lil_elsie has a minion!

Princess the Dozy Doats

Legacy Name: lil_elsie

The Common Experiment #333
Owner: panda_cub29

Age: 16 years, 2 months, 2 days

Born: September 30th, 2006

Adopted: 16 years, 2 months, 2 days ago (Legacy)

Adopted: September 30th, 2006 (Legacy)


  • Level: 163
  • Strength: 416
  • Defense: 169
  • Speed: 164
  • Health: 147
  • HP: 147/147
  • Intelligence: 1,397
  • Books Read: 1372
  • Food Eaten: 3
  • Job: Analytic Methodologist

It was a dark and windy night the trees were swaying and bending in the wind. Laying under one old tree wrapped up in a blanket was a tiny baby which started to cry just has a police officer was walking by at once he turned on his flash light and looked around for the little one that was crying. When he spotted the basket he slowly walked up to it and tried not to scare the baby once the little one saw him she stopped crying the officer picked up the tiny ball of fluff and held her close to him to help keep her warm she snuggled into the officer and fell asleep. Back out the police station everyone was shocked when the officer told them where he found the tiny baby no one could believe the someone would leave a small child alone out in a horrible windy night. A call was made to a lady that the police knew well and that she looked after many young children that had be abandoned by their parents, the lady told the officer that she would be there as soon as she could. On the drive to the police station the lady had many things going though her head like why would some one do this and how on earth did the person not drop it of at a hospital or a police or fire station where it would have been in a safe place she felt tears rolling down her cheek she knew it was not the time to loss it now. Once she pulled into the drive at the station she got out of the car and headed to the door before she could open it someone was already holding it open for her as she walked into the room where the little one was being looked after by the officer that found the baby she could see he had fallen in love with it she told the officer that she could take it but she already had to many children to look after he looked at her and told her he was sorry to have asked her to come in as he had made a call to his wife and told her about the baby he found, his wife told him she would be there soon. The officers wife entered the station and was taken to where her husband was, as she entered the room both the officer and the lady looked up at her the officer stood up so his wife could sit and see the baby she fell in love with the tiny little fluffy baby and she knew she had to take the child home so she could look after the child. All over the news was where the baby was found that had been abandoned and the police would like to talk to the parents, but sadly no one came forward to claim the child. In the end the baby was given a name and had found her self a new home with the officer and his wife they called their little baby lil_elsie who grew up to be the most wonderful young lady she is today. lil_elsie is always found with a book or books in her arms as she loves to read.

Pet Treasure

Ai no Torrey Koibito

Bobs Pie Book

Book of Ancient Black Magic

Book of Books I

Book of Books II

Book of Blight

Book of Cupcakes

Book of Donations

Book of Extremely Vague Prophecy

The Big Book of Felis

Big Book of Jokes

Book of Magic I

Book Package

Book of Pink

Book of Quills

Book of Shadows

Book of Shinwa

Book of Speeling Eror

Book of Terriers

Book of Very Interesting People


Bitten Cookbook

Bound Eternal Tome

Bumbles and the Candy Corn Ghouls

Candyscorn Smiles

Cannons for Scallywags

Cursed Book

Dripping Elder Tome

Famous Cults

Feli Autograph Book


Guarded Book

Harvest Bedtime Tales

Keiths Coding Jumble Book

Mallarchy Care

Onegai Maleria II

Painted Pumpkins

Seven Scared Spirits

Soup Secrets

Spiffy Pink Book

Spirit Photography Photo Album

Tales of Gossamer Wings

The Archan, The Goddess, and The Bathroom Cabinet

The Best Morostide Attractions

The Everything Book

The History of Tempest

The Fearless Old Wizard

The Fat Feli

The Big Book of PHP

The Big Book of Lizards

The Lost and Found Book

The Lone Muffin

The Lone Muffin Fights Again!

Muffin Man vs. Mister Cupcake

The Rreign

UFO Sightings!

Uncommon Jams

Ultimate Morostide Decorations

Understanding the Universe

Year Eight Demi Planner

529 Doughnuts

Guide to Canning

Gourdeous Gourds: Kabocha Recipes

Pickles 101

Pretzel-Shaped Book

The Candy Cane Book

Them Pumpkin Guts

Accounts from the First Fireside

Fireside Stories

Under the Garden Gate

Spirit Photography Photo Album

Drills Initiation Invite

What is Out There?

How to Build Sand Castles

Shelley the Shy Little Robin

Mirage Issue 2

Intermediate Rhyming

Users of Subeta

Kawaii Zooky!!

