Wenceslaus has a minion!

Jolly the Nisse

Legacy Name: Wenceslaus

The Glacier Antlephore
Owner: EvilRedDuckie

Age: 16 years, 9 months, 1 week

Born: December 24th, 2006

Adopted: 16 years, 9 months, 1 week ago (Legacy)

Adopted: December 24th, 2006 (Legacy)


  • Level: 50
  • Strength: 68
  • Defense: 12
  • Speed: 12
  • Health: 12
  • HP: 12/12
  • Intelligence: 82
  • Books Read: 78
  • Food Eaten: 10
  • Job: Window Service Clerk

Pet Treasure

Yule Bell

Uber Fluffy Luminaire Stocking

Coal Mole

Old Box of Ornaments

Snowy Village Train Depot

Solar Powered Elf

Cuddly Melody Doll

Snowy Village Trash Can

Snowy Village Get Mugged!

Santa Wall Clock

Reindeer Rocking Horse

Lumineve Gift

Gingerbread Patterned Sweater

Mutated Candy Cane

Decorative Snowman Pillow

Ghost of Lumineve Past

Ghost of Lumineve Present

Ghost of Lumineve Future


Gift Gremlin

Super Cute Gift Gremlin Toy

Winter Sleigh Knickknack

Norlander Festive Cap

Cream Holiday Candle

Decorative Dreidle Pillow

Fire-Safe Menorah

Decorative Star of David Pillow

Mouse Snowball

Snowflake Candle


Holly Jolly Snowman Jacket


Winter Fun Fashion Doll

Seasonal Bottle of Snow Syrup

Luminaire Holiday Palm

Floppy Fraustus Buddy

Candy Cane Pram

Present Bomb

Holiday Dark Matter

Gothic Lumineve Tree

Green Candy Cane Necktie

Homemade Antlephore Ornament

Last Minute DIY Ornament Kit

Lovely Winter Photo

Sprucey Wallcling

Gray and Blue Snowflake Sweater

Snow Family

Festive Luminaire Head Piece

Gold Menorah Candle Pack


Chill Remedy

Silly Reindeer Hat

Donder Reindeer Plushie

Festive Vintage Antlephore Plushie

Soft Kitty Plushie

Flopits Lumineve Tree

Jingle Bell Bomb

Holly Leaf Earrings

Leftover Strands of Red Tinsel and Ribbon

Luminaire Gingerbread Beanbag

Gingerbread Fox Plushie

Sun Harvester Stocking

Glacier Kumos Plushie

Luminaire DCM Plushie

Spectrum Luminaire Stocking

Glorious Glaciers

Icicle Pop

Luminaire Tree Cupcake

Peppermint Swirl Cookies

Sugared Gumdrops

Thumbprint Snowman Cookie

Cozy Mermaid Plushie

Experiment 932 Stocking

Gold Luminaire Candle

Childs Dreidel

Snowy Village Cabin

Counting Snowflakes

Minion Manners I

Chocolate Dipped Lumineve Tree Marshmallow

Luminaire Pudding

Possessed Candy Cane

Snow Truffles

Winter Ice Jelly Cakes

Empty Stocking

Gingerbread Whale Plushie

Luminaire Sweater Tutani Plushie

Red Holiday Candle

Tinsel Halo

Giant Gingerbread Candy Cane Lolly


Yellow Bell Decorative Lights

Bebemelody Plushie

Holiday Bear Hugs Plushie

Experiment 84 Stocking

Lumineve Kitty Beanbag

Soft Kitty Beanbag

The Summit and the Sands

Experiment 8625 Stocking

Snowy Village Barber Shop

Nice List

Winter Carols

Ice Beanbag

Warm Experiment 1983 Beanbag

Shnookums Private Diary

Homemade Chocolate

Ornament Gummies

Twilight Harvester Stocking

Pile of Snow Plushie

Snowy Village Magic Box

Snowy Village Windmill

Figgy Pudding

Foil-Wrapped Chocolate Orange

Gingerbread Tree


Chibi Peppermint Popoko Plushie

Glacier Kanis Plushie

Snoweater Plushie

Experiment 245 Stocking

Experiment 625 Stocking

Experiment 56192 Stocking

White Plastic Reindeer

Pink Plastic Reindeer

Black Luminaire

Melodys Big Book of Luminaire Planning

Book of Bluegreen Fairy Tales

Blue Satin Holly Shirt

Health-Conscious Luminaire Snack

Holiday Angel Kanis Plushie

Mauve Plushie

Enamel Dreidel

Silver Menorah

Gray Plastic Reindeer

Tangled Lights

Experiment 2285 Stocking

Luminaire Old Wizard Doll

Burning Hot Holiday Bulb

Potato Latkes

Luminaire Classics

Coal Candy

Gingerbread Star Cookie

Peppermint Swirl

Snowman Hot Chocolate Bomb


Chibi Peppermint Aeanoid Plushie

Orange Ytiva Stacking Doll

Snowman Snow Globe

Legend of Lumineve

The Winter Grove

Giant Mint Candy Cane Lolly

Gingerbread Snow Fairy Cookie

Mountain Wonderland Cake

Silver Foil Gelt Coins

Cheap Lumineve Tree

Pig In A Blanket Plushie

Snowball Fight Tactics

Matzo Ball Soup

Mini Candy Canes

Yule Log

Snowy Village Defend and Conquer

Love Candy Cane

Plain Latkes

Cherry Sufganiyot


Festive Green Lion Plushie

Gingerbread Penguin Plushie

Politically Correct Santa Plushie

Pre-Loved Gift Plushie

Snowflaik Snow Globe

Brown Hollyberry Wig

Warm Experiment 2327 Beanbag

Ringing Bell

Candy Cane Stew

Decadent Cinnamon Latte

Strawberry-Cranberry Luminaire Pie Slice

Vanilla Glazed Gingercake

Luminaire Kanis Plushie

Randolph the Reindeer Plushie

The Beast Plushie

Red Luminaire Cracker

Luminaire Present Beanbag

Hollyberry Doughnut

Broken Maliss Ornament

Dancer Reindeer Plushie

A Song of Fireside and Luminaire

Letter to Santa

Dasher Reindeer Plushie

Purple Reindeer Jumper

Luminaire Tree Freeze Pop

Snowman Cake Pop

Snowflake Mug

Melodys Luminaire Invitation

Centropolis Winter Souvenir Card


Spinning Snowman

Melting Snowman Sticker

Mistletoe Undies

Snowflake Luminaire Rock

Ice Flow Almanac

Divinity Beanbag

Gingerbear Beanbag

Froby Beanbag

Clockwork Robo-Blob Kitty

Steampunk Snowman

Cozy Knit Cupcake

Carolers Flyer

Holly Jolly Snowman Hat

Leftover Gift Ribbon

Little Bird Trio

Little Stocking Earrings

Riverside Dreidel

Stylish Misplaced Mysterious Melody Gift

Super Soft Luminaire Hat

Sweet Winter Floral Tea

Snow Fluff

Ugly Luminaire Sweater Stockings

Warm Winter Cardigan

Bucket of Polar Water

Arctic Frost Tree Blub

Festive Cranberry Cream Soda

Gingerbread Cookie

Hollyberry Pie

Ikumoradeekanox Mince Pies

Luminaire Anyu Iced Cookie


Rich Peppermint Brownie

Snowflake Pie

Be Merry Sticker


Angelic Coconut Bonbon

False Ornament

Missile Toad

Wrapped Blob Kitty

Vixen Reindeer Plushie

Blue Snowman Lights

Chill Chill Chill Sticker

Candy Cane Snow Globe

Decked Wreath Snowball

Experiment 1337 Stocking

Festive Luminaire Rock

Naughty Nice Checklist Sticker

Luminaire Bells

Maniacal Lumi Beast Plushie

Chipmunk Blub

Snow Crow

Extra Chocolatey Hot Chocolate Drink

Disassembled Gingerbread Pieces

Doughnut Snowman

Eggnog Pancakes

Candy Cane Plushie

Candy Filled Sleigh

Everything You Need to Know About the Taltic

1001 Luminaire Recipes

Collection of Snowflakes

Cozy Winter Hats

Book of Violet Fairy Tales

Book of Green Fairy Tales

Gingerbread Scented Hair Gel

Santie-Claws Tree Decoration

Candy Filled Stocking

Gingerbread Man Ornament

Gingerbread Snowflake

Candy Cane Hair Pin

Luminaire Sweater Swampie Plushie

Snow Fairy

Bluegreen Snow Fairy

Green Snow Fairy

White Snow Fairy

Yellow Snow Fairy

Red Snow Fairy

Pink Snow Fairy

Violet Snow Fairy



Festively Glowing Holiday Rogue Cow

Shake It! Santa Toy

Its A Minor Award!

Festive Duck

Pet Friends


Ewan Huzarmie



Post Mortem

Miko Shingetsu