MidoriSour has a minion!

Mojitobaby the Bun Bunny

Legacy Name: MidoriSour

The Arid Warador
Owner: Shae

Age: 15 years, 4 days

Born: January 24th, 2007

Adopted: 15 years, 4 days ago (Legacy)

Adopted: January 24th, 2007 (Legacy)


  • Level: 44
  • Strength: 110
  • Defense: 105
  • Speed: 20
  • Health: 39
  • HP: 39/39
  • Intelligence: 255
  • Books Read: 251
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Whacker of Weeds

Someday i will be the right color. I'm just waiting for the art to come out that matches my fabulous drunken party girl self. Until then...I'll match my brother. Sigh.

Pet Treasure

Autumn Harvest Red Ale

Autumn Harvest Owl Ale

Banana Lassi

Arctic Frost Spiced Rum

Amber Fossil

Ginger Beer

I Love the Libertine Lounge Sticker

2Hot Shot

Frost Bitten Glacier Illumis Cocktail

Crackling Reborn Illumis Cocktail

Chocolate Fudge Cake Cocktail

Cherry Lassi

Briny Deep

Sexy Banana Chocolate Swirl Cocktail

Sexy Peka-Boo Cocktail

Sexy Mint Cream Cocktail

Sexy Frozen Citrus Cocktail

Mint Leaf Cocktail

Aurora Bora Shot

Salted Fruit Granita

Rosewater Champagne

Lemon and Mint Cocktail

Tangy Lime and Cherry Cocktail

Lemon Gear Spritzer

Blackberry Geartini

Lemon Geartini

Apple Geartini

Sweet Orange Cocktail

Honeydew Cocktail

Citrus Evergreen Twist

Mint Berry Cocktail

Raspberry Spring

Grapefruit and Pomegranate Kicker

Blueberry Cherry Gelatin Shot

Grape Cherry Gelatin Shot

Orange Cherry Gelatin Shot

Chocolate Cherry Gelatin Shot

Cherry Cherry Gelatin Shot

Blue Raspberry Jelly Shot

Lime Jelly Shot

Lemon Jelly Shot

Grape Jelly Shot


Gin Fizz

Long Island Iced Tea

Mint Julep







Dirty Martini



Pink Squirrel

Eighth Anniversary Celebration Champagne

Kir Royale

Sparkling Champagne and Berries

Strawberry Sparkling Celebration Champagne Flute

Champagne Dream

Lagan and Derelict

Shinwas Goblet

Pina Colada


Fun On The Beach

Fuzzy Navel

Bahama Mama

Harvey Wallbanger

Cinnamon Mulled Wine

Eerie Eyeball Drink

Metallic Raspberry Champagne

Metallic Mango Champagne

Metallic Blueberry Champagne

Metallic Green Apple Champagne

Metallic Grape Champagne


Bloody Mary

Mai Tai

Haunted Melon Juice

Gin and Tonic

The Smoker


Caberet Cocktail

Black Bear

Melon Sour

Blue Tropical

Festive Mardi Gras Drink

Shot of Vodka

No Hander

Flaming B-52

Drink of Nogg

Hot Apple Cider

Liquor-Spiked Cocoa

Purple 2010 Fancy Glass

Yellow 2010 Fancy Glass

Blue 2010 Fancy Glass

Green 2010 Fancy Glass

Red 2010 Fancy Glass

2012 Celebration Drink

2012 Champagne

Pirate Rum

Sacred Lands Chardonnay


Alegarten Stout Sampler

Alegarten Lager Sampler

Alegarten Ale Sampler

Autumn Harvest Brown Ale

Autumn Harvest Green Ale

Autumn Harvest Yellow Ale

Autumn Harvest Orange Ale

Atebus Ale

Centropolis Stout

Beer Flavored Ale

Bottle of Rosbier

House Honey Lager

House Abbey Ale

Port Port

New Year Champagne

Dry Gin





Homemade Dark Rum

Aged Scotch

2012 Spirits Bottle

2008 Celebration Sparkling Strawberry Juice Glass

2008 Celebration Champagne Glass

New Years Sparkling Wine

2008 Celebration Sparkling Grape Juice

2008 Celebration Sparkling Strawberry Juice

2008 Celebration Sparkling Apple Juice

Beer Battleship

Fishing Drinking Game Rules

Slots Drinking Game Rules

Cocktail Shaker

Red Cherry Stir Stick

2006 Glass

Wine Glass

Yellow 2010 Shot Glass

Purple 2010 Shot Glass

Blue 2010 Shot Glass

Red 2010 Shot Glass

Empty Beer Bottle

Atebus Collectible Stein

Arctic Frost Collectible Stein

Pet Friends