Marika has a minion!

Candy the Oowel

Legacy Name: Marika

The Nightmare Jollin
Owner: Oak

Age: 14 years, 3 months, 5 days

Born: January 17th, 2007

Adopted: 14 years, 3 months, 5 days ago (Legacy)

Adopted: January 17th, 2007 (Legacy)


  • Level: 2,952
  • Strength: 6,417
  • Defense: 6,416
  • Speed: 6,422
  • Health: 7,046
  • HP: 7,010/7,046
  • Intelligence: 3,770
  • Books Read: 2062
  • Food Eaten: 9140
  • Job: Director of SAI

Gorgeous hair is the best revenge.

~ Ivana Trump


Pet Treasure

September Aster Earrings

September Aster Earrings

Broken Heart Amulet

The Necronomicon

Hanazaki Poetry and Lore

Bogfire Spook



Grimoire of Fate

Ghostly Costume Witch Hat

Dog Morostide Plushie

Dark Chocolate Coffin Candy

Snowflake Latte

Snowflake Latte

Winter Sphinx Bird Plushie

Tundra Berries

Love Pitcher

Enchanted Rose

I Heart U Candy Heart

Divine Peacock

Gluten Free Gingerbread Baking

Sweet Potato Pumpkin Pet Treat

Baby Pumpkin Sticker

Gourd Witch Stolen Gourd


Pumpkin Pumpkin Pet Treat



Festive Cupcake With Sprinkles

Mothers Day Red Rose

Legendary Talveg Plushie

Tiny I-Love-You Pumpkin

Warm Squirrel Talisman

Warm Cat Talisman

Warm Horse Talisman

Tome of Water

Stolen Candy Bag

Dirty Turnip Plushie

Mini Mint Chocolate Bar

Winterberry Robin

Pumpkin Sugar Leaf

Cinnamon Sugar Leaf

Pomegranate Sugar Leaf

Sleeping Nazzy

Pumpkin Sugar Leaf

Cranberry Sugar Leaf

Peach Sugar Leaf

Vampire Wasp

Three-Eyed Blackbird

Regal Iris Yarn

Magical Mystical Orb

Festive Cranberry Cream Soda

Shinwas Dark Matter


Vanilla Cocoa

Classic Knitting Patterns

Bubble Gum Delight Yarn

Knitting Basket

Plaid Lowercase Letter M Ornament

Polka Dot Lowercase Letter S Ornament

Patched Moon Plushie

Evil Magic Wand


Poppy Seeds

Pickled Cabbage

Raw Chicken Eggs

Hemp Moon Milk

Pink Survival Note Rose

Staff of Hurricanes

Forgotten Storybook

June 2019 Collection

Captain Cuddles Plushie

White Moth Orchid Stem

Sprig of Purple Bonnets

Periwinkle Bearded Iris


Pomegranate Gin Cocktail





Pink Glaze Croissant

Yellow Handcrafted Coffee Mug

May 2019 Collection

Very Fresh Pearl

Loving Yourself


Happy Buns Beanbag

March 2019 Collection

A Fairy Tale

Survival Lone Red Rosebud

Survival Lone Red Rosebud

Loving Yourself

Survival Forget-Me-Nots

Dream Dragon

A Close Look at Viruses

A Close Look at Viruses

A Close Look at Viruses


February 2019 Collection

Peanut Butter Marshmallow Protein Shake

Protein Shake

Pink Fitness Watch

White Fitness Watch

Black Fitness Watch

Atomic Kitty

Drunken Lamp

Injured Little Bird

White Sweet Pea Sprig

White Spring Duck Plushie

Dark Chocolate Web Bar

Pink Saw Time Sticker

Budding Periwinkle Seed

A Melodious Life

How to Kill a Zombie Edition 1

Zombie Fencing

Spurned Zombie Love

Zombie Demon

Zombie Fencing

Broken Heart Jollin Plushie

Broken Heart Jollin Plushie

Homemade Red Mirror Ball


Book of Sunrises

Classic Rosea Band

Classic Rosea Band

Classic Rosea Band

Russian Textbook

Classic Rosea Band

Classic Rosea Band

Classic Rosea Band

Pink Rose Tattoo Sheet

Devastation and Destruction

Brokenhearted Kitty

Puffy Ytivan Yeti Doll

Cranurkey Mini Puds

Sweet Petal Tea

Gray Sock Red Rreign Plushie


Pumpkin Sugar Leaf

Apple Cider Doughnut


November 2018 Collection

Gourd Witch Garden Notes




Parched Baguette Crystal


Black Long Feather

Tale of the Nightlady

Snowflaik In A Bag Plushie


Morostide 2014 Minion Carved Pumpkin

Pumpkin Seed Recipes

Box of Specialty Tea

You Made It Sticker

Blood Soup




Oversized Ziaran Plane Plushie

Nightmare Turnip


Pitcher in the Wheat

Vetan Thief

