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Pea Pod

The Custom Chibi Endeavor
Owner: Buttercream

Age: 6 years, 2 months, 4 weeks

Born: October 29th, 2013

Adopted: 6 years, 2 months, 1 day ago

Adopted: November 26th, 2013

Pet Spotlight Winner
October 24th, 2014


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

In a faraway land, long ago, lived a King and his fair Queen. Many years they had longed for a child and their...wait! Wait!That isn't right!

I think it goes something more along the lines of:

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, a young Prince lived in a shining castle. Although he had everything his heart desired, the Prince...No, no, no! That isn't correct either!

Um...let's try this again!

This is Berk. It's twelve days North of hopeless and a few degrees South of freezing to death. It's located solidly in the meridian of...Wait! That's not right either! Gah!

Ok! Ok!I promise this time it'll be right! Cross my heart, hope to...yeah. Not finishing that sentence! You get the idea.

Somewhere in the middle of California, on a quaint street named Keats, lived a loving couple who waited patiently for the right time to have a child. When that time finally came, the wife gave birth to a happy and hale baby boy. The child was reserved and observant yet quick to laugh and smile at silly things. One simple, unabashed smile from the little boy was all his parents needed to experience true happiness.

Time flew by as it always does, and so did the first eleven or so months of the baby boy's existence. He learned to crawl, and stand, and take tiny steps. He explored his home, nibbling on wires, chasing the family cats, ripping pages from books, and getting into all sorts of mischief. His parents let him explore to heart's content, only stopping his adventures when harm may come to him.

Just before his first birthday, the little boy had a series of restless nights. His perplexed parents tried everything they could to soothe the child when he awoke crying, tears glistening in his eyes. They thought perhaps it was night terrors but bright night lights did little to alleviate his nightly cries. They thought maybe it was awful teething but a little dosage of pain medicine did nothing to help. The loving parents tried and tried, slowly whittling away their patience with each failure. They slept when they could, taking turns comforting their son back to sleep.

A grand birthday was thrown in celebration of the son's first birthday. Friends and family gathered around, feasting on delicious food and making merriment. As the little boy was presented with a small cake of bright blue frosting with yellow piped decorations, his parents blew out the lone candle to make a simple wish. All they wanted was for their son to have a restful night's sleep.

Eventually the party came to a close, and the parents dreaded putting the little boy down for bed. They cringed as the soft playful sounds coming from his nursery ceased, and only silence echoed through the house. The parents sat and waited. And waited. And waited. The night grew late for them, and with a small glimmer of hope, they went to bed themselves. As the morning alarm awoke them from their much needed restful sleep, they realized that the little boy had not cried once during the night.

In a flurry of robes, they rushed down the hallway to his room, fearful and worried, only to find the little boy sound asleep, curled around his blanket with a small green plastic ball clutched in his hand. The parents knew not where the sphere had come from, but it seemed that perhaps it had been the problem all along.

As the parents turned to leave, the mother gently stroked her son's back and whispered, “Perhaps you are a prince after all, my sweet pea.”

Artwork: Alphys
Coding: sonata
Story & Graphics: Buttercream

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