Corporal Giroro has a minion!

Neko the Precious

Corporal Giroro

The Bloodred Endeavor
Owner: Swizzle

Age: 13 years, 4 months, 3 days

Born: February 3rd, 2007

Adopted: 13 years, 4 months, 3 days ago (Legacy)

Adopted: February 3rd, 2007 (Legacy)


  • Level: 256
  • Strength: 598
  • Defense: 583
  • Speed: 583
  • Health: 606
  • HP: 606/606
  • Intelligence: 215
  • Books Read: 204
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Battle Master

Overlay artwork by Yark-Wark @ DA.

Pet Treasure

Battle Love Sticker

Blutex Laser Wrist Watch

Battle Coliseum

Gallant Enforcer

Intrepid Soldier Automatic Rifle

Intrepid Soldier Model Tank

Intrepid Soldier Body Armor

Bootlegger Stray Bullet

Rugged Patchwork Camping Tent

Intrepid Soldier Resilient Jacket

Silver Salute

Gold Gangster Plastic Raygun

Blue Brigand Plastic Raygun

Green Goon Plastic Raygun

Black Bandit Plastic Raygun

Red Rival Plastic Raygun

Turquoise Thug Plastic Raygun

Violet Villain Plastic Raygun

Blackmoon Hand Blaster

Brass Raygun

Demonic Doomsday Device

Galactobeam 100

Purple Gun

Thatcher Mordells Raygun

Bot-Blaster V013

July Fourth Water Gun

Spectrabeam Laser

Recycle Blaster

Skeletal Laser Gun

Aquamarine Encrusted Gunblade (Right Hand)

Archans Roar

Cherry Pie Launcher

Heavy Hand Held Firework Launching Tube

Cotton Candy Bomb Launcher

Retro Future Raygun

Lightning Pistol

Pumpkin Seed Firing Gattling Gun

Stun Gun

Rreign Mace of Malice


Survivors Pump Action Shotgun

Police Rifle

Cyborg Soldier BFG

Icicle Freeze Gun

Plasma Grenade Launcher

Four Barrel Ripgun

Plasma Cannon Fourth Edition

P-8 Flamethrower

Red Crystal Sword

Slicing Light of Blood

Rocket Launcher

Antlephore Back-Mounted Missile Launcher


Camouflage Bombs

Malevolent Grenade


The BIG One


Devastation and Destruction

Assault Luminaire Tank

Zims Professional Militia Sticker

Prismatic Wings

Prismatic Tail

Deadaim Ring

Counteraim Ring

Battered War Journal

White Decorative Medal

Red Decorative Medal

Orange Decorative Medal

Yellow Decorative Medal

Green Decorative Medal

Blue Decorative Medal

Purple Decorative Medal

Veterans Medals

Major Drills Badges Of Honor

Weapons of Subeta

Survivors Shotgun Shell Belt

Silver Bullet


Japanese Textbook

Japanese Dictionary

Yellow Skull Sponge

Pack of Scars

Army Jacket

Blue Belt

Camo Head Bandana

Camouflage Makeup Kit

Morse Stamp Kit

Cyborg Soldier Dog Tags

Target Sticker

Police Bullet Proof Vest

Black Ceremonial Coat

Heartshield Platemail

Blood Officer Cap

Skull Puffy Hat

Sheeta Earflap Hat

Brown Hunters Hat

Fallen Fallacy Faith Bandage

Red Skull Bow Tie

Red Skelly Bracelet

Skull Collar

Endeavor Mask

Suit of Endeavor

Endeavor Helmet

Endeavor Chest Armor

Dark Battle Wings

Endeavor Gauntlets

Bloodstain Removal

Tales of Blood Book Tape

Basic Survival Kit

Rations Pack

Lean-To Tent

Bed Roll

Sweet Potato Pie Slice

Bottled Hatred

Bottled Fury

Red Frog Beanbag

Pomegranate Licking Toad


Remembrance Kitty


Bloodred Heart Plushie

Key to My Heart

The Hard Facts About Endeavors

Bloodred Booster Pack

Bloodred Endeavor Trading Card

Endeavor Gem

Bloodred Endeavor Elixir

Bloodred Endeavor Plushie

Bloodred Endeavor Beanbag

Forever Endeavor

Pet Friends

Metallic Companion


OMG -runs-

Sergeant Major Kururu