Yolks has a minion!

Yolks the Yume

Legacy Name: Yolks

The Chibi Kanis
Owner: Someone

Age: 15 years, 10 months, 1 week

Born: September 25th, 2006

Adopted: 15 years, 10 months, 1 week ago (Legacy)

Adopted: September 25th, 2006 (Legacy)


  • Level: 29
  • Strength: 72
  • Defense: 73
  • Speed: 73
  • Health: 73
  • HP: 73/73
  • Intelligence: 1
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Refreshment Concierge

The "big guns" in my Yume Army.

You can find the Yume Army and gallery HERE. I've been collecting and into yumes since I started on Subeta and used to lend them out back when they yielded the old box avatar! I've decided through many conversations that yumes mostly live on a diet of socks and consume a great number of them (which is why I additionally have a sock gallery). I hope to one day get all the socks on site but I'm afraid I'm slacking in my ability to find them all (especially the CW ones).


___If anyone is crazy enough to draw this cutie in a yume costume then I'd love them and if there were yumes all over the place then my life is yours 5ever.
Never enough Yumes!!!!

Yume Army

The troops! Enlisted soldiers.

Yume Army

The troops! Noncommissioned officers.

Yume Army

The troops! Warrant officers.

Yume Army

The troops! Commissioned officers.

Yume Army

The troops! Field officers.
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Sunny Side Up Sticker

Rabbit Following


Hard Boiled Eggs

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Holiday Angel Kanis Plushie

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Sad Egg

Little Egglet

Lucky Shamrock

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Yume Costume

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