Cage has a minion!

Vex the Skitin

Legacy Name: Cage

The Steamwork Paralix
Owner: PUNK

Age: 15 years, 8 months, 3 days

Born: January 19th, 2005

Adopted: 9 years, 2 months, 4 days ago

Adopted: July 18th, 2011


  • Level: 62
  • Strength: 150
  • Defense: 150
  • Speed: 150
  • Health: 151
  • HP: 151/151
  • Intelligence: 460
  • Books Read: 452
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Forge Tender


Cage lives with his father in a small, slightly run-down house just west of Lake Morta. Their house is secluded, and well away from the nearest town. Cage's father, Torak, works tirelessly, filling empty bottles. Cage is his apprentice, learning the skills his father uses to complete the task. It's been almost 30 years since Torak started his quest. Cage has long learned to live with his fathers demands. Everything must be done, just so.

The day his father explained about the quest was still fresh in his mind. While fishing at the lake, many years ago, Torak had met an old man called Oren. The old man had instructed Torak to complete a task - and the reward would be something beyond his wildest dreams. Immortality. To earn that sweetest of rewards, Torak was to fill every bottle from the 'Alpha List', given to him by Oren. Torak was instructed that if he combined a single drop from every bottle on the list, the potion created will grant immortality. Only one sip of the potion would be needed to become an immortal, and the rest could be passed down from generation to generation.

Cage wasn't sure if his father had thought it through properly - immortality sounded amazing, but he wasn't sure what it would be like in reality. Or if the potion would even work! But he knew better than to raise his concerns with Torak. He was obsessed, and Cage knew nothing would stop his father completing the quest.

So Cage helps his father fill the bottles and arrange them alphabetically on the shelf in the cellar of their small home. Sometimes he accompanied his father on the journeys needed to find the next bottle on the Alpha List. Other times, he would stay behind and make sure all the bottles were labelled and arranged correctly, and entered into his father's journal. There wasn't much time for fun and relaxation, but Cage was used to that - and besides, he knew how much the task meant to his father. Sometimes Cage wished it didn't consume him so, but he understood it would never change. The reward was worth it, a thousand times over, so Torak kept reminding him.

All Cage could do was to look forward to the day his father's quest would end. Maybe then they could spend some time together, relaxing by the lake, maybe fishing, or just talking. Cage wasn't sure what life would be like after the Alpha List was completed. But he knew he wanted the quest to end, soon. All he wanted was to spend some time with his father. He knew if the Alpha List worked, they would have forever to be together as father and son, but what if it didn't? What if all these years had been wasted? What if Oren had lied to his father? Cage shook his head and tried to get those thoughts out of his mind. He had to believe - for if he didn't, there was nothing left.



Background: grsites

Cage logo: cooltext

Profile/story: PUNK

Pet Treasure

Bottled Dark Matter

Bottled Day

Ruffie Bottled Breath

Filled Pyramidal Bottle

Jack Frosts Bottled Breath

Bottled Angst

Limited Edition Bottled Pumpkin Juice

Filled Corked Glass Bottle

Enchanted Bottle of Sea

Enchanted Bottle of Forest

Bottled Yunlong Breath

Bottled Star

Bottled Swamp Water

Bottled Tornado

Bottled Wind

Bottled Spring Water

Bottled School Girl Shriek

Bottle of Saheric Sand

Bottled Rainbow Ruckus

Bottled Night

Bottled Ocean Environment

Bottled Ocean Water


Bottled Love Matter

Bottled Lightning

Bottled Ice

Bottled Hatred

Bottled Fire

Bottled H2O

Bottled Happiness

Bottled Harvest Moon

Bottled Dreams

Bottled Delirium

Bottled Coalbra Venom

Bottled Antilovirus

Pet Friends