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Alana Bloomfester
Legacy Name: Alana Bloomfester

The Glacier Fester
Owner: TracyH

Age: 8 years, 6 months, 6 days

Born: December 31st, 2013

Adopted: 8 years, 6 months, 6 days ago

Adopted: December 31st, 2013

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  • Level: 49
  • Strength: 96
  • Defense: 20
  • Speed: 12
  • Health: 20
  • HP: 20/20
  • Intelligence: 163
  • Books Read: 157
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Ardent Art Archivist

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Alana Bloom is a character derived from the character Alan Bloom, a former colleague of Hannibal Lecter who also published Hannibal's papers in medical journals in the book by Thomas Harriscalled Red Dragon. On Manhunter a movie adaption of the book Red Dragon. Dr. Bloom is named Sidney. He treats Will after Hannibal's attack on him. He is very much like the Alana character. Alana the female version is on Hannibal, the TV series on NBC, and has more than a passing interest in Will Graham. Bryan Fuller made Alan Bloom and Freddy Lyons female for the television series which is a prequel to Red Dragon.
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Alana and I thank you.

Pet Profile by: Chelsea

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Alana Bloomfester's story

Written: by me Edited by: khan

I first met Will when he was called in for the Garrett Jacob Hobbfester case. It was obvious that he was a very empathetic person. I was so scared this kind of stuff would effect him negatively and it did. He had an emotional break and I was his doctor. I helped him as best as I could and he recovered well. He realized he HAD to kill Hobbfester.

We became such close friends so I told him to start seeing Hannibal Fester for his treatment as I was afraid that the lines blurred between friend/doctor/POTENTIAL LOVER. Especially after we kissed that time. :pensive: Of course back in those days I thought of Hannibal as a genius psychiatrist. I will always feel guilty for recommending Hannibal to be Will's new psychiatrist.

Many years later I now know I love Will. However I know he is not well. I know he has a problem with alcohol. I like a cold beer or a glass of wine, myself on occasion, but Will drinks almost daily.

I also know he is unstable from the attacks by Hannibal Fester and Francis Dolarfester. I know I am crazy for getting involved with Will. I tried not to get too close, but the heart wants what the heart wants.

 photo c6010680-0b15-4154-9d36-298d92ae12f6_zps1gtapd8k.png

After Will married Molly and moved to Florida. I tried to not think of him. I was glad he was away from the F.B.I. I wanted more than anything for him to have happiness and PEACE. Myself I had a series of relationships, but I did not fall in love with any of them. I even dated Hannibal Fester briefly. Of course I had no idea what he was then. :disappointed:

 photo a5aa0647-4c7b-497f-aff2-2515fa002ba5_zpsmy3n3qmg.jpg

I agreed with Molly when she wanted Will to stay away from the F.B.I. I understood that Jack Crawfester was desperate with the Francis Dolarfester case. Will can catch a serial killer better than any agent I know. However to put him in was unfair to Will. Between Hannibal Fester and Francis Dolarfester he is now scarred inside and out.

My heart broke when Molly left and took her son away from Will. Will loved that child even though he was not his biological father. While I understood her decision, part of me was very angry at her. I am afraid I am biased when it comes to Will!

I don't think Will can offer me the stability I need. Does that make me no better than Molly? I truly do not know. Still for now I am not ready to let go of what I have with him. There is so much good in him. The way he loves those dogs tells me that much. In my heart I blame myself for what Hannibal did to Will. Even though I know rationally that it was not my fault. What would some of my patients think? More than likely, She does not practice what she preaches!

More Info about Character:

Alana went through a lot during season 2 of the television series Hannibal. She had a love affair with Hannibal. She believed horrible things about Will which were later proved wrong. She found out who Hannibal really was. She was pushed out an upstairs window at the end of season two by a very undead Abigail. That is why I added the hospital bed, wheelchair, and walking canes to her treasure.

In this account I have her and Will as romantic interests no matter what happens on the movies, the television series or in the book. Both movies based on Red Dragon (Manhunter 1986 and Red Dragon 2002) have Will end happily with Molly and his son.

The book has him dreaming of Shiloh and killing a snake.

I liked the hint towards a Willana (Will and Alana) romance since the first season. So that is what is here in this account. Will happy with his wife and stepson would not make him as tortured as I see his character.

New Treasure chest items:Alana also adopted a dog in season two. That is why there is a dog in her treasure now.

In the movies Manhunter and Red Dragon and the book Red Dragon. Will Graham deals with the demented killer Francis Dolarhyde that is why I added the mirror shards to her treasure They are part of Francis Dolarhyde's M.O. (mode of operation).

In season 3 of the TV show Hannibal, Margot and Alana kill Mason Verger with an eel so I added an eel sticker. When Hannibal is put in the criminally insane institution Alana is the administrator instead of Fredrick Chilton thus the lock. Alana also gives birth to the Merger heir and is with Margot so that is why there is a pacifier. The chardonnay was added because in season 3 Alana tells Hannibal that she now drinks wine because of "what" he puts in his beer.

Hannibal cleverly clipped,"Who."

NOTE: NONE OF MY HANNIBAL BASED PETS ARE 100 PERCENT CANON. They are festers after all. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Pet Treasure

Psychiatrist Rag Doll

SAI Junior Agent Badge

Common Six-Shooter

A Postcard from Insanity

Shattered Mirror Shards

Red Dragon Scale

Stun Gun

Hospital Bed

Blue Hospital Gown

Wheelchair with Snowflake Blanket

Basic Walking Cane

Bag of Plasma

Bag of Blood

First Aid Kit

Tension Bandage (Ankle)

Butterfly Bandages

Extra Strength Pain Pills

Regular Strength Pain Pills

Digital Thermometer


White Nitrile Gloves

Doctor Mask

Anatomy: Descriptive and Applied

Introduction to Statistics

History of Philosophy

Foundations of Organic Chemistry

Published Journal

Cropped Aurora Jacket

Aurora Borealdress

Aurora Borealis Pantyhose

Simplistic Black Flats

Brown Huskers

Aquamarine Shard Earrings

Aquamarine Toe Ring

Aquamarine Leaf-Tipped Earrings

Aquamarine Cabochon Ring

Aquamarine Tiered Pearl Necklace


Flower Latte

Sacred Lands Chardonnay

Beer Flavored Beer

Simple Bottle Opener

Glaucous Tree Blouse

Blue Button Skirt

Blue Sheer Pantyhose

Pointy Black Pumps

Lacy Brown Dress

Pointy Tortoise Shell Pumps

Black Floral Summer Dress

Black Flat Sandals

Rosy Pink Girly Bow Shirt

Pink Checked Skirt

Twilight Jackboots

Black New Year Bash Dress

Glittery Black Bow Party Flats

Red Lipstick

Pink Sparkly Lipstick

Blue Eyeshadow Kit

Brown Eyeshadow Kit

Brown Knee Socks

Brown UGH! Boots

Brown and Blue Checked Skirt

Bark Chunky Knit Sweater

Amazingly Warm Sexy Coat

Brown Earmuffs

Baggy Green Scarf

Green Striped Gloves

Light Green Winter Coat

Brown Stylish Wellies

Brown Stylish Raincoat

Black Military Pea Coat

Charcoal Fluffmuffs

Safety For Runners

White GPS Watch

Fancy Comb

Aqua No Sweat Headband

Aqua No Sweat Wristbands

Glacier Subeta Shampoo

Glacier Subeta Conditioner

Blue Vanity Rose Brush

Grilled Chicken To Go Salad

Glass of Plain Iced Tea

Turquoise Tangerine Laptop

Turquoise Tangerine Touchphone

Turquoise Tangerine Ear Buds


Green Eel Sticker

Blue Pacifier


Mothers Day Memorial Frame

Pet Friends