Pink Poppies

Raining Ruffies

Treasure Chest Plushie


Fluffy Purple and Aqua Feather

September 2018 Collection

Treasurefly Plushie

Lifetime Achievement Award

Blackberry Rreign Cookie

Pomegranate Sugar Leaf

August 2018 Collection

Spotted Towhee

Candied Rose

Frosted Down Feather

Happy Songbirds

Tied the Knot Sticker


Wedding Album

Cutesy Shooting Star Sticker

Survival Trio of Yellow Plumeria


Key to My Heart Sticker

Thoughtful Gifts

I Love You Jollin Plushie

Blood Soup

Dark Moonrock





Bloodred Axe

Bloodred Axe

Bloodred Axe

Darkside Kite

Red Winged Blackbird

Pollen Matter

Parched Baguette Crystal

Pink Nocturnal Water Lily

Red Plum Blossom Sprig

Mothers Day Vase of Flowers

Lavender Sweet Pea Sprig

Jollyjaw Plushie

May 2018 Collection

Pumpkin Apple Cider

Elemental Wings Of Honor Sticker

Flaminius Larva

Panzerkatze Plushie

Geode Fruit

Little Ghost Buddy

Blonde Make-Shift Bird Nest


Broad Toadstool

Bubble Spirit

March 2018 Collection

Dual-Natured Snow Fairy


Elixir of Love

Lil Rock Buddy Beanbag

Pavonated Butterfly

Purple Fresh Snipped Survival Flower



Dream Journal

Rubber Mallarchy

Simple Gold Wedding Band


Cloud Fruit

Baby Bear Tiered Cake

Baby Bottle Sugar Cookie

Baby Breath

Angelic Blob Doll


I Love You Jollin Plushie

Peppermint Macarons

I Love You Candy Heart

Fulvous Whistling Duck


Pink Fresh Snipped Survival Flower

Forgotten Eggs

Pink Cotton Kanis Tail

Atebus Regional Champagne


Clear Mini Lights

Prettily Presented Tulle Tissues

Lovebunny Plushie

Autumn Night Candles

Luminaire Sweater Popoko Plushie

December 2017 Collection

Snowflakes: A Compendium of Patterns

Calvin Blackmoons Clover

Fire Defense Baguette Crystal



November 2017 Collection

Ruby Flower Ring

Deadaim Ring

Haunted Feather

Uncarved Pumpkin

Opal Petit Demon Wings

Maleria Familiar Plushie

October 2017 Collection

Anchor Plushie

Oddly Heavy Egg

September 2017 Collection

How Not to Be Drowned by Your Storm Pets

Oozing Vial

Hydragellos Beanbag

Gelatin Wizard Plushie

Candied Rose

Llindorm Busted Metal Scales

Leftover Sugared Almonds

Secrets to a Happy Marriage

KT Ring

Summer Bouquet

August 2017 Collection

Little Ghost Buddy

Lilac Lifelike Kumos Doll

Forgotten Novel

July 2017 Collection

Cake Matter

ILU Sundae


Slice Of Glade Wedding Cake

I do Sticker

Bubble Spirit

Chaiki Plushie

I Love You Candy Heart

Love Matter

February 2017 Collection

Dried Purple Roses

Gold Lovely Pendant

Survival Bundle of Periwinkles

Survival Bundle of Periwinkles

Survival Bundle of Periwinkles


Survival Bundle of Periwinkles

Chatspeak Love Candy Heart

Heart Balloon

Fireside Cinnamon Candle

Saggitarius Pen Set



Romantic Box of Macarons

2017 Resolutions

Holiday Coconut Candle

Secret Love Letter

Pear Cider

Authentic Hand Sewn Legeica Plushie

Hand-Penned Carolling Sheets

Fireside Butternut Candle

Remembrance Dove

Dark Cloud Spikes

Cinnamon Pumpkin Doughnuts

November 2016 Collection

Dream Dragon

Birds Eye Chili

Antique Ashen Chaise Lounge



Cat Morolantern

Flaminius Larva

Umbrus Plushie

Nightmare Antlephore Plushie



Gourd Witch Golden Light

Ocean Navigation

Plump Cactus Pumpkin

Tulip Bulbs

October 2016 Collection

Pink Old Fashioned Teddy Plushie

Mariners Whale Study


September 2016 Collection




Gelatin Caviar

Fox Moth

Darling Poetry

Small Cage Necklace



Star Soul

Dark Dagger

Candied Rose

Makrut Lime

Makrut Lime

Jar of Dried Deadly Nightshade

August 2016 Collection

The Journey and Return: A Halfling Story

Lemon Extract


Candied Marigold


Vanilla Extract

Candied Begonia

