Swords has a minion!

Walter Anthony Fisher the Banshee

Legacy Name: Swords

The Nightmare Mortiking
Owner: Billy

Age: 13 years, 11 months, 3 weeks

Born: November 5th, 2006

Adopted: 13 years, 11 months, 3 weeks ago (Legacy)

Adopted: November 5th, 2006 (Legacy)


  • Level: 1,224
  • Strength: 3,060
  • Defense: 3,057
  • Speed: 2,244
  • Health: 3,206
  • HP: 3,206/3,206
  • Intelligence: 1,571
  • Books Read: 922
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Deputy Director



Chancellors War Shield
Chancellors War Shield: Blocks all Physical and All Dark

Mirroring Shield of Brilliance
Mirroring Shield of Brilliance Blocks all Physical and Light.
The Ether
The Ether: Deals 7-12 fire, 7-12 Water, 9 Light, and Nine Dark icons. Blocks all Physical and heals 10%, does not take healer spot. Generates a random Legendary weapon combo.

Wrath Of Kahaleitzli
Wrath Of Kahaleitzli: Deals 12 Fire, 11-15 Magma, 11-15 Light. Blocks all fire, heals 10%, does not take up healer spot. Has a Curse that deals 15 icons, and lasts 2 turns.
Keiths Ultimate Freezewand of Doom
Keiths Ultimate Freezewand of Doom: Primary Attack: 30 Water or Ice, 1-12 Wind, Block all Fire, 10% Heal, Low chance to freeze. Secondary Attack: (Very low chance), 19 Ice, 17 Water, 1-6 Wind, Blocks all Fire, 12% Heal, 100% Freeze Does not take healing NOR freezing spot.

Chancellors War Shield
Chancellors War Shield: Blocks all Physical and All Dark
Tier 7 and up only
Shinwas Sacred Bow
Shinwas Sacred Bow: Deals 11-15 Earth, 11-15 Light, 12 Physical , blocks all Dark, and heals 10% Health. Has a Blessing : Blocks 4 of each icon and heals 30 HP, lasts 2 turns.
Malerias Hand Mirror
Malerias Hand Mirror: Blocks all dark.
Gelatin Slayer
Gelatin Slayer: Deals 24-28 Light, 1-4 Physical, Blocks all Dark.
Maniacal Essence
Maniacal Essence: 10% heal, 9-15 fire, 20 dark, 5-10 magma, def all dark

Malerias Short Sword
Malerias Short Sword: Deals 11 Dark, 9 magma, 9 wind icons, blocks all earth. Has a curse that deals 20 icons for one turn.
Calvin Blackmoons Field Talisman
Calvin Blackmoons Field Talisman : Deals 2 earth, 2 Physical, blocks all earth.
Oracles Staff of Enlightenment
Oracles Staff of Enlightenment: Deals 12 Earth, 11-15 Light, 11-15 Dark, blocks all Earth, 10% heal. has a Blessing that blocks 3 of each icon and heals 1000 HP for 3 turns.

Wand of the Phoenix
Wand of the Phoenix: Deals 11-15 Fire, 12 wind, 11-15 Magma, blocks all Ice. Heals 10% HP, Has a Blessing: Blocks all Icons , One turn.
Ignitious: ONLY WHEN PANDEMONIUM IS IN YOUR SET: deals 7 Physical, wind, water, and dark icons. Blocks all ice. Has different stats when Pandemonium is not in your set.
Sandreaver: Deaks 15 air, 11-15 earth and fire, def all ice. Heals 10%

Mirroring Shield of Brilliance
Mirroring Shield of Brilliance Blocks all Physical and Light. Tier 7 and up only
Malerias Staff of Destruction
Malerias Staff of Destruction: Deals 11-15 wind, 11-15 Dark, 12 Magma, blocks all light and heals 10%, does not count as healer. Has a curse that does 20 icons for 1 turn.
Dark Goddess Rod
Dark Goddess Rod : Deals 12 Dark, 4 Light, 10 magma and 4-6 wind, blocks all light, , has a blessing that blocks all light and heals 50 HP.
Hydragellos Maniacal Core
Hydragellos Maniacal Core40 dark or 40 light, def all light, low chance to def all of every icon type except physical

Shinwas Short Sword
Shinwas Short SwordDeals 11 Light, 9 water, 9 Earth, Blocks all magma, and has a blessing that blocks 4 of each icon and heals 30 HP, lasts 2 turns.
Blackmoons Staff
Blackmoons Staff: Deals 11-15 ice, 12 Light, 11-15 Dark, Blocks all magma, heals 10%, does not count as a healer, and has a curse that deals 20 icons for one turn.
Pandemonium ONLY BLOCKS ALL MAGMA WHEN IGNITIOUS IS IN YOUR SET Deals 7 Physical, earth, fire and dark icons, blocks all magma. has different stats when Ignitious is not in your set.

Daemon: Blocks all Water.
Welldweller Cuirass
Welldweller Cuirass: Blocks all Water, heals 8-15% Health.
Pirate Cutlass
Pirate Cutlass : Deals 14-18 Water, 6 Physical, Blocks all Water.
Sword of the Seven Seas
Sword of the Seven Seas Deals 11-15 Water, 11-15 wind, 12 Ice, blocks all water, and heals 10%, does not take healer spot. Has a Blessing that Blocks all wind and dark, and heals 15 HP for 3 turns

Cuirass of Deathward
Cuirass of Deathward Blocks all wind, Heals 120 HP
Oracles Short Sword
Oracles Short Sword: deals 9 fire, 9 Water, 11 Earth. Blocks All wind. has a Blessing that Blocks 3 of each icon and heals 1000 HP for 3 turns.
Swashbuckle: Deals 12-16 Water, 12-16 Dark, 10 Physical, Blocks all Wind, heals 10%, does not count as a healer.
Trident of the Banished One
Trident of the Banished One: Deals 7-14 Earth, 14 magma, and 17 water. Heals 7%, Blocks all wind. Has a Blessing that blocks all earth, Magma, and water, as well as heals 10HP for 3 turns and a curse that does 16 icons for one turn.

Pet Treasure

Electric Hikei Sword

Blackest Sword of Darkest Death

Sword of Sparrows

Oracle Short Sword Plushie

Purple Short Sword Plushie

Unadorned Blood Sword

Unadorned Moonsteel Sword

Unadorned Austeel Sword

Shear Sword

Snow Queen Sword

Fake Forest Sword

Golden Short Sword

Aqua Lite Crystal Sword

Kuro Neko San Kitty Sword of Death

Cuttlefish Sword

Cursed Gemsword

Lost Schoolboy Sword

Serrated Seraph Sword

Fierce Sword

Teddy Bear Sword

Malticorn Toy Sword

Unadorned Precious Sword

Cursed Demon Sword

Chibi Broad Sword

Chewed On Sword

Sword of Love

Sword of Clouds

Nutcracker Toy Sword

Pirate Sword

Sheathed Skull-Hilted Sword

Sword of Juno

Heated Short Sword

Toy Soldier Sword

Sword of Autumn

Marauders Mortuary Sword

Libra Sword of Balance

Pearl Flat Sword

Aquarium Swordtail Fish

Bagged Swordtail Fish

Artifact Sword

Oddly Pixelated Sword

Shinwas Short Sword

Malerias Short Sword

Oracles Short Sword

Onyx Shard Sword

Mercurial Throwing Vial

2005 New Years Sword

Antihero Sword

Blue Crystal Sword

Blue Short Sword

Bone Sword

Bronze Short Sword

Cadogre Sword of Dreaming

Chain Sword

Classic Hero Sword

Cybill Double-Bladed Flipper Sword

Dark Matter Crystal Sword

Dark Matter Short Sword

Dark-Jeweled Sword

Demi Sword

Dillema Pushpin Swords

Fake Light Sword of Justice

Ghostly Sword

Gingerbread Sword

Glowing Cemetery Sword

Gold Plated Crystal Sword

Graveyard Short Sword

Green Crystal Sword

Green Short Sword

Green Short Sword Plushie

Heated Short Sword Plushie

Icy Sheeta Gem Sword

Illumis Lilac Butterfly Swords

Inflatable Sword

Item Hunters Sword

Keeto Battle Sword

Kora Sword

Leidina Look-alike Large Sword

Normal Short Sword

Omniscient Sword of Prophecy

Pink Crystal Sword

Piraticorian Sword

Plastic Toy Sword

Purple Short Sword

Red Crystal Sword

Red Short Sword

Red Short Sword Plushie

Ruffie Sword

Ruffie Sword of Slaying

Sacred Short Sword

Shadow Short Sword

Shinwas Fairy Sword of Purity

Shinwas Sword of Victory

Short Sword Plushie

Silver Short Sword

Silver Short Sword Plushie

Spiral Sword

Stone Sword Mold

Sword Carved Pumpkin

Sword Cookie

Sword of Darkness

Sword of Evil

Sword of Two Sides

Sword Pirate Cupcake

Telenine Sword

Tutani Sword

Ultra Sword

Unadorned Bronze Sword

Unadorned Celestium Sword

Unadorned Core Sword

Unadorned Gold Sword

Unadorned Silver Sword

Unadorned Steel Sword

Used Short Sword

Used Short Sword Plushie

Vegetable Sword

Pet Friends