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The Bloodred Yaherra
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Born: November 1st, 2006

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January 30th, 2018


  • Level: 111
  • Strength: 275
  • Defense: 275
  • Speed: 274
  • Health: 275
  • HP: 267/275
  • Intelligence: 32
  • Books Read: 31
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Enthusiastic Tour Guide


A name which I acquired shortly after Darth Nihilus ravaged my homeworld. He subjected my world to ruin. Stripped it completely of the force. I heard a million screams through the force. I was not planet side when reckoning came, but I knew it had. Something felt wrong, so very wrong. It felt so wrong that while in the temple teaching a padawan I came into great sickness. I began puking and quickly lost consciousness. All I can remember is seeing through the force, their torment, their pain, and finally their deaths.

I came to in a medical bay with fellow Jedi Master hanging over me using force healing to bring me back. He mumbled in his own language, one I actually didn't know. When I attempted to use the force to see him, I could not. I spoke out in huttese, the only language aside from my own I could think to speak. Being a common language in the galaxy I assumed it might work. The Jedi above me gasped and changed his tongue to match that which I'd spoke.

"Jedi, You have awoken! I am concerned about your well-being. While you are now present in consciousness, you are not present in the force. I do not understand. Are you not a Master? Are you not a Miraluka?"

I sat up and shoke my head pushing my hands around the cloth that covered my eyeless face.

"I am a Jedi, yes. Not quite a Master though I teach younglings the value of seeing without the use of eyes. As a Miraluka, I use the force to see. Something is wrong. Tell me healer, what is your name?"

"I am called Jika"

I took a deep breath.

"Well, Jika, I need your help. I need you to take me to the council. I am absent of the force. This makes me completely blind. I can not see you, I can not see my wounds. I am at a loss, because I'm not even sure of where I am. Please take me to the council something horrible has happened to Katarr."

I stood before the council. Blind, confused and alone. I pleaded and begged them to take me home. Send aid to my world. Investigate. Anything that might give me some answers. They neglected my cries for help. It turns out Katarr had collapsed nearly 2 weeks before. I'd been in a comma since losing consciousness in the temple. They explained to me that Darth Nihilus had preformed a ritual that reaped my planet. It consumed the force and every living thing on it.

I learned horrors I didn't know could happen. For years I was tormented by the screams, I was cut off from the force for so long, I didn't know what or how to feel anymore. When the force finally returned to me, I didn't know if I could trust the order. I left Tython and took my ship to Katarr. I had to see it for myself. I'd spent years trying to come to terms with something I can't fully understand.

When I reached the surface, I again became blind. The air was bland and empty. There was no sound. No smell. It was nothing. The blank emptiness was chilling. I hurried for my ship droid to escort me back to my vessel. Something about being here didn't seem right. I quickly left but something about that planet. It changed my views of the galaxy. I sat at the edge of the mid rim and thought. What might I do next? Am I still a Jedi?

I felt something radiate through the force. It was familiar. Memories came to me and that's when I knew. I wasn't the only Miraluka left. My sister Visas Marr, She made it! But she seemed different. Her pain wasn't of the great loss but of what she has become. I felt her being tortured. Had Nihilus kidnapped her? Taken her as his own and twisting tormenting her?

"Hey pretty lady, why don't you turn around and show us a little dance? Hmm?" The Sullustan moved his hand and began to touch her hair. She grabbed his hand and twisted it slightly before turning around. She kicked up her legs around his neck and brought his head down to the ground. Holding his arm in the air. She growled above him.

"Do not touch me vile beast!". She muttered out as she twisted his arm until she heard a snap. She left him there and stood up straight. Correcting her posture everyone in the Cantina looked in awe as they saw the strip of leather that completely covered her eyes. A Duros began to discuss with his group about her. He spoke in Huttese, plotting that they might kidnap her for a wealthy some from a Hutt. They schemed to take her and sell her to the highest bidder.

Before he could finish his thought, the whoosh of her red saber went through his chest. The beam disappearing as he slumped over in his chair. The crew stood up screaming at her in Huttese. Pulling out their blasters they began to shoot at her. Unsheathing her second, blue saber she kept her stance and very casually deflected each bolt. Growing tired of the failed attempts on her life, she hurled her blue saber in the head of a Trandoshan.

She put out her hand and the saber flew back to her hand. She grabbed the saber attaching it to the red. The beam of the newly formed double-bladed saber radiated until the red and blue beams turned completely purple. She pushed out her right leg and stood in a slightly lower position. Holding the blade behind her back, she put her free hand before her holding a closed palm with her index and middle finger pointing to the ceiling. She looked at the bodies she'd created and scanned the room.

"Now then, May I continue my drink in peace or would someone else like to try and sell me to the highest bidder?"

The cantina went completely silent until the bar tender poured her a fresh drink. She nodded and split her saber before putting them both back on her belt. She sat back down at the bar and began to drink. The cantina slowly came back to life and she wasn't bothered again.

I remember when I first felt it, the darkness seeping through my veins. Some part of me wanted it and as I made my descent to the darkness, Those who died by my hand were spared no suffering. No part of me felt pity for them. I was stronger than I'd ever been, and they died a death by no honor, as they had begged for mercy.

She knew her path now, It'd been years since Katarr was destroyed and she had one goal in life. To find her sister. One which would lead her conflicted between the darkness and the light.

Am I good? Am I bad?

Well, That would depend on the day. There is good people within the Empire and bad people within the Republic. Both hiding just beneath the surface from fear of death or exile. We all have secrets, and we all hide our true selves. Only with the force do we find truth. The path of light and dark are one in the same. The difference is that one rules with false hopes of peace and understanding. While the other rules with violence and fear.

Mar is my original Star Wars character that lived during the Old Republic Era. During her story some lingo shows up that might be a tad confusing to people that aren't fans of the Old Republic Era. Below are some small descriptions and links if you are interested in learning more!

Miraluka - A race of force-sensitive humanoids that are born without eyes and use the force to see.
Darth Nihilus - A Sith that survived the first use of the Mass Shadow Generator that began to crave the force. He later became an "entity" and left his body behind.
Katarr - Miraluka Homeworld destroyed by Darth Nihilus.
Tython - Planet used by the Jedi order to train Padawans.
Visas Marr - The only Miraluka to survive planetside of the attack on Katarr.
Cantina - Space bar.

Other races mentioned
Sullustan, Duros, and Trandoshan.


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