Guide to Finding Merana

Onegai Maleria II

The Slots

Heather - The Dork

The Sick Clawsion

The Ontra That Could

Book of Stuff

Staff Diary


Clarence the Big Crimson Rreign

Pumpkin Imp Tales

Throwing Techniques

Montre Mysteries

Ziaran Battles

Days of Pylot

Maple Leaf Ragtime Sheet Music

Music Sheet

Peacherine Ragtime Sheet Music

The Rosebud March Sheet Music

The Entertainer Ragtime Sheet Music

Sunflower Slow Drag Sheet Music

Unholy Pages

Blank Composers Book

Music Theory Grade 1

Music Theory Grade 2

Music Theory Grade 3

Music Theory Grade 4

Music Theory Grade 5

Music Theory Grade 6

Music Theory Grade 7

Music Theory Grade 8

Beginning Rhyming

Music 101

Rap CD

Rock CD

Classical CD

Unorganized Sheets of Music

Dripping Elder Tome

The Language of the Tormirgard

Herbal Tea Recipes

Sheeta Secrets

Early Growth

Well-Loved Beat-Up Book

The Rosemary Kelly Guide To Bird Watching

Getting the Most from Your Beach Run Workout

Running Trail Guide

Safety For Runners

Plants You Can Eat

Plants to Avoid While Hiking

Safety For Hikers

The Winter Grove

Taxidermy for the Unliving

Cozy Winter Scarves

Fireside Fires

How to Pickle This and That

Behind the Scenes of Harvest Plays

Pumpkin-Free Fall Recipes

Clarence the Big Crimson Rreign

Too Much Truffle

How to Plant a Tree Kit

Monstrous Tales

The Rainbow Vortex

Pop-Up Book of Heroic Tales

Pop-Up Book of Pets

Anastasia Trading Card

Dawn Rreign Trading Card

Dusk Ontra Trading Card

Elsie Trading Card

Field Tigrean Trading Card

Gunter Trading Card

Jack Cardale Trading Card

Lilac Kumos Trading Card

Luminaire Trading Card

Queen of Morostide Trading Card

Quentin Trading Card

Rainbow Trading Card

Spectrail Rainbow Trading Card

Spectrum Kanis Trading Card

Sephora Trading Card

The King Trading Card

The Oracle Trading Card

Babette Trading Card

Bob the Fishing Ontra Trading Card

Darkness Trading Card

Happy Birthday Trading Card

Manwar Trading Card

Iris the Feli Trading Card

Kelly Trading Card

Mysterious Melody Trading Card

Sterling the Paralix Trading Card

The Graveyard Trading Card

Tobias Trading Card

Atebus Trading Card

Cluttered Human Avatar Trading Card

Donation Center Trading Card

Esther Trading Card

Mister Koodu Trading Card

Oatmeal Trading Card

Riverside Valley Trading Card

Shinwa Trading Card

Coda Caves Trading Card

Fashion Victim Trading Card

Job Agency Trading Card

Kain Trading Card

Oekaki Trading Card

Teal the Mallarchy Trading Card

Ikumoradeekanox Trading Card

Liz Trading Card

Plushie Trading Card

Spiked Collar Trading Card

The Geek Trading Card

Angrybeard Trading Card

Slots Trading Card

Zuzu Trading Card

Angelic Booster Pack

Arid Booster Pack

Bloodred Booster Pack

Dawn Booster Pack

Dusk Booster Pack

Field Booster Pack

Lilac Booster Pack

Spectrum Booster Pack

Sun Booster Pack

Sun Booster Pack

Twilight Booster Pack

Asmodeus Pocket Moleculizer Trading Card

Azra Mahar Trading Card

Baby Cthulhu Mahar Trading Card

Banishing Force Mahar Trading Card

Bloodred Kora Maze Trading Card

Bloodred Lasirus Maze Trading Card

Bloodred Mortiking Maze Trading Card

Bloodred Paralix Maze Trading Card

Bountiful Banquet Mahar Trading Card

Caffeinated Wabbit Mahar Trading Card

Ceiling Collapse Maze Trading Card

Graveyard Irion Maze Trading Card

Healing Potion Mahar Trading Card

Log Trap Maze Trading Card

Miraculous Recovery Mahar Trading Card

Glacier Chelon Maze Trading Card

Golden Chirrup Mahar Trading Card

Incantations Maze Trading Card

Inspiring Loyalty Neutral Trading Card

Meat Shield Maze Trading Card

Path of the Sacred Lands Neutral Trading Card

Poison Dart Trap Maze Trading Card

Smoke Trap Maze Trading Card

Watcher Mahar Trading Card

Ytivan Blizzard Neutral Trading Card

Promo Holographic Darkmatter Tigrean Trading Card

Promo Lasirus Trading Card

Promo Mortiking Trading Card

Promo Tigrean Trading Card

Promo Torrey Trading Card

Promo Velosotor Trading Card

Book Worm

Dark Matter Dice Drinking Game Rules

Scratch Card Drinking Game Rules

Slots Drinking Game Rules

About Coffee

My First Beer Book

Tea Book

Spring Wedding Invitation

Wooden Ledger

2017 Resolutions

Subeta 2017 A New Hope

The Discovery of Atebus

The Mysteries of Subeta

Subeta History

Book of Healing

King Keiths Items

The Plague Ruffies

Frozen Baking

Frozen Flowers

Ruined Travel Guide

Gripping Tale

Fireside Burning

Interpreter of Mallarchies

The Littlest Rreign

The Nostalgic Kanis

Male Clothing Patterns

Autumn Trees

Magic Hinges

How to Befriend Tempest

Caring for Your 0101

Players Pamphlet

Extraterrestrial Life Forms

Dad Jokes

Stories of Despair II

Grave Robbers Manual

The Eyes: A Mystery

Choose Your Own Mystery

Dark Goddess Diary

Striping Candy

Which Stitch

Attack of the Killer Felis

Brainy Love Poems

Book of Death

Blood in the Night

Bloodstain Removal

Bloody Nightmare

Devilish Angel Book

Drawn in Chalk: A Crime Novel

EZ Morostide Decorations

Gothic Notebook

Intermediate Morostide Decorations

Here Lies...

Kuro Neko San Book of Death

How to Kill a Zombie Edition 1

How to Kill a Zombie Edition 2

Gilded Saheric Tome

Night of Horrors

Pop-Up Zombie Storybook

Rotting Book

Shadows and Graves: The Language of the Tehb

Spiders in the Dark

Tarot of Doom, Despair, Desperation and Depravity

Teenage Zombie Diary

The Death Book

The Vampire Hunt

Tome of Terror

The Vampire Hunter

The Haunted Mansion

Living Dead

Ghastly Gruesome Graveyard Ghost Stories

Ghost the Ghostly

Scary Tales

Spooky Graveyard

Spooky Graveyard II

The Graveyard

Ghost the Ghostly

Damaged Book

How to Prepare Eyes

The Ebil Vampire

The Evil That Is... Maliss

The Unliving Speak

White Zombie Book

Zombie Encyclopedia K-O

Zombie Encyclopedia U-Z

Classic Knitting Patterns

Build Your Own Spaceship

Fur Dos....and Donts.

The Gunpowder Treason

The Life and Times of the Ikumoradeekanox

2014 Inspirational Quotes

Voynich Manuscript

Useful Steps

The Cow

Powers of the Mage

Alexander Takes A Gander

Everything You Need to Know About the Taltic

Hikei History

Kora Pop-Up Book

Party Time

Gourd Witch Family Journal

Happy Neve Pile

Book of Life

Book of Love

Book of Ice

Book of Kite Flying

Book of Nature

Scarred Leather Record Book

All I Want For Luminaire Is Yume

Melodys Songs for Beginners

A Telenine Lumineve

A Lizardly Tale

Amateur Effigy Making

Dark Confessions

The Midnight Watch

Minion Manners II

Atebus Fairy Tales

Centropolis Fairy Tales

Darkside Fairy Tales

Delphi Fairy Tales

Omen Islands Fairy Tales

Sacred Lands Fairy Tales

Shadowglen Fairy Tales

Veta Fairy Tales

Bleak Issue 3

Book of Bluegreen Fairy Tales

Book of Snow Fairy Tales

Book of White Fairy Tales

Book of Violet Fairy Tales

The Ontra II

The Ontra III

Book of Demons I

Book of Demons II

Book of Demons III

Book of Demons V

Book of Demons IV

Subeta Dictionary I

Subeta Dictionary II

Subeta Dictionary III

Book of Records

Modified Book of Records

Book of Books III

How to Write II

How to Write III

Modern Science Volume I

Modern Science Volume II

Potions II

Stories of Despair I

Sibling Diary

Conflicted Journal

Dream Journal

Hazels Secret Design Journal

Journal of the Pink Fleece

French Textbook

Russian Textbook

Spanish Textbook

The Atebus Language

Darkness and Ashes: The Language of the Ji-Meneb

The Feli Field Guide to Popularity

The Feli Sisters

Feli Love Stories

Book of Worms

The Locked Book

The Frog

Big Book of Rivenghe

A Fairy Tale

Ancient Sheeta Markings

Ye Olde Medieval Book

Physics Textbook

Shinwa Sketchbook

Sketch Book

Angelic Notebook

Flower Notebook

Arctic Frost Greeting Card

Centropolis Greeting Card

Darkside Greeting Card

Riverside Valley Greeting Card

Happy Birthday Card 1

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Tent Assembly Guide

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Night Sky Print Bookmark

Ocean Print Bookmark

Rainbow Print Bookmark

Snowfall Print Bookmark

Old Wizard School Book Tape

Boring Classics Book Tape

Happy Stories of Joy Book Tape

Making Math Fun Book Tape

Predictable Love Stories Book Tape

Tales of Angst Book Tape

Tales of Blood Book Tape

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