Legacy Name: Neilan

The Glade Kora
Owner: capper09

Age: 7 years, 4 months, 3 weeks

Born: December 21st, 2013

Adopted: 7 years, 4 months, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: December 21st, 2013


  • Level: 40
  • Strength: 39
  • Defense: 36
  • Speed: 8
  • Health: 7
  • HP: 11/7
  • Intelligence: 35
  • Books Read: 33
  • Food Eaten: 11
  • Job: Stock Worker

dreampet - glacier legacy-- Darkmatter Paralix -- Aqua Terracoon -- Chibi Terracoon -- Aqua Terracoon--Aqua Wyllop -- Chibi Hipottu, how cuuuute <3 -- ----------------------------------------------artic frost fairy tales x17 = 32.300white colored red rreign figurine = 63.000white wreathed red rreign figurine = 67.990yellow colored red rreign figurine = 56.699 = 219.989trade with lull?--------------------------------------Ichigo777 .. CSC sale, aks for priceSugar Skull Goblet Strands +Old Scroll Wrapped White Strand +Inspirational Bolt Samples +Ancient Coin of the Blushing Goddess ++Tainted Servant of Beelzebub Strands ++Wisps Of Midnight Dreams +++Sapphire Encrusted Evening Gown ++Silver Chaos Strands ++Spiralled Wand Of The Necromancer ++Medieval Wedding Dress Fabric ++ Bell Pizzazz Olive Earrings -- 800,649 spSun Lifelike Qrykee Doll -- 1.128.000Dusk Lifelike Xotl Doll -- 4.497.000Cherry Lifelike Xotl Doll -- 3.770.000Looming Big Top -- 25.000.000 -- carnival shopFaded Carnival Flyer -- 7.975.000Small Yarn Ball Bag 18.990.00 -- Beast shopRatty Longtail Plushie -- 15.000.000 = 77.160.649 sp----------------------------------------------Kibu TradeEthereal Lunar Dress = Balled-Up Old Newspaper ( Receycle beast )---------------------------------------Hoax's moving castle -- Hoax Diamond Circlet -- 7,750,000 sPFrozen Dress Ice Sculpture -- 50,000,000 sPFull Cancer Hair Piece -- 7,250,000 sPDelish Devoted Horns -- Price: 25,000,000 sP= 90 mio, ask for trade, search after trading items at we-------------------------------------------Pure Profits -- PureflowerBronze Sewing Kit -- 49,978,500 sPNight Blossom Suncatcher -- 17,500,000 sP Autumn Unicorn Hair Paintbrush -- 8,500,500 sP Carved Ice Gemstones -- 2,812,500 sPBottled Sunset Sand -- 3,999,000 sPDusk Lifelike Celinox Doll -- 900,000 sPCrystallized Codex of Endless Winter -- 9,999,999 sPNorth Star Texturing Gel -- 4,499,997 sPTRAPPIST Sweet Honey Spritzer -- 40,000,000 sPCheckers Set -- 6,250,000 sPDecorative Freshwater Shell -- TRADE?? 64,000,000 sP----------------------------------------------Lady Saphira may Trade -- Shop SBQ Holdings-- Eddie Bell LoliPOP Wig-- Ethereal Lunar Dress ( 2.570.000)-- Kore Early Thaw Chunky Heels ( 875.000)Lililace Georgiana Peach Leather Jacket (1.300.000)Lililace Gilded Masque (940500)Misery Lotus Skankpop XII (712.500)Rainyday Ethereal Lipstick (764.999)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------later on profile...Subeta Tiles -- A typical game takes between 5-10 minutes. You can play every two hours. Each time you win a game you will get 10,000 sP. However, the tiles you can win are priceless. This game has been around since before I started playing and no one has a complete tile collection...-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Burrero Basket Bonanza -- Matlals Jewels can pay out up to 25,000 sP (score 2500).--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Matlals Jewels -- can win up to 25,000 sP (?). Takes a bit longer than the others but has a higher reward. Play on endless mode.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cybill Sledding -- 6,667 points to earn 10,000 sP (max). Hold down the up arrow to make it go by faster------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Caliphs Tombs -- all cards earns you 20,000 sP. The bottom right game is the easiest to win------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Sarahs Quests -- you have under 400,000 sP (?) you can do her quests. She asks for 1 common item and rewards between 5,000 to 10,000 sP. Good way to start making sP.2. Saggitarius Quests -- you have over 750,000 sP you can do his quests. His payouts are based on the number of items he asks for! Typically don't pay more than 20,000 sP per item, but use your judgement.3. Wizard Quests -- for 1-2 items and will pay you with 15 or 20 wizard tokens. You can either sell the tokens he gives you for an easy profit or hang on to them! They have a number of different uses (see below).---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Uses for Wizard Tokens1. The Token Shop -- new and older items when announced in the news. Join this forum group to be alerted when it restocks!2. Blackheart Hollow -- its own set of items multiple times per day, but it is very rare to find something there. You can check 4-5 times every hour.3. Vending Nearly every world has its own vending machine. For 2 tokens you will get a restockable item (with a small chance of an expensive special item). Have a look at this vending guide. -- Carnival Games -- game costs a few wizard tokens and they reward exclusive items.5. Oracle Token Shop -- with new items a few minutes past midnight Subeta time. Each box gives you one restockable item and some sP.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Get rich quick?Nov 2013 Newsletter Prizes -- Free Gift -- can buy a scratchcardHERE -- -- every 5 minutes (1,000 sP each). When you scratch 50 of them you will get an achievement and a special Golden Glory Scratchcard. You can either sell this scratchcard or use it for a very high chance of winning the "jackpot" (around 2,000,000 sP). A great once-off way to earn heaps!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mage AmuletsAny mage amulet you find in a random event can be given to The Mage. is approximately a 1/7 chance you will get a Tome (give a Fire Mage Amulet, get a Tome of Fire for example). Tomes are stat boosters that will give your pet 1-3 of each stat, although it is not recommended for use until your pet is a high tier!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Pet Treasure


Marsh Lifelike Bumbus Doll



Cream Bumbus Plushie

Golden Lifelike Bumbus Doll



Beeby Plushie

Pet Friends