Kyrein has a minion!

Buttercream the Ephian


The Cream Anyu
Owner: Buttercream

Age: 13 years, 2 months, 4 weeks

Born: October 24th, 2006

Adopted: 13 years, 2 months, 4 weeks ago (Legacy)

Adopted: October 24th, 2006 (Legacy)

Pet Spotlight Winner
November 12th, 2012


  • Level: 7
  • Strength: 11
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 11
  • Health: 13
  • HP: 13/13
  • Intelligence: 5
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

A fierce and harsh blizzard had assaulted the Arctic Frost many years ago - the worst that any of the denizens had ever experienced. During that unforgiving winter, a lone girl and her trusty, chosen anyu set out to assist the isolated village of Alpendale. The traveling was rough, and they would never have succeeded if not for help from the elusive and mythical snow fairies. By their guidance, Melody - the daring, brave girl - was able to save the town from famine. However, this story isn’t about Melody, but about the descendant of that single anyu who defied all to help her save a helpless community from starvation.

The last day of December had passed by quicker than expected that year. Melody had bestowed her last gift upon patrons of her cottage, and hung up her sign encouraging visitors to return the following December when her magic was reignited. The hills of the Arctic Frost were covered in a fine powdery snow; it had been a mild winter thus far. Although it was perpetually winter, there were still seasonal changes throughout the year. However, when the season shifted into colder temperatures, the citizens would send silent prayers to the Subetan gods for favorable conditions. Anything to never experience that bleak winter again.

The young anyu ran recklessly across the frozen landscape, chasing a large cluster of snowflake matter swirling in a lazy manner. They began to move in a more agitated manner as her large paw came sweeping into the midst of them. Kyrein knew this was a futile expenditure but it was just so much fun to hunt them around the Ice Fields. The swarms were never hurt by her actions, just thoroughly annoyed by the high pitched chime they admitted after just a few minutes of lively chase. Eventually she would leave them alone, and go in search of other playmates.

She was always alone; the descendants of Melody’s sacred anyu were intimidating and few would dare approach her in friendship. Her great-great-great grandfather by her mother’s side had single-handedly shaped her life by the large lavender birthmark imprinted upon her rump. Any offspring of that lineage had a chance to bare this mark, but very few produced the uniquely coloured brand. The six pointed star shape was symbolic of the snowflakes that rained for days that dreaded winter.

Kyrein loved to explore the Ice Fields during the winter months due to the higher prevalence of fauna activity. Many critters could be found frolicking around the low rolling hills, searching for food and shelter. A snowflaer wading through the snow, an arctic shrew scurrying from half-exposed rock to half-exposed rock, a mated pair of budgies nibbling on iced berries. It was fascinating to watch, to explore, to learn about the behaviors of the critters who inhabited the Arctic Frost. She definitely wasn’t going to be traveling the rest of Subeta, best to experience what she could here on her continent; her species did not do well outside of the colder habitats. Best to experience what she could here on her native continent.

This was her 17th winter cycle. One more year and she could undertake the sacred pilgrimage to Alphendale to pay homage to her ancestor, and become inducted into Melody’s service. Kyrein did not dread this experience; if anything she looked forward to the chance to meet those who were like her. The numbers of Melody’s chosen anyu had dwindled over the years, but they would be welcoming of Kyrein. She had to endure just one more year of loneliness, and adventures in her own secluded Ice Fields would help fill the void.

The sun was nearing the highest point in the sky when Kyrein set out to do her daily exploring. The light glinted off crystalline icicles clinging to bare branches, casting a spectrum of colours across the vivid white snow. Her paws made soft crunches as she padded in a leisurely way along a random path. She spotted some of her favorite species already: a mother Halix and her two whelplings, a feisty Muse that growled when Kyrein happened upon him accidently, and a trio of Pebbits pushing snowballs along with their noses. It had been an exciting afternoon thus far.

The path Kyrein was following continued to tread deeper within the Fields. The rolling hills at the start had disappeared and she now traveled on frozen ground surrounded by glacier-cut walls. Her ears would prick at every unusual sound; she was on guard for anything. As she neared a large boulder, a harsh scream filled the air. Kyrein took off quickly, following the terrible cries around the corner. She stopped dead in her tracks and gasps, rearing back onto her hind legs. Before her stood, Mama Mush, a fearsome, crazied anyu rumored to the frequent the Ice Fields. Kyrein had always dismissed the idea she existed, until now. The mighty beast was at least two times larger than her body, the white and grey fur was matted and dirty, and she gnashed her teeth together at her prey.

Kyrein failed to see the small creature initially, but as she tore her gaze away from the deadly anyu, she noticed the terrified thing backed into a corner with no escape. The critter had two long corkscrew horns and a fluffy tail divided into five or six parts. Its skin was the palest blue, whitened by fear. A sudden emotion took over control of Kyrein’s reasoning! She stood high on her back legs and roared with all her might at Mama Mush. The crazed anyu turned around with such agility that Kyrein took a tentative step backwards, balancing her body effortlessly. As the larger species looked Kyrein over with intelligent pale eyes, she met the gaze with intensity and courage. She would not back down to anything that bullied another creature, not even something bigger and stronger than her.

Kyrein let loose another ferocious roar, one that Mama Mush seemed to acknowledge by a slight head incline. It was not a submissive gesture by any means, but more one that said “I see you, and I heed.” Mama Mush turned on her legs with that same stunning agility, and began to trot down the path away from Kyrein and past the frightened creature. As the last of the beast’s outline disappeared over the horizon, Kyrein flopped down on shaking limbs into the cool snow-covered ground. She shifted her head slightly to examine the critter she risked her life for. There weren’t any visible wounds, just the shaking and pale complexion. Kyrein breathed a deep sigh of relief, and slowly clamoured back to her paws.

As she maneuvered her body to head back down her original path, Kyrein paused and looked over her shoulder at the creature. She made eye contact with the critter, and with a brief tilt of her head and a nod, she signaled that it was to follow. The little thing bound out of its terrifying corner, and headed straight to Kyrein’s front right paw, where it firmly grasped the available fur. Kyrein began the slow trek out of the Polar Ice Fields, with her new companion tightly attached to her body and her heart.

Profile and Coding: kyu
Overlay Recolour: Kailette
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