Candied Clover

Maple Leaf Cookies

Lightning Bolt

Camp Jay

Camp Jay


Very Fresh Pearl

Whispering Spirit

Cursed Bow


Cabbage White Butterfly

Large Feather Bracelet

Celebratory Pylot Cupcake


Box of Raisins

Shock of Lightning Bracelet


Wedding Congratulations Plushie

Blue Dragonfly

Broken Charcoal Sticks

Couatl Feather

Cranberry-Apple Juice

Tiny Red

Simple Iron Wedding Band

Simple Gold Wedding Band

Enchanted Owl

April 2016 Collection

March 2016 Collection

Acid Apothecary Bottle

Apple Cider Doughnut

Pink Survival Note Rose

February 2016 Collection

Valentines Heart Knot

Purple Candy Coated Cake Pop

Peppermint Extract

Poison Apothecary Bottle

Bludgeon of Mass Extinction

Orange Extract


January 2016 Collection

Jar of Captured Snowflakes


Sparkly Pumpkin Carriage Plushie

New Years Resolutions

Lovely Cherry Pie Pop

Book of Affection

Fresh Mistletoe

Rambert Wooden Idol

Black Dragon Egg

Variable Star

Fireside Grape Spice Soup

Smoldering Acorn

Candy Deluxe Dipped Apple

Fire Carrier

Moldy Pumpkin Carriage Plushie

Guide to Kin Minions

Half Pumpkin

Patch-Haunting Owl

Gourd Witch Sanguine Tonic


Pumpkins and Potions

Pumpkin-Eating Bear

October 2015 Collection

Cherry Blossom Plushie


The Perfect Tree

Sea Charts


Whole Vanilla Beans

Salvaged Shrine Tokens

Goohund Skull

Nouveau Peacock Plushie

Love Bug Butterfly

Sweethearts Diary

Glacial Thrasher

Box of Childhood Memories

Carnation Infused Oil

Shadowglen Dove


Ruby Crowned Kinglet


Dunderfluf Spinning Top

April 2015 Collection

Vintage Maliss Plushie

Bruno and Carmela Plushies

Festive Cranberry Cream Soda

Old Family History Book

Ghost Candy

Tiny Morostide Bat Stickers

Tiny Morostide Spider Stickers

November 2014 Collection

October 2014 Collection

Rules of Date Night

Golden Goat

August 2014 Collection

Pink Peony Sticker

Assassin Scroll

Skeletal Warrior Replica Shield

Diary of a Skeleton

Taillis Enchanter

May 2014 Collection

March 2014 Collection

Tiny Morostide Pumpkin Plushie

Particle Matter

Forbidden Lolly

2014 Goodie Bag

Berry Autumn Wreath

Buttercream Rose Lavender Cake

Poison Apothecary Bottle

Heave Ho: The Broken Heart

Frosted Luminaire Berries

Double Decker Red Velvet Cake

Magical Grape Seeds


Non-Candy Coins

Tale of the Nightlady

Mini Milk Chocolate Bar

Bewitched Pumpkin

Candy Filled Sack


Autumn Leaf Bouquet

Whole Vanilla Beans

Ninth Anniversary Gift Bag


Bound Glade Journal

Apple Filled Fireside Pastry

Box of Specialty Tea

Apple-Brie-Pancetta Bruschetta

Whole Cinnamon Sticks

White Chocolate Vesnali Cookie

Luminaire Classics

Migration Patterns of Monarch Butterflies

Scattered Research Notes

Pylot Feather Earrings

Domestic Minilot


Forj Ore

Explosive Dark Matter Die

Critical Strike Tear Crystal

Vesnali Flower Growing

Night Sky Fruit

Sunrise Fruit

Flotsam and Jetsam

Pink Soft Petaled Flower

The Butterfly Effect

Ball Lightning

Shinwas Health Potion

Spool of Red Thread

Rosewater Champagne

Blueberry Porridge

Ornamental Item Catalog

Red Poinsettia

Shinwas Healing Wine

Gold 2013 Frosted Candle

White Poinsettia

Holiday Cookie Gift Box

Hastily Made 2013 Calendar

Tiny Morostide Werewolf Plushie

Winter Is Coming

Squishy Wreath Plushie

Festive Cupcake With Sprinkles

Pear Sugar Leaf

Blackberry Sugar Leaf

Cinnamon Sugar Leaf

Peach Sugar Leaf

Fresh Orange Juice

The Biggest Pumpkin at the Faire

Best of Carved Pumpkins Collection

Bat Sugar Cookie

Slice of Pecan-Pumpkin Pie

Slice of Pumpkin-Apple Pie

Slice of Chocolate-Swirled Pumpkin Pie

Slice of Chocolate-Drizzled Pumpkin Pie

SPLAT! Sticker


Angelic Spider

Ebony Alegarten Cloak

Cherry Jelly Pumpkin

Lemon Slice


Black Forest Trifle

Sauerkraut Salad

Deep Pink Peony

Battered Golden Doubloons

Pink Lotus

Gold Special Coin

Slice of Grape Eighth Anniversary Cake

White Plum Blossom Sprig

Prettily Presented Pink Flower

Sugar Plum Turkish Delight

Swamp Sprite

Dark Matter Sugar Pixie

Flaming Coal

2012 Happy New Year Balloon

Red Lumineve Head-Lights

Purple Lumineve Head-Lights


Empty Purple Spider Morostide Gift-Box

Book of Violet Fairy Tales

Book of Snow Fairy Tales

Book of Bluegreen Fairy Tales


Black Cat Candle

Slots Drinking Game Rules

Wolve Claw Dagger

2012 Champagne

Special Order Coffee

Dr. Lockhearts Amoricone

Magenta Periwinkle

Book of All Hallows Eve

Elegy of Earth Scroll

Vanilla Bat Cookies

Shiny Metal Binder

Shinwas Weather Orb

Rectangular Cast Iron Stove

Pale Coral Periwinkle


Oval Scrying Mirror

Vanilla Teacandle


Love Letter

Sapphire Encrusted Virgo Blade

Special Snowflake

Simple Dark Brown Leather Collar

Dark Matter Dice

Sewn Together

Sudden Rainstorms

Box of Kringles

Morostide Spider Web Cupcake

Special Snowflake

Lamb Morostide Plushie

Iron New Year Lantern


Lime Slice

Love Dice

Flowering Hibiscus Tea

Notched Feather Dagger

Scavenged Bow and Quiver

Fruit Salad

Bag of Sugar

Black Sixth Birthday Card

Gold Dust

Pink Kissed Bear Plushie

Hydra of Tears Scroll


Special Snowflake

Pastry Box

Red Bellflowers

Baby Boo Pumpkin

Sweet Petal Tea

Cherry Glazed Cinnamon Roll

Lone Pumpkin Seeds

Jar of Lemon Curd

Large Gold Wing Relic

Death Soul Stone

Scurvy Prevention Orange

2011 Goodie Bag

Destabilizing Throwing Vial

White Cherry Stir Stick

It Lurks...

Caramel Frappe Coffee

Dark Symphony Scroll

The Fairies

Red 2010 Fancy Glass

Harvest Crow Plushie

Pink Pirate Ship Plushie


Tomato Cheese Olive Toast Appetizer

Cream Cheese Pumpkin Bar


Dark Feather

Yellow Plumeria Anklet

Fancy Olive Cracker

Uber Shield


Special Snowflake

Sugar Coated Grape Star

Packet of Wisteria Seeds

Blackened Pumpkin

Strawberry Trifle

Peridot-Encrusted Swampie Plushie

ILU Sundae


Hazel Acolyte Shoes

Plain Gingercake

Alchemy Token: Minion

Earth Defense Tear Crystal


Graveyard Snow Globe

Giant Mud Crab Beanbag

Magic Hinges

Pirate Treasure Map



Caring for Snow Fairies

Dream Coda Caves Crystal

Saggitarius Pen Set

Apple Candle Holder

Heart Pillow

Magenta Periwinkle

Flowering Sweet Pea Seeds

Simple Rose Metallic Glass Tree Ornament

Licorice Black Cat on a Stick

Beela Plushie

Graveyard Snow Globe

Cupcake with Extra Frosting

Morostide Patch Plushie


Winter Rug

Coffee Caramel Trifle

Book of Ice

Wizard Token Plushie

Wreath Weaving

Disgruntled Bear



Kthx Kitty

Bubble Gum Manual

Creepy Witch Broom

Little Wyllops

Tiny Morostide Cat Plushie

Survival Red Carnation

Shield of Love

Keeto Year Planner

Special Snowflake

Blob Kitty Fangirl Cell Phone

Cucumber Sandwich


Silly Black Kitty Plushie

Love Snowball

Mothers Day Dragarth Plushies

Lilac Hikei Plushie

Bag of Plumeria Seeds

Fizzy Mint Drink

White Flower Basket

Pale Purple Crocus

Extract of Loveberry

Dark Tear Crystal

Dark Matter

Dragon Breath

Patch Snow Globe

Bad Luck Trio

Glowing Star Candies

Tiny Morostide Rat Plushie

Pink Foxglove

Pink Beach Chair

We Almost Made It

Bunny Pixi

Purple Kissed Bear Plushie

Dark Matter Wind Chime

Green Apple Plushie

Heart on a Stick

Red Luck Bucket

Red Oleander

Pumpkin Carving 2

Om Nom Face Pumpkin Plushie

Pumpkin Flavored Gum

Tomato Cracker Appetizer

Split Rosehip

Box of Dried Hibiscus Buds

Pink Fluffy Sofa

Pet Friends