The Hydrus Serpenth
Owner: Morgan

Age: 6 years, 3 months, 3 weeks

Born: February 9th, 2014

Adopted: 6 years, 2 months, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: March 3rd, 2014

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August 12th, 2015


  • Level: 18
  • Strength: 43
  • Defense: 42
  • Speed: 42
  • Health: 42
  • HP: 42/42
  • Intelligence: 119
  • Books Read: 119
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed


They were a proud species, often accused of vanity.

Serpenths of ancient times lived in solitude, and gathered only for the mating season. Their skin was rumored to be as thick and strong as a boar's hide. Even spears were unable to pierce their scales. The venom in their fangs were thought of as a panacea; able to cure all illnesses and deformities. To be able to defeat the ferocious Serpenth was considered a high honor among warriors, proven by obtaining the wings as a trophy.

This great species was hunted to near extinction by hunters and foreigners alike. Forgoing traditions of battling these beasts, many Serpenths were ambushed and trapped, slaughtered within their own burrows. Even young hatchlings were not spared from these brutal killings.

At last, there remained only one.

He was the last of his species. During a storm, he fled south to the sea. On the sandy, deserted shores, he met the sea witch Merana. Tired and broken, scars marring his copper scales, he plead for her to save him.

The sea witch smiled wickedly, asking what he had to sacrifice. He had no answer. Long ago, he might had offered precious gems and desert roses, but his home had been lost among the thousands.

"I do not know," he finally replied. Despair coiled and settled in his core, settling with the remains of a carcass he had found earlier. He was starved.

"Then your wings," she said, pointing at the large darkly feathered appendages. Each individual feather shone beneath the moon light. He gawked. Surely she jest! he thought. A Serpenth's wings were his pride. Without them, he may as well be dead.

Bitterly, he chuckled. He realized, what matter were wings if there was none left to admire? "Take them," he said. "In return, I wish to never to return to this land."

Merana smirked, raising a hand to the sky. Golden symbols formed and wrapped itself around the length of her arm, sizzling and burning with energy. Muttering a single incantation, her hand fell and the magic shot forth, enveloping his body. He hissed and writhed in pain as he felt fire ripple through him, burning him inside. He felt his wings ripped apart, feather by feather. In a mere moment, he fell unconscious.

When he woke, his vision blurred, he thought himself to be dead. He felt light, like the day he was born, the weight of his heavy body absent. He faintly remembered hatching for the first time. A warmth enveloped him. Glowing lights surrounded him, similar to the fireflies he loved on land. He lightly snapped his jaw at them, watching in amusement as they immediately scattered before regathering slowly.


He shifted his head, blinking slowly. He looked up. From below he could see the myriad of ripples of a glassy blue, shining; sunlight filtering through the surface. The sea. Blinking in wonderment, he then noticed the large glassy sheen of the rock in front of him. Its surface was smooth, reflective. He gasped when he saw himself. His wings were gone, yes, but were replaced by translucent fins riding down his back and decorating the ends of his tail. Light blue markings adorned his scales, replacing the faint pink scars.

Your home is 'ere now in da sea. But ya'll ne'er leave. Tis is da payment.


Serpenths, in ancient times, were three times larger and more aggressive than modern Serpenths. They went extinct after being over hunted by the native peoples and foreigners. They were thought to have been capable of flight as their wings were the length of their body; however, this was disproven as they weighed too much to have performed such an action. Hatchlings, however, were capable of flight as their wings were oftentimes larger than their bodies and weighed very little.

Serpenths preferred to live in solitude, usually in caves or dark enclosed spaces, despite having wings. Every year they would gather for the mating season. Males would court the smaller, yet more venomous female (who was also more fierce and aggressive), with an intricate dance. They also gifted gems, and challenged/intimidated other males by using their body size or unfolding their wings. After finding a mate, the male will remain and guard the female until she gave birth to several egg. The male will shortly leave their home, leaving the female to fend for herself.

The mother will guard her eggs until they hatch. The hatchlings, usually three to four in a batch, will remain in their nest. They fed on the insects and small mammals that came across their nest. After a week or more, the hatchlings had grown thrice their size and were ready to leave the nest.


The first modern Serpenth was revived from the DNA of skeletal remains found in the Sacred Lands. Compared to the original, this new species seemed dwarfed, as well as less aggressive in nature and more accepting of company. Like their predecessors, however, they were incapable of flight except when first born. Today, they are one of the many beloved species, and kept as companions by many Subetians.


Tourists reported the sightings of a monstrously large Serpenth in the seas between the Sacred Lands and Omen Islands. It was similar to a Hydrus Serpenth, one claimed. "It was huge! Like, really big! My little Ade couldn't compare to its size." "It looked like it could take on a Rreign!" another exclaimed.

Scientists investigated the area of the sighting, however, the turbulent waters were impossible to navigate. "We need a map," one said, "to reach the Omen Islands. It's impossible to reach the islands without a map." He sighed. "Unfortunately, they're rare to come by nowadays. Most were lost or damaged."

"A big Serpenth? Here? In the Sacred Lands?" The Old Wizard scratched his scruffy beard in confusion. "I can't remember seeing anything like that here before. Serpenths aren't native here--Oh! But there used to be a few bigger ones living here some time ago. I was a strapping young lad then. I wonder where they went..."

For now, scientists concluded further investigation would risk too much damage. However, on clear nights when the full moon is high, tourists claimed to see a pair of sharp, glowing eyes glaring at the shore.


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