Legolas has a minion!

Valenwood the Willion

Legacy Name: Legolas

The Bloodred Neela
Owner: Henry

Age: 6 years, 7 months, 1 week

Born: March 9th, 2014

Adopted: 5 years, 2 days ago

Adopted: October 18th, 2015


  • Level: 77
  • Strength: 189
  • Defense: 186
  • Speed: 178
  • Health: 185
  • HP: 185/185
  • Intelligence: 132
  • Books Read: 127
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Kidnapper on Retainer

The moons have risen round and bright,
no clouds will dim their steady light,
the stars like eyes have pierced the night to see the hunters pass.
Our quarry grazes in the dale,
the breezes carry us the tale,
the scent is hot upon the trail
and dew is on the grass.
He starts to run. The hunt's begun.

Across the glade, among the trees,
our quarry panic-stricken flees,
we taste his fear upon the breeze and howl upon his heels.
Blood-madness fills our brothers' minds,
fear-madness now our quarry blinds,
he searches for escape and finds
our spears and sharpened steel.
He stands to fight. His blood is bright.

He slashes out with hoof and horn,
his sides and neck are rent and torn,
he cannot know no stag was born escapes us when we ride.
The quarry's down, his life is fled,
he falls before us stark and dead.
Tonight the cubs will sleep well-fed, and all the pack besides.

extra notes

*Bosmer (long grey hair, violet eyes)
*Grew up in Vulkwasten, a settlement located in Malabal Tor, a region deep in the jungles of northwestern Valenwood
*Married and father of 27 children
*Heavy Armor, Dual Wield, Archery, Alchemy, Stealth
*Cannibal who strictly follows the Meat Mandate within the Green Pact
*Has a very absurd sense of humor (think of Dad Jokes), like a typical Bosmer
*Named after his father and grandfather
*Courageous, independent, protective, no tolerance for abusers of any kind, impetuous, often acts before thinking
*Searching for his younger brother in Skyrim
*Almost got recruited by the Thieve's Guild but he denied the offer after giving Brynjolf a good beating (...if he had only known that his brother works for them...)
*Member of the Dark Brotherhood, but lost interest when Astrid betrayed him; now the only one he has still contact with is Cicero, who is a "real sweetroll" (at least Legolas thinks so)

"It's not a party until someone gets eaten!"

Headshot by Paris
Waist-up by NikonD40
Headshot by eggy

*Adopted from past

*Story and Profile by me

*Awesome Overlay by Morse

*Based on my
The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim OC

*Lyrics (c) A Wolfrider's Reflection
The Wolfriders: The Hunt

Pet Treasure

Rugged Patchwork Camping Tent

Elven Ear

Triple Arrow

Kidney Stew

Liver Stew

Mystery Stew

Heart Stew

Honey Sweetened Milk

Spooky Moon Sticker

Harvested Length of Intestine

Harvested Heart

Harvested Chunk of Liver

Bugs As Inspiration

Blue Dragonfly

Iridescent Orange Jewel Beetle

Iridescent Green Jewel Beetle

Iridescent Blue Jewel Beetle

Frog Legged Beetle

Coal Heavy Duty Gloves

Black Hip and Thigh Belts

Jimmy Pipe

Forest Rogue Hood

Elegant Death Face Mask

Anty Cloak

Airman Gloves

Leather Strap Necklace

Leather Strap Bracelet

Belted Green Leather Armor

Dark Leather Shoulder Strap

Leather Low-Slung Belt

Olive Vinyl Ankle Boots

Dark Brown Soft Boots

Tired Plain Satchel

Leather-Bound Book

Freyalise Ledger

Rowboat Cloak

Elmos Flask

Freshly Caught Grilled Fish

Roasted Rat

Roast Venison Cutlets

Roast Leg Of Lamb

Roast Beef

Roasted Crown of Lamb

Roasted Heart

Monarch Butterfly Costume Wings

Butterfly Costume Wings

Battered Turkey Feather

Bear Claw

Pet Friends

He can talk like a waterfall, but it's fun listening to his stories.