Reaper has a minion!

Spike the Allruin

Legacy Name: Reaper.

The Darkmatter Jollin
Owner: Reaper

Age: 6 years, 11 months, 3 weeks

Born: October 31st, 2013

Adopted: 6 years, 1 week ago

Adopted: October 16th, 2014


  • Level: 255
  • Strength: 632
  • Defense: 630
  • Speed: 628
  • Health: 630
  • HP: 630/630
  • Intelligence: 296
  • Books Read: 291
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Certified Mad Scientist

Her earliest memories are hazy, the smells stronger than anything: smoke, brimstone, sulfur. You’d think she grew up in Hell – and in a way, she did. Infernium was one of the dark kingdoms, ruled by what people fearfully referred to as the demons. There was no such thing as Heaven or Hell, not in the way people thought, but there was darkness and light. The place that Reaper was born to was one of the deepest of the dark places. The land was harsh, dry and unforgiving. Crops wouldn’t grow, and what passed for grassland was toxic to nearly everything that tried to eat it. The ground would split asunder beneath your feet, fires leaping up from the lava flowing deep beneath the kingdom, it happened often enough that they gave it a name: ground flares – like sun flares but actually close enough to kill you if you weren’t paying attention. The people who made it their home were just as harsh as the land they lived in. Crime was more of a way of life than legitimate business. Trading with other kingdoms was necessary, but dangerous for the others – half of what they brought to trade was often stolen or lost to the ground flares – it was a wonder anyone even bothered trying to trade with them. But of course, it was a kingdom rich in other ways. Jewels, gold, slaves...when milk and wheat were impossible to gain in this land, you’d trade anything for food.Reaper was born in the palace, daughter of the king and his current favorite wife – a human slave he’d bought and married – the woman loved him for it. Reaper would never understand. Once, her mother tried to explain that the king was kinder than the people who sold her into slavery, but all Reaper could do was ask why she didn’t fight for her freedom, kill the king and run. Her mother swore that one day she’d understand, but even all these years later she never did. Her first instinct when trapped had and would always be to fight and flee. She would never live her life as a slave, well-treated or not. But that was neither here nor there anymore.

Because she was the daughter of his favorite wife, the king bestowed the title of Princess on her. Princess Shadow, Lady of the Spined Keep, Heir to the Demonthrone of Infernium. A lot of nonsense titles in her opinion. The other royals called her Lady Shadow, refusing to acknowledge that she was heir apparent, she was half-blood and she knew that if anything happened to her father, she was as good as dead. Which really suited her just fine, she didn’t want any part of this place.

Credits:Profile by Ziva

Art by boy - Boy's Commissions

Story and Character by Reaper
Age: Unknown

Race: Half-Demon

Height: 5'3"

Occupation: Unspecified

Ablities: Can use magic in various forms to affect the world around her - always learning and growing in that respect.

Weakness: She's blind when it comes to those she cares about, having trouble seeing their flaws.

Flaws: Quick to anger. Sharp tongued. Occasionally rude. Sarcastic. Blurs the line between wrong and right when she thinks she needs to. And will wilfully ignore things she doesn't want to deal with.

Strengths: Loyal, adept at her magic, charming (when she feels like it), intuitive.

Characteristics: Charismatic (whens she feels like it), smart, strong-willed, not really straight.

Personality Traits: Snarky to a fault, loves her friends fiercly, compassionate, and a lover of the wild animals - except definitely not spiders. Those don't count.

Physical Appearances: Curvy, short, hair and eyes most often violet, pale.

Dislikes: Most people.

Likes: Smoking, drinking, reading, and her dragon.

Motavations: Better to not ask that.

Pet Treasure

PyreIron Skull-Cap

Moldy Cheetah Jacket

Grimoire of Fate

Long Since Dead and Ferried Braid

Deadly Skelly Black Aura

Summoning Skull of Death

Soul Harvesting Somber Figurine

Sour Gooey Candy Reaper

Spiced Gooey Candy Reaper

Sweet Gooey Candy Reaper

Sour Lollipop Reaper

Spiced Lollipop Reaper

Sweet Lollipop Reaper

Sour Rock Candy Reaper

Spiced Rock Candy Reaper

Sweet Rock Candy Reaper

Shining Robot Amulet

Dark Crystal Shard

Death Shard

Darkness Shard

Water Shard

Ice Shard

Earth Shard

Fire Shard

Magma Shard

Light Shard

Wind Shard

Life Shard

Crystal Shard

Death Mage Amulet

Dark Mage Amulet

Water Mage Amulet

Ice Mage Amulet

Earth Mage Amulet

Rainbow Mage Amulet

Fire Mage Amulet

Magma Mage Amulet

Light Mage Amulet

Wind Mage Amulet

Life Mage Amulet

Tome of Death

Tome of Darkness

Tome of Water

Tome of Ice

Tome of Earth

Tome of Fire

Tome of Magma

Tome of Light

Tome of Wind

Tome of Life

The Elements

Powers of the Mage

Potions I

Potions II

Potions III

Guide to Ferromancy

Book of Noctomancy

Corrupted Book

Damaged Book

Blasphemous Shards

Running a Cult

Suspicious Text

Book of the Red Dragon

Book of the Black Dragon

Removing Wine Stains

Ancient Achi Runestone

Winter Sunrise Dragon Hatchling

Little Treasure Hunter

Dragon Soul


Restorative Opaline Vial of Runezer Dragon

Royal Dragon Forged Armor

Miniature Stone Guardian

Winter Sphinx Trinket

Double Tail Pumpkin Imp

Dragon Heart Mage Staff

Dragon Eye Mage Staff

Demonic Rod

Anima Staff

Dark Elf Training Program

Raiders Folly

Mages Magical Net

Suggestive Rotten Lolly Sidecut

Queen of Suffering Tresses

Piquant Muse Strands

Demonic Plushie

Beloved Diabolical Companion

Gift from the Eerie Howl Companion

Damaged Gold Leaf Box

Succubus Flirtations

Succubus Arm Tattoos

Succubus Slippers

Topaz Petit Demon Horns

Demonic Eyeshadow Compact

Desert Mage Sash

Desert Mage Robe

Slaying Biker Boots Giftbag

Pot of Evil Souls

Pet Friends