He felt the piece at his side, it was Rig. He closed his hand around it and moved his arm around her. She looked up shocked, her eyes met his opened eyes for the first time in months. She sobbed and crawled up on the bed beside him. He stuttered out "I ha--a-ve to know w-what?"

She looked up wiping her tears away, "That I still love you."


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