glowbaby has a minion!

Romeo the Birdy Love

Legacy Name: glowbaby

The Sweetheart Lain
Owner: loopa

Age: 17 years, 5 months, 2 days

Born: December 26th, 2006

Adopted: 17 years, 5 months, 2 days ago (Legacy)

Adopted: December 26th, 2006 (Legacy)


  • Level: 19
  • Strength: 19
  • Defense: 17
  • Speed: 11
  • Health: 13
  • HP: 13/13
  • Intelligence: 195
  • Books Read: 193
  • Food Eaten: 12
  • Job: Head of Competitions

Glowbaby is my newest pet, and he used to be a galactic Illumis. He made the choice to become a cute dawn Lain because he didn't want to fly around at night just to not look out of place. Recently, Glowbaby's fallen in love and got a hold of a sweetheart potion. The only reason I let him get away with all this is because none of the changes have been for the far. I first gave Glowbaby his minion constellation, Venus. Since he became sweetheart, I'm at a loss for his new minion, but that won't be for long.

Pet Treasure

Decadent Strawberry Poundcake

Smiley Strawberry


Muffin Mans Toothpick

Sweetheart Star Spiral Tattoo



Artisan Strawberry Soap

Fabulous Pink Umbrella

Cake Matter


Pawprint Small Feline Bed

Pet